4 Reasons To Believe In Angels

Whether we as humans willingly admit it or not, we are just a tad bit infatuated with the possibility of Angels!

Many make subliminal comments about them during times of tragedy, grief and life altering despair. Many of us live through moments when we know that our survival from a situation was the result of something far greater than what we can visually see. We often don’t hesitate to accredit the possibilities of Angels being in our midst.

But are they real or just a mystical fabric of our deepest imaginations? Do they really exist somewhere beyond the realm of our realities and tangible experiences?

At minimum and for the believing heart in the content of the Bible, Angels indeed are very real!

1. The word of God makes over 300 references of them in the Bible. I’ve personally Read and reviewed every single one! Accompanied by a soothing cup of tea and my concordance companion, I’ve read them all!

2. Angels are mighty spiritual beings. Their primary purpose is to guide and protect the human life that they are assigned to.

3. Angels are superior to humans in intellect and power but not greater than Almighty God Himself.

4. God is known to be Omni present. Meaning He is everywhere at all times. With the assistance of Angels, they help carry out His Will and perfect Commands.

So the next time you’re alone in a space but sense that someone is near, consider that an Angel may be with you.

Those unexplainable instances that you somehow escaped are Angels in protective operation just for you.

While in your deepest dreams a message is delivered to you that you recall vividly once you awake. There is a strong possibility that An Angel was sent to speak to you by your Heavenly Father.

Life and what we endure, especially in these times of great uncertainty, is much more comforting when we consider these things. Our circumstances all become so much clearer when we take heed and just believe.

Angels Are Real!

9 thoughts on “4 Reasons To Believe In Angels”

  1. I believe in God, when He tells me there are Angels there are Angels. Daily I pray for their guidance and protection.


  2. I’ve never spent a lot of time studying the passages on angels. Thanks for the insight! I’ll bet it was a great process with your tea and bible 🙂 It was probably like the pic in you post with the guy surrounded by angels while studying his bible. I’m often guilty of not focusing on the spiritual world around me during every day activities.

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    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting! It has been pressing on my spirit so very hard during these times when people have more questions than answers about what’s going on around us naturally. No one can explain it all. Those are certainly times when we as Believers must be mature enough to look beyond our slightly realm and into the one of the Spirit to see God and the Angels He is using. The study was great and I couldn’t pull myself away! Thanks again and blessings to you!🤗

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