Soulful Sunday – P.P.P.

This weekend, I had a wonderful opportunity to minister on a panel of three women at an annual empowerment conference. The theme of the event was entitled “Its Time To GIFT Yourself Away!”

As a believer, when that statement is pondered on alone, it’s nothing short of deeply powerful and thought provoking!

I was commissioned to facilitate the panel discussion that had an audience of nearly 150 attendees. It was also being audio recorded. I was simply honored to do this for a ministry that has completely changed my life. I give credit for my maturing experience spiritually to this platform fully equipped with a visionary and leader of great integrity!

As I prepared for the conference, I sought the Lord for instruction on what He would have me and the ladies share with the people. We had to elaborate on how each one of us have been able to step into and operate in “The Gifts” that God put in us.

I’ve been blessed over the past 3 years to identify my natural born gift as a writer. Then God filled my life with mentors who have pulled associated talents out of me that I didn’t know were there! Speaking, internet radio, television and becoming a columnist for a Christian Magazine. Within the next few months I will finally be able to add published author to these accolades. It’s all for the glory of God and nothing I saw coming my way just a few short years ago.

Personally, operating effectively in “The Gifts” was a process I call The PPP – Painful Purposeful Purging. Had I not challenged myself to stay the course through my PPP, I certainly would not be doing what I’m doing today!

I want to share what has been involved in PPP for me as I have experienced it. Prior to discovering my gifts, I was a woman full of low self regard, a sufferer of chronic depression for nearly 30 years, a person easily intimidated by others who I thought were stronger than me and didn’t value my life for I had no clue who I was or aspired to be.

When I became affiliated with The DOE Ministry, I instantly discovered that I was at a spiritual crossroad. The ministry demanded in love that all attendees rise and take their rightful position in the body of Christ.

As I looked around at the other women there, the enemy tried to make me feel that I didn’t belong, that I wasn’t good enough, that I would never be as effective in ministry as the others, and a whole host of other lies.

I would either return to my comfort zone of despaired isolation or stay the course and go through A Painful Purposeful Purging. This meant, in a nutshell facing ME! Looking myself in the mirror and deal with my damage! I had to visit some very difficult areas from my past that I had stuffed and suppressed. It hurt like nothing ever has but I could not fathom another 30 years of what I had already endured! There HAD to be more!

Like a boxer in a ring, I decided to roll up my spiritual sleeves, put on my gloves and fight for my life! My opponent, an invisible enemy was clearly trying to take me out! The battle was with no one else but myself!

Committed to being Uncomfortable

Being an introvert and not feeling comfortable around people due to deep trust issue, I had to fight my flesh that wanted to flee every circumstance and environment that would force me to grow up and address my weaknesses. I forced myself to show up consistently and stay to the end. This was so painful in the beginning for I would leave with tremendous headaches at times but felt pride that I conquered something that has had me in bondage for years. The more I showed up, the less uncomfortable I became.

Cleansing My Soul

As comfort came, I was now able to address finding out who I am in Christ.

I began to control my thoughts and renew my mind.

I had to forgive and stop blaming others for my circumstances.

I stopped looking back at my past failures and successes and began looking forward to a future with possibilities!

Most importantly, I started understanding the Spirit of Adoption to deal with my rooted issues of rejection.

My PPP has taken 4 years and is still being refined. I have scaled away layers upon layers of mental mess that has kept me crippled in the Spirt. What is now exposed are my “Gifts” that I can flow in more freely due to heavy weights being lifted. I won in Christ with a major T.K.O.!

For someone reading this, you MUST go through your own person PPP. It will NOT be easy and does not happen overnight. However if you fight hard and long enough, a life is waiting for you filled with abundance! There are also others who desperately need what God put in you!

While you still have time, life and chances, gear up for the purge and start to Gift Yourself Away.

Until next Time, Happy Sunday

K.I.S.H. Magazine – No Way But Up!

Happy Friday RealBoldTruth Readers!

Pray you all are blessed and ready for a wonderful weekend!

Wanted to stop by and share my latest article on the Dreamer’s Blog located on the K.I.S.H. Magazine website!

It’s entitled “No Way But Up!”

I felt the spirit of the Lord leading me to encourage those who are in the trenches of bringing that dream to pass that God put in them but have hit major road blocks.

It’s tempting to get frustrated, throw in the towel and become resentful of the obstacle!

