Kish Magazine – The Uncontainable God

Hello RBT Readers! I pray this post finds you all well in mind, body and spirit. My articles have been infrequent lately due to a very demanding schedule which includes starting a new job, BUT GOD!

He remains faithful, ever present and renews my strength from day to day! I recognize this and know if it was not for His hand consistently moving in my life, I simply would not be able to sustain!

Speaking of recognizing, someone needs to be reminded today just how incredibly BIG your Heavenly Father is. He’s quite uncontainable!!

This month I wrote a very short yet powerful article for KISH Magazine on this very matter. Please do check it out. It will take you 5 minutes to read but may serve as the ministry source to get your faith moving in the right direction again.

If your experience today is an impasse or you are growing faint, be reminded of your position and who your Daddy is!!

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Blessings and be encouraged!

Handle Your Haters!

I have a sister in Christ who does not believe in the term “Haters”. I so respect this woman of God on so many levels but I completely disagree with her view concerning this specific class of people. They REALLY do exist! In fact, I use to be one of her’s as a babe in Christ! I was filled to the max with insecurities, low self image, and not understanding my position in God.  Wow! Can’t believe I publicly confessed that and it actually feels REALLY good! RealBoldTruth!

Since I’ve been there, operating as a hater, I know them when I see them!!
By The Way, for those who don’t know the term or its meaning, here are a few:

A Hater is:

A person who simply cannot be happy about another’s success.

An overly opinionated person always pointing out what they feel is a flaw in another.

A negative or critical person.

Haters are typically filled with jealousy and envy. They spend way too much time consumed about what God put in others that they fail to appreciate, discover and embrace what He actually put in them! What a waste! The root of the emotion is not caused by the person they are hating on, but rather some deep, unresolved issue that “The Hater” themselves harbor. They are good at self deflection. They aim to distract others away from their own deeply sown issues by constantly exposing even the smallest in others. This is what I call “Hateration” at its finest! 

A Hater finds it hard to be happy about another’s success, sudden good fortune or positive turn in life events. They even hate on things they have no knowledge on and often conjure up their own conclusions. Envy races through their veins like blood. You can see it on their faces and feel it in their demeanor. 

I take a weekly exercise class that I have been committed to for the past 3 months. It’s completely invigorating and alters my mood in such a reinforcing way. This class has become my much needed “Me Time” and I simply look forward to it and have a ball mastering the dance routines.

I have at least one Hater in that class. I see her every week and no matter how consistently I speak, her body language, looks and few comments makes it clear that she has a problem with me. As I have perfected the dance moves over time, I’ve started putting my own little signature on them and heard her make a remark as I tailored the dance making it my own. I simply ignored it because I knew where it was coming from. 

Little does she know that I’m at least a decade older than her and I’m ecstatic that I can still walk let alone dance, twist and keep up with the class being diagnosed with a chronic medical illness that tries to threaten all of this daily. I participate with the energy of a 25 year old and know that it is Christ that sustains me!

My Hater doesn’t know that and fills in the blanks as she struggles to keep up consistent energy from beginning to end. She would by now if she would take her eyes off of others and concentrate on her own efforts. For if she only knew the battle I fight she would possibly turn into being a cheerleader instead of a Hater. Possibly….

So how do you handle “Haters”? Regrettably we must, especially if we can’t avoid having contact with them. We face them with nothing else but the love of the Lord of course! Regardless of how they perceive you, showing kindness, giving soft encouraging words and simply giving them the complete opposite of the energy they give you is the best ammunition you can fire back!

I know for sure that doing this consistently is extremely trying. Unfortunately your “Haters” can sometimes be people very close to you including family members, co-workers and neighbors. This is indeed painful to watch someone who should automatically have your best interest at hand and want to see you do well secretly or openly sabotage you! Yet and still, the formula of handling them is indeed the same.

Love, compassion, sympathy and empathy can soften a sour heart; if it’s willing. What ever the outcome, we should never compromise our character in Christ by coming down on the level of the “Hater”. Remember, they are suffering from a serious deficiency called healthy self regard and it can be very sad. Show them the Love of Christ by encouraging them to take a look within to find their own unduplicated value and beauty. If they are unwilling to take on a different perspective,  then releasing them in prayer is all that’s left to do. Being delivered from a “Hating” mentality is an individual choice but it’s doable. Again, I’ve been there!