But God!

It’s ok to address our adverse emotions but in a healthy way for when we hit the ground there is truly No Way But Up!

God’s still faithful!

Check out the other inspirational articles in this incredible motivational magazine as well.

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Racism-The Great Form of Evil

Like a great deal of my fellow Americans, my heart simply aches over the recent events that have taken place in Charlottesville VA. It’s a national disgrace and I’m struggling to see a United front in and for “We The People”. Leadership has also delivered a stance a day or two late leaving me wondering if the good for us all is truly a non-biased priority.

My personal experience and view points regarding the topic of racism runs painfully deep. I was once grossly affected by the matter especially as a youth.

Like yesterday I can clearly recall walking to elementary school with my cousins and needing to run through several blocks to safety or risk getting jagged edged rocks slammed in the back of my head. I eventually mastered dodging the blows but only after being wounded on multiple occasions. This was a daily sprint and no way around the confrontation generated simply because of the color of my skin.

In middle school, a boy spat in my face and called me an ugly nigger. I tried to chase him down in flip flops but never caught up to him. I was left feeling like dirt on the ground as his warm thick saliva oozed over my eye and down my cheek. To this day, I believe spitting on another human beings is one of the worst forms of insult imaginable.

Not long after that another approached me and asked me to perform a disgraceful sexual act on him. I remember feeling so frightened for it took him repeating it several times before I understood what he was asking. He was seriously vulgar and I was just about 9 years old.

Several more instances happened thereafter which I won’t disclose but I remember developing the learned behavior of prejudice by the time I was in high school. All of my insults came from caucasian males and I grew a racist distaste over the very site of them. I put them all in the same category and couldn’t fathom any good at all. As an extended result, I didn’t socialize, befriend or seek to get to know anyone that didn’t look like me. I made the assumption that any race outside of my own automatically hates me and I them.

By the time I was approaching 20, a life changing event occurred that melted away a very deep form of racist hate that had been growing in my heart for years. I had rededicated my life to Christ after hitting some tough places and moved to a neighborhood where most residents did not match my skin complexion. I was overwhelmed by how I was embraced but still had guards up looking for hidden agendas. The acceptance just couldn’t be true as I considered my previous encounters. 

Not long after that I befriended a beautiful Korean girl who had a Jewish boyfriend with the biggest heart I’d ever met. Truly the sweetest in my life up to that point. I genuinely grew to love them both and was blessed for these friendships. 

I made a point thereafter to not classify everyone simply because of the ignorance of a few. God healed my heart of the deepest form of hate and I purposely sought out opportunities to get to know all kinds of people who were also willing to get to know me.

Today my heart is completely open and longs for diversity in my relationships. I no longer find contentment in surrounding myself with only African Americans. In fact I prefer to worship with a congregation with a healthy mix of all kinds of people. My current church fulfills that beyond description and I have sisterly/brotherly like bonds that far exceed color lines. Our bond is spiritual by the DNA we share through the sacrifice of our common father, Jesus Christ.

It’s a beautiful experience and I would have it no other way. Adding God’s revelation to my adolescent ignorance as I matured showed me the true definition of love. Had I remained stuck on my initial experiences I would have missed out on rapport with some wonderful people. That would have been my loss for certain if I had chosen to remain oblivious.

I pray for our country and won’t give up hope that we can put our racial differences aside, bond together as humans and demonstrate respect instead of hate. Globally, those with a racists agenda are truly the minority and can remain as such if the majority commit to condemn their behavior as completely unacceptable! 

This may not come to pass in my life time but at least I’m living proof that with God’s love, even a powerful stance of racial animosity can be healed and conquered in Him. I’m living proof, He’s able.

Soulful Sunday – Kisses From My Daddy

In my lifetime, I have experienced three forms of the sweetest kisses ever. My Maternal Grandmother gave me the longest kisses every time she saw me! I remember as a kid thinking at times that I wish she would stop, but as I grew older I looked forward to them. Now that’s she’s gone, I would do anything for one from her again.

My husband’s kisses still gives me chills after 12 years. His sweetest are those he offers for no reason and those given when he departs from me even if he’s just going to the store for 20 minutes. The ones he insists on right before we go to sleep are expected and comforting.

My son melts me with his sweet innocence like nothing ever has. His tiny precious little puckers turn my heart into a bowl of mush every time! I eat them all up for I know it won’t be long before he’s over being mommy’s shadow and little boy.