“Hating” Is an adverse emotion from the spirit of the enemy and must be combatted with the spirit of the Lord. 

By the way, if this post offends you or stirs up an inkling of raw feelings, then it’s possible that you just might be a “Hater”. 

A Princess/Peasant Experience 

My son has been extremely blessed! He was awarded a scholarship to attend an extremely prestigious private school in Wilmington, DE. Although only facing 1st grade this September, he is destined to get the type of education I didn’t even think existed when I was a kid. 

I’m so very proud to expose him to such a diverse environment. He is a minority in culture amongst his peers but is completely oblivious to this fact right now which I completely love. When I was growing up, my community and surroundings all looked exactly alike. I just never knew any different…..

This past weekend, I took my son to a birthday party of one of his classmates. He was thrilled to go and although not knowing what to expect, I took him. I knew immediately that the parents of his little friend were in a completely different economic class than us. As I traveled to their home for the festivities, I passed handsome lawns with grand houses sitting on acres of land that looked like something on a canvas master painting. I drove winding trails laced with the largest beautiful oak trees I’ve ever seen. Simply breathtaking!

For some reason I caught a lump in my throat as I approached their extra-long private driveway. The home was enormous and the backyard so large that my son referred to it as a park!

I don’t belong here! We’re my initial thoughts. I wanted to retreat so badly but the look of excitement on my son’s face when he saw the massive bounce house set up I couldn’t deny. I knew I had to press through and put on a serious facade.

Will I fit in?

Will I even know what to say?

Will they welcome me?

These were some of the questions running through my mind and beyond as I took my son’s tiny hand and advanced up the cobblestone driveway of this mansion style home. (At least it felt like one to me!)

As I suspected, my son just fell in immediately with the fun. Me on the other hand remained feeling completely out of place! Not because I didn’t try and I never showed how uncomfortable I was on the outside! I greeted everyone and was forced to take a seat at a table where no one was only because all the seats at the first table were all taken! No one invited me over or attempted to make room for me so I just sat alone for a bit watching the children play and took in the scenery.

The host finally came out and I politely introduced myself. She smiled kindly and began piling all the food on the table I was at and walked away. The others continued to chat amongst themselves and sipped wine. I was never offered a glass (Not that I wanted one) but the lack of effort of making me feel welcomed as a guest was grossly missing. I wanted to leave so bad!!!  

My thoughts started to ramble and I became upset with myself that I just wrote a blog called “First Class” about being a daughter of a King and not being phased by the elite people in the front of the plane. Days later, I am at their house sitting at their table and feeling like a serious peasant vs. a princess!

After some time, a few newly arrived guests began to make conversation with me. I ultimately survived the ordeal! 
I had to repent that night because as I was left to my own thoughts at my table of one, I wondered why more believers are not privileged to live as eloquently on this earth when our Father owns it all! REALBOLDTRUTH, it came to my mind!

This held especially true as I drove up to my very tiny house that I’ve been praying over for the past 5 years to be restored! It needs major work and I flashed back to a memory I had upon inspection prior to closing. The inspector looked down on me like I wouldn’t be able to do it and that people like him love taking on projects like the one I was getting ready to purchase. For he was not shy about sharing how he had the money to do so! I looked back and thought BUT GOD! Completely in Faith, I went forward. Five years later not one project is done and I have no clue when it will be…. Still; BUT GOD!

Nevertheless, what a lesson I was exposed to. I feel in my spirit that God purposely put me in that position so that I can get use to it! The favor on my life is getting ready to open doors that will allow for the same, similar or better lifestyles! He has showed me my expected end! The only difference is that I won’t be able to give anyone credit but my ABBA Father for getting me there! I wouldn’t want it any other way! 

Have you ever been in a situation like this that made you uncomfortable?

How did God minister to you in it?

As a believer, did you need to adjust your faith and remind yourself, BUT GOD?

Heavenly Father, I thank you for being my source, my provider, my ever present help and for supplying all of my needs! You are all I require and I pray that you are pleased with the way I manage the resources you put in my hands. I repent for comparing my lifestyle to another and am grateful for every blessing! I don’t rob you of tithes or offerings and still believe you for my own personal defined overflow! I may have been viewed as a Peasant this day but a Princess I still am and my Palace is still to come!

In Jesus Name! Amen!

Kish Magazine – Beauty In Blessed Beginnings

Hello RealBoldTruth Readers!
Things have been a bit quiet around these parts over the past couple of months, but things are still moving along behind the scenes!!
RBT continues to have a column on The Kish Magazine website. Feel free to visit the page at to check out the latest!

In addition and periodically, an RBT article makes it into the hard print copy of the publication! The Spring 2017 edition features an RBT piece entitled “Beauty in Blessed Beginnings”!  Printed copies are completely sold out!!  Didgitals can still be purchased through the website! 

Here is the article! The entire magazine is packed with incredible stories, information and testimonies! A must subscribe is what I highly recommend of this Powerful Christian Publication!

Looking forward to the Summer 2017 edition! Announcements of its debut soon to come! Blessings to you all and I never have enough words to say  how I truly appreciate your readership support!

Soulful Sunday – First Class

I recently returned from a week long business trip. I haven’t flown in a while and literally had to get reacquainted with the experience. Between insulting baggage fees, ridiculous sir charges for seating options, (I thought if you bought a ticket, a seat automatically comes with that purchase!), and violating pat-downs at security (I didn’t take my belt off!) I was simply over it all!

During both my incoming and outgoing flights, I along with over a hundred others took that walk of shame past “First Class”. You know those who are privileged enough to sit in the big leather fluffy chairs in the front cabin of the plane. The leg room, immeasurable and the perks, well I’m not familiar with them because I’ve never been in that league. (Whoopty doo!)

Those who were, all looked the same, in attire and demeanor. The looks they gave us “peasants” as we made our way to that space on the plane for the “Common” was nearly belittling. I noticed right away, but envy certainly never entered my mind. Not even a second!

As I made my way down the very narrow aisles bumping shoulders, heads and other body parts unintentionally along the way, I couldn’t help but to truly analyze the term “First Class”

As a Believer in Christ Jesus, no matter what status, rank, section or category the “World System” puts me in, I am confident in my Spiritual Status as the Queen I was inherited to be. The favor, blessing and honor that my Abba Father has crowned me with far surpasses the superficial title of those “status shirts” in the first few rows of the air craft. (No insult intended!)

I felt no less relevant in my window seat, near the restrooms, in the very last row! I am royalty by the sacrifice of my Savior! 

I’m in no way delusional, especially as I consider how blessed my life is. I’m healthy, I have wonderful children, my Husband adores me, I have a new opportunity to make a positive impact in my new role. Food, clothing and shelter are plentiful! My mind is stable and my soul is at peace. (Priceless!) I truly want for nothing and know that my Daddy is rich beyond perception! I wonder how many of those in “First Class” on my flights were able to say they too have all that!

The answer is not really my concern. Just feeling grateful not to be phased by labels, titles and the like. The next time I am asked if I want to upgrade my seat to First Class, I’ll kindly respond, No Thank You, I’m a permanent member in that league! Just not by YOUR definition!

Never allow what everyone else define as elite, most desirable and above the rest to classify you! You’ve been bought with a price and are eternally labeled in an affiliation that can’t be duplicated. The Class of being a Christian is all we need!

Until next time, Happy Sunday!

Soulful Sunday – True Redemption 

It still hurts when I consider it. In fact, I’m still not over it. It’s been easier said than done. No matter how much word, encouragement or affirmation I receive, there is still a sting that remains.

To this day and on occasion, I am haunted and offended by the way I was ill regarded. It’s been over a year since the initial offense and yet I find myself still questioning my abilities, intellect and competence. My ego was left mangled, scarred and completely crushed. I did nothing to deserve that….

The matter has left me looking at a future that feels so uncertain for I thought I was on my way. I’ve secretly been on a mission to redeem myself, someway and somehow. Trying to get up the courage to try at that level again. The need for redemption burns deep within. I want to prove it to myself for I believe I deserve it but have reservations…..