I am one of many millions who will never know the love of an earthly father. I can’t relate to conversations with women my age when they talk about their fathers and seeing that little girl in them emerge. I can tell it’s a unique experience that cannot be compared to another just like the three I mentioned above. For those who can relate to my story, the absence of what we never had is a feeling that truly never goes away. There is still a deep longing to be regarded even into adulthood as daddy’s little girl or boy. 

Acceptance can be difficult if one does not learn how God is a Father to the fatherless. His sacrifice should be leaned on and replaced by what will never be in the natural through the Spirit of Adoption.

Several weeks ago I found myself in prayer feeling like a lost little girl. I asked my Heavenly Father to hug me and kiss my tears away. By the end of the day that natural description I was looking for never came. But he showed up in the only way that He can – in the spirit.

He sent sweet little things over the course of two weeks that made the little girl in me recognize, smile, laugh and giggle.

The next morning He sent a butterfly. It was pure white. I was rushing to get coffee but couldn’t help but to pause for a long moment . I watched it flutter and play around a bush on my front lawn. It was the first I’d seen this season. 

He sent not one but two rainbows right over my house after a couple of summer showers. They were distinct with the most brilliant colors! Both were perfectly arched and set just for me. I had not seen even one in 4 years!

He sent the tiniest baby bunny I have ever seen up close and in person. It hopped right across my path out of no where! It was all alone and I watched carefully until he bounced away. Just the cutest thing ever!

He sent an exotic bird – Clearly out of its territory for I’ve never seen anything that magnificent in my neighborhood before. It swooped so close to my windshield while I turned a corner in my car and it’s wing span was breathtaking! The details of its rippled feathers was just a work of art.

No earthly father would be able to top that by far! I know for sure my Abba Father was sending me kisses from heaven! It certainly felt like it and I took it as nothing else but! 

God is more than willing; more than able to provide you with all the love that your neglected heart requires. Spend time learning how to hear His voice, how He moves and speaks to you specifically. He will show up in the most unique ways if you are paying attention. He’s a very good father and you are his precious child!

Until Next Time, Happy Sunday!

Soulful Sunday: What’s REALLY Holding You Back?

As weeks create months and months turn into years, decades are formed and reality becomes evident. We are aging and are often faced with “THE” question directly or indirectly; Are we making the most out of the life we have left?

This thought feels irrelevant in our adolescent years when we feel invincible for it appears that there is plenty of time to think on these things later; much later…

Then one day we wake up, look in the mirror and 40, 50, 60,70 and beyond are upon us. Our stark reality is where did the time go and are we living a purposed filled life? You know, the one that God has called us to before we were ever in existence.

If you can say without hesitation that you spend your days doing the thing God put you on this earth for, I certainly commend you! However, if that’s NOT you and you are in those age categories I mentioned above, What’s Holding You Back?

The level of true purpose I am alluding to has nothing to do with that job you slave at every day to earn a living. You can confirm that this statement is true if you feel that something is missing and deep inside, you’re unfulfilled. I’m talking about your primary reason for being. You gift, your talent, that business idea, that ministry, that book, that masterpiece that only YOU can deliver and birth to the world. 

It’s that thing you have been seeing repetitively in visions or dreams. That idea that gives you chills when you ponder on it but quickly dismiss with a plethora of old and tired excuses..

That hurt

That shame

That lack of confidence 

That comparison to others

That envy of your Brother

That previous failure

That finger pointing and blaming

That lack of Faith in your Lord and Savior 

For many reading this, What’s REALLY holding you back from embracing your destiny is directly connected to a matter you have not officially dealt with in your past. If you don’t face it, you will end up like countless others; leaving this earth and taking what should have been shared with the world with you. Now that’s really selfish! RealBoldTruth!

I recently had to deal with an extremely painful area of my life that I have been suppressing for several decades. I really thought I had it under control especially as of lates. I’ve discovered who I am in Christ, learned how to look to Him and trust Him more, have been in constant fellowship to assure I don’t go back to old ways of thinking and I’ve been serving and giving faithfully in ministry. Yet this soul striping thing keeps coming up and I grew sick of it! I couldn’t put my finger on why I’m still struggling with something that should be so old but knew it was the source of what has been holding me back from all God truly has for me.