Has life ever dealt you a set of circumstances that you never saw coming and didn’t deserve at the very least? I am sure this happens to everyone, but often the thought of how common these offenses are provides very little comfort. This is even more true when a great deal of time has passed and you haven’t recovered or experienced change. I want to be redeemed.

My greatest truth in this matter is that I am truly weary with trying to conjure up my own way. Those efforts are not going to work. I’m mature enough in the Gospel to understand this as fact. I also had to check myself if whether I want things or approval of man more than I want The Lord. 

I want and need HIM above all else. His process of redemption is truth. 

He shall set my feet on high places. (Psalms 18:33)

He will prepare a plate before my enemies. (Psalms 23:5)

He is my true deliverer.  (Psalms 18:2)

My stolen years will eventually be restored. (Joel 2:25)

This day I repent publicly to my Heavenly Father for the enemy does not have the last say over that thing or any other thing!
My Lord, My Daddy, my Abba Father, my refuge, my strength, my everything shall redeem me as I desire more of Him first!

My priorities are in check now. I have no other choice but to wait on The Lord!

Until Next Time, Happy Sunday!

Soulful Sunday – Thoughts to Ponder On

Hello  RBT Readers!

I wasn’t inspired to write anything in particular on this last Sunday of February.

Unfortunately writers get mental blocks at times that silence our flow momentarily.

As I am investigating the culprit to the inspirational silence in my head, I thought I’d share a few quotes that encouraged me today….

Until Next Time, Happy Sunday!

STFWO – Why Women Act The Way They do

The highly acclaimed internet broadcast of Straight Talk for Women Only is back!
We went off air for a couple of months for the holiday but returning in 2017 for a new season and exciting topics!

This month’s show featured Judy and Mary answering the question “Why women act the way they do!” May want to encourage some men to view this one for sure!

I will be back with my wise and beautiful co-hosts in March. In the meantime please enjoy this informative show and don’t forget to tune in next month!

Straight Talk for Women only is an internet broadcast aired and taped live every 1st Thursday of the month.

The program is hosted by: 

Victory Christian Fellowship

100 Wilton Blvd

New Castle, DE 19720

Access the live show and archives by visiting


Soulful Sunday – Used By Christ 

She was REALLY loud! Her voice deep, raspy and rambunctious! When I turned to get a better look at this seemingly unruly character, her appearance literally matched the description of her tone!

She was late with a nerve to be disruptive! These were all my initial thoughts and impression of the the stranger that walked into my weekly women’s prayer group. Those in attendance were mostly the regulars. I think we were all taken aback by the presence of this very unique visitor. 
As she signed in talking loudly the entire time, I felt the energy in the room shift in the same direction as my thoughts. What in the world? Who is she? Don’t she know better? Were again some of the extended thoughts obviously formulated by my flesh. 

One of the usual attendees left her seat to try and settle things down. As this unlikely guest took a seat in the back, she continued to make bosturious but Godly responses of Amen’s, Hallalujah’s and Praise God’s at every other statement our Pastor uttered.

It was obvious to me that going at this rate would interrupt the spiritual flow of the meeting. The nuisance may even prevent Pastor from being able to effectively minister. I was growing majorly uncomfortable and increasingly annoyed. Again in my flesh…..

Then, a still small voice said “She is my child, just as you are, comfort her and make her feel welcomed.” 
I knew it was The Lord because I felt resistance deep within. I sat there a few more moments and didn’t move. 

Then a flash back came to my mind. I attended a church over the summer and in the middle of the service a mentally disturbed man came in off the street. He began praising God and cheering on the pastor to preach. The pastor stopped and ordered two ushers to remove the man from the building. I was completely offended by the behavior of the believers! 

Didn’t Jesus minister to the sick, hang around with the unjust, raise the dead and heal the lame? Absolutely! He welcomed them all while religious observers stared, criticized and judged. I couldn’t get the look on the man’s face out of my mind for months thereafter. His look of pain and rejection was so sad and intense. No one tried to minister to him first before removing him. The effort was not even attempted. 

At that moment I wondered what Jesus would do with this woman in our midst if He were here in the flesh. The still small voice returned at that thought and said, “love on her”. I don’t like to be used (By means of being taken advantage of by humans), but if I must, let it be by the direction, unction and instruction of Christ Jesus!

Without further hesitation, I left my seat and walked to her. I threw my arms around her neck. I instantly smell an overwhelming aroma of alcohol mixed with cigarettes and perfume. I proceeded to whisper in her ear that we are so glad that she’s here and want her to stay. She began to weep and I asked if she wanted me to sit with her. She simply lowered her head and shrugged her shoulders. I knew at that moment that I must stay with her and I did. 

I kept my arm wrapped around her shoulder most of the time and gave her gentle squeezes or pats when she became too loud. She got the hints and apologized after each one. She cried the entire stay and often whispered “Yahweh, I love you!”

Although nauseously flooded by her mixed aroma, God kept me. I was even more overwhelmed with her heart. It was full of praise and genuine adoration for Christ. She may be struggling with alcoholism but it was clear to me that she loved, knew and depended on the same God as I. 
I missed the essence of the message that night as I prayed for this stranger. By the end of the night I was completely drained but felt honored to have fellowshipped with this sister and used by my Heavenly Father. 

Have you ever had an encounter similar to this one?

What did you do?

What did others around you do?
As believers, we must never reach a point where we forget what God has delivered us from. None of us have arrived! Without judgement, accusations, labels, or sneers, I couldn’t forget that I was once this woman in some shape, form or fashion. There are ministry opportunities all around us and God uses us to show His love to those in need. 

Represent and Let Him Use You!
Until next time, Happy Sunday!

Soulful Sunday – Sin Consequence

I am an avid believer that The Heavenly Father is incredibly merciful! There is nothing that compares to His Grace and His Mercy. He’s forgiving, gracious and provides multiple opportunities for each of His children to repent from sin and return to the safety of His arms.

He is well aware that the flesh our spirits live in presents an array of challenges daily! We will all make mistakes, stumble and sometimes fall. Picking ourselves up, turning away from what tempts us and seeking His refuge is what every Believer in the sacrifice of Christ Jesus should do.

However, the enemy has deceived many into becoming content in their premeditated and perpetual acts of sin. This may be in the areas of how we treat others, sexual immorality, adultery, abuse of substances, a repetitive lying tongue, arrogance, pride and so much more. Everyone of us, including myself have been challenged in all these areas at some point in our lives. When I look back over my own life and think about some of the circumstances I put myself in when I knew better and when I didn’t, again, I am overwhelmed by The goodness and protection of The Lord.

As Christians we fool no one, especially not God, when we make a conscious decision by refusing change. We make excuses telling ourselves that we are only human, God will always forgive me, everyone struggles with something and on and on….
It’s true that God will always forgive us but it is also true that He is well aware of the condition of our hearts and how sincere we are when we repent. He also knows if we are truly finished toying with matters that please our flesh but destroys our spirits within.

The RealBoldTruth is that the Grace and Mercy of God runs out! How long that takes is unique for each and every one of us but He will eventually let go and turn us over to our reprobated minds.

 In my experience, He won’t do this without countless warnings first. Most of us know that what we do, especially in secret, grieves Him and is subject to destroy our lives. This can’t be more true relative to those fleshly acts we have been engaging in for years! After a time, we convince ourselves that what we do, we simply can’t stop. That’s a lie from the pit of Hell for Christ laying His life down,spilling His blood and giving up the ghost is all the power we need to put ANYTHING under our feet! God leaves the choice up to us whether we want to go from glory to glory.

If we are repetitively engaged in the same sins today as 10 years ago, we have compromised in that state, it’s become easier for us to stay there, and we are in denial, bondage or both. Deliverance is Necessary before Grace and Mercy ends for us!

There are real consequences to be paid if we refuse change. They include but are not all inclusive to losing our families, losing our health, losing our finances, and losing our lives to premature death.

We can continue to play around with this thing indefinitely, or make the choice to get all that God has for us on this side of Heaven. I don’t know about you but I want all The Lord has for me so crucifying my fleshly desires is how I shall live from this day forward.

Until next time, Happy Sunday!