I was recently put in a setting and was given the option to become vulnerable and transparent about this thing and my flesh felt reservations. However my spirit prevailed by telling me it’s now or never!

I ultimately shared a very private battle with the most unlikely person and found out she had struggled with the very same thing! I was in complete shock for she seemed to have it all together. She gave me a name for “my thing” and it’s called “Rejection ” she shared with me some tools and specific word that I started using right away and a release I experienced almost instantly!

Initially I was so very uncomfortable being this exposed but it has been way past time to “Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil!” I want my freedom more than my security of holding on to this dead stinky thing that clearly robs me of so many possibilities!

I challenge you today to think on these things. What have you NOT faced, NOT confessed, NOT healed from, buried alive kicking and screaming that will NOT die? It’s the very thing that is stopping you from spending more energy cultivating you “Gift” than dwelling on what won’t change. 

God has so much more for you but you’ll never experience the totality of His blessings if you don’t give this thing up! Stop lying, to yourself, and listening to the voice of the enemy more than the voice of the Lord! 

Do it NOW, before YOU and IT simply become a memory.

Until Next Time, Happy Sunday!

Kish Magazine – The Uncontainable God

Hello RBT Readers! I pray this post finds you all well in mind, body and spirit. My articles have been infrequent lately due to a very demanding schedule which includes starting a new job, BUT GOD!

He remains faithful, ever present and renews my strength from day to day! I recognize this and know if it was not for His hand consistently moving in my life, I simply would not be able to sustain!

Speaking of recognizing, someone needs to be reminded today just how incredibly BIG your Heavenly Father is. He’s quite uncontainable!!

This month I wrote a very short yet powerful article for KISH Magazine on this very matter. Please do check it out. It will take you 5 minutes to read but may serve as the ministry source to get your faith moving in the right direction again.

If your experience today is an impasse or you are growing faint, be reminded of your position and who your Daddy is!!

KISH Magazine is an inspiration Christian Publication that is distributed all across the country quarterly. The website is consistently update with soul stirring articles, testimonies and features of new authors. RBT ministries has a column that also features new material every month. Check out and share the content at:

Blessings and be encouraged!

Handle Your Haters!

I have a sister in Christ who does not believe in the term “Haters”. I so respect this woman of God on so many levels but I completely disagree with her view concerning this specific class of people. They REALLY do exist! In fact, I use to be one of her’s as a babe in Christ! I was filled to the max with insecurities, low self image, and not understanding my position in God.  Wow! Can’t believe I publicly confessed that and it actually feels REALLY good! RealBoldTruth!

Since I’ve been there, operating as a hater, I know them when I see them!!
By The Way, for those who don’t know the term or its meaning, here are a few:

A Hater is:

A person who simply cannot be happy about another’s success.

An overly opinionated person always pointing out what they feel is a flaw in another.

A negative or critical person.

Haters are typically filled with jealousy and envy. They spend way too much time consumed about what God put in others that they fail to appreciate, discover and embrace what He actually put in them! What a waste! The root of the emotion is not caused by the person they are hating on, but rather some deep, unresolved issue that “The Hater” themselves harbor. They are good at self deflection. They aim to distract others away from their own deeply sown issues by constantly exposing even the smallest in others. This is what I call “Hateration” at its finest! 

A Hater finds it hard to be happy about another’s success, sudden good fortune or positive turn in life events. They even hate on things they have no knowledge on and often conjure up their own conclusions. Envy races through their veins like blood. You can see it on their faces and feel it in their demeanor. 

I take a weekly exercise class that I have been committed to for the past 3 months. It’s completely invigorating and alters my mood in such a reinforcing way. This class has become my much needed “Me Time” and I simply look forward to it and have a ball mastering the dance routines.

I have at least one Hater in that class. I see her every week and no matter how consistently I speak, her body language, looks and few comments makes it clear that she has a problem with me. As I have perfected the dance moves over time, I’ve started putting my own little signature on them and heard her make a remark as I tailored the dance making it my own. I simply ignored it because I knew where it was coming from. 

Little does she know that I’m at least a decade older than her and I’m ecstatic that I can still walk let alone dance, twist and keep up with the class being diagnosed with a chronic medical illness that tries to threaten all of this daily. I participate with the energy of a 25 year old and know that it is Christ that sustains me!

My Hater doesn’t know that and fills in the blanks as she struggles to keep up consistent energy from beginning to end. She would by now if she would take her eyes off of others and concentrate on her own efforts. For if she only knew the battle I fight she would possibly turn into being a cheerleader instead of a Hater. Possibly….

So how do you handle “Haters”? Regrettably we must, especially if we can’t avoid having contact with them. We face them with nothing else but the love of the Lord of course! Regardless of how they perceive you, showing kindness, giving soft encouraging words and simply giving them the complete opposite of the energy they give you is the best ammunition you can fire back!

I know for sure that doing this consistently is extremely trying. Unfortunately your “Haters” can sometimes be people very close to you including family members, co-workers and neighbors. This is indeed painful to watch someone who should automatically have your best interest at hand and want to see you do well secretly or openly sabotage you! Yet and still, the formula of handling them is indeed the same.

Love, compassion, sympathy and empathy can soften a sour heart; if it’s willing. What ever the outcome, we should never compromise our character in Christ by coming down on the level of the “Hater”. Remember, they are suffering from a serious deficiency called healthy self regard and it can be very sad. Show them the Love of Christ by encouraging them to take a look within to find their own unduplicated value and beauty. If they are unwilling to take on a different perspective,  then releasing them in prayer is all that’s left to do. Being delivered from a “Hating” mentality is an individual choice but it’s doable. Again, I’ve been there!

“Hating” Is an adverse emotion from the spirit of the enemy and must be combatted with the spirit of the Lord. 

By the way, if this post offends you or stirs up an inkling of raw feelings, then it’s possible that you just might be a “Hater”. 

A Princess/Peasant Experience 

My son has been extremely blessed! He was awarded a scholarship to attend an extremely prestigious private school in Wilmington, DE. Although only facing 1st grade this September, he is destined to get the type of education I didn’t even think existed when I was a kid. 

I’m so very proud to expose him to such a diverse environment. He is a minority in culture amongst his peers but is completely oblivious to this fact right now which I completely love. When I was growing up, my community and surroundings all looked exactly alike. I just never knew any different…..

This past weekend, I took my son to a birthday party of one of his classmates. He was thrilled to go and although not knowing what to expect, I took him. I knew immediately that the parents of his little friend were in a completely different economic class than us. As I traveled to their home for the festivities, I passed handsome lawns with grand houses sitting on acres of land that looked like something on a canvas master painting. I drove winding trails laced with the largest beautiful oak trees I’ve ever seen. Simply breathtaking!

For some reason I caught a lump in my throat as I approached their extra-long private driveway. The home was enormous and the backyard so large that my son referred to it as a park!

I don’t belong here! We’re my initial thoughts. I wanted to retreat so badly but the look of excitement on my son’s face when he saw the massive bounce house set up I couldn’t deny. I knew I had to press through and put on a serious facade.

Will I fit in?

Will I even know what to say?

Will they welcome me?

These were some of the questions running through my mind and beyond as I took my son’s tiny hand and advanced up the cobblestone driveway of this mansion style home. (At least it felt like one to me!)

As I suspected, my son just fell in immediately with the fun. Me on the other hand remained feeling completely out of place! Not because I didn’t try and I never showed how uncomfortable I was on the outside! I greeted everyone and was forced to take a seat at a table where no one was only because all the seats at the first table were all taken! No one invited me over or attempted to make room for me so I just sat alone for a bit watching the children play and took in the scenery.

The host finally came out and I politely introduced myself. She smiled kindly and began piling all the food on the table I was at and walked away. The others continued to chat amongst themselves and sipped wine. I was never offered a glass (Not that I wanted one) but the lack of effort of making me feel welcomed as a guest was grossly missing. I wanted to leave so bad!!!  

My thoughts started to ramble and I became upset with myself that I just wrote a blog called “First Class” about being a daughter of a King and not being phased by the elite people in the front of the plane. Days later, I am at their house sitting at their table and feeling like a serious peasant vs. a princess!

After some time, a few newly arrived guests began to make conversation with me. I ultimately survived the ordeal! 
I had to repent that night because as I was left to my own thoughts at my table of one, I wondered why more believers are not privileged to live as eloquently on this earth when our Father owns it all! REALBOLDTRUTH, it came to my mind!

This held especially true as I drove up to my very tiny house that I’ve been praying over for the past 5 years to be restored! It needs major work and I flashed back to a memory I had upon inspection prior to closing. The inspector looked down on me like I wouldn’t be able to do it and that people like him love taking on projects like the one I was getting ready to purchase. For he was not shy about sharing how he had the money to do so! I looked back and thought BUT GOD! Completely in Faith, I went forward. Five years later not one project is done and I have no clue when it will be…. Still; BUT GOD!

Nevertheless, what a lesson I was exposed to. I feel in my spirit that God purposely put me in that position so that I can get use to it! The favor on my life is getting ready to open doors that will allow for the same, similar or better lifestyles! He has showed me my expected end! The only difference is that I won’t be able to give anyone credit but my ABBA Father for getting me there! I wouldn’t want it any other way! 

Have you ever been in a situation like this that made you uncomfortable?

How did God minister to you in it?

As a believer, did you need to adjust your faith and remind yourself, BUT GOD?

Heavenly Father, I thank you for being my source, my provider, my ever present help and for supplying all of my needs! You are all I require and I pray that you are pleased with the way I manage the resources you put in my hands. I repent for comparing my lifestyle to another and am grateful for every blessing! I don’t rob you of tithes or offerings and still believe you for my own personal defined overflow! I may have been viewed as a Peasant this day but a Princess I still am and my Palace is still to come!

In Jesus Name! Amen!

Kish Magazine – Beauty In Blessed Beginnings

Hello RealBoldTruth Readers!
Things have been a bit quiet around these parts over the past couple of months, but things are still moving along behind the scenes!!
RBT continues to have a column on The Kish Magazine website. Feel free to visit the page at to check out the latest!

In addition and periodically, an RBT article makes it into the hard print copy of the publication! The Spring 2017 edition features an RBT piece entitled “Beauty in Blessed Beginnings”!  Printed copies are completely sold out!!  Didgitals can still be purchased through the website! 

Here is the article! The entire magazine is packed with incredible stories, information and testimonies! A must subscribe is what I highly recommend of this Powerful Christian Publication!

Looking forward to the Summer 2017 edition! Announcements of its debut soon to come! Blessings to you all and I never have enough words to say  how I truly appreciate your readership support!

Soulful Sunday – First Class

I recently returned from a week long business trip. I haven’t flown in a while and literally had to get reacquainted with the experience. Between insulting baggage fees, ridiculous sir charges for seating options, (I thought if you bought a ticket, a seat automatically comes with that purchase!), and violating pat-downs at security (I didn’t take my belt off!) I was simply over it all!

During both my incoming and outgoing flights, I along with over a hundred others took that walk of shame past “First Class”. You know those who are privileged enough to sit in the big leather fluffy chairs in the front cabin of the plane. The leg room, immeasurable and the perks, well I’m not familiar with them because I’ve never been in that league. (Whoopty doo!)

Those who were, all looked the same, in attire and demeanor. The looks they gave us “peasants” as we made our way to that space on the plane for the “Common” was nearly belittling. I noticed right away, but envy certainly never entered my mind. Not even a second!

As I made my way down the very narrow aisles bumping shoulders, heads and other body parts unintentionally along the way, I couldn’t help but to truly analyze the term “First Class”

As a Believer in Christ Jesus, no matter what status, rank, section or category the “World System” puts me in, I am confident in my Spiritual Status as the Queen I was inherited to be. The favor, blessing and honor that my Abba Father has crowned me with far surpasses the superficial title of those “status shirts” in the first few rows of the air craft. (No insult intended!)

I felt no less relevant in my window seat, near the restrooms, in the very last row! I am royalty by the sacrifice of my Savior! 

I’m in no way delusional, especially as I consider how blessed my life is. I’m healthy, I have wonderful children, my Husband adores me, I have a new opportunity to make a positive impact in my new role. Food, clothing and shelter are plentiful! My mind is stable and my soul is at peace. (Priceless!) I truly want for nothing and know that my Daddy is rich beyond perception! I wonder how many of those in “First Class” on my flights were able to say they too have all that!

The answer is not really my concern. Just feeling grateful not to be phased by labels, titles and the like. The next time I am asked if I want to upgrade my seat to First Class, I’ll kindly respond, No Thank You, I’m a permanent member in that league! Just not by YOUR definition!

Never allow what everyone else define as elite, most desirable and above the rest to classify you! You’ve been bought with a price and are eternally labeled in an affiliation that can’t be duplicated. The Class of being a Christian is all we need!

Until next time, Happy Sunday!