Facts About The Author


Chanel Walker-Bailey

Besides being an intense thinker and aspiring author, Chanel Walker-Bailey enjoys her personal position as a mother and wife the most.  She is an author, motivational speaker and internet television personality on several platforms. Although a full time worker in the Health Care Administration field , nothing fulfills her more than her faith and family. Other facts include the following:

> She is a believer in Christ Jesus and attends worship services with her family regularly.

> She is passionate and driven about beating the odds of her past and challenges herself to experience something different.  This shows in her career and educational accomplishments but  still she longs for more.

>  She has a passionate heart for people who are hurting with similar struggles she has conquered and endured. She longs to encourage, motivate and inspire others to enhance their outlook on life.

>  She will touch and agree in prayer with anyone who asks or volunteers as a willing participant.

>  She is a forward theorist who does not like getting comfortable in a mediocre state.

>  She views failing as opportunity to try again and doing something different while considered  lessons learned.

>  She is a constant seeker of knowledge as an avid reader and researcher.

>  She is strong, committed, determined and aggressive in pursuing things that she defines as a necessary value.

> She will challenge herself beyond her level of comfort concerning fears and doubts.

>  She writes poetry, spiritual fictions, and self-help short articles on various life topics.

>  She loves motivational quotes and has even penned a few of her very own.

Contact E-mail Address – RealBoldTruth.press@gmail.com

59 thoughts on “Facts About The Author”

  1. Oh my God…This is a really great Bio. God has blessed you…and He continually will in Jesus’ Name. The last point caught my attention the most….’She loves motivational quotes and has even penned a few of her very own’…I totally love and pen quotes too 🙂
    Awwwww…it’s really nice to meet you. Keep soaring and inspiring.

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  2. Tonight’s message of Forgiveness was awesome on the broadcast “Strait talk for Women”. Its something most of us have gone through and just didn’t want to admit ….that we were angry with God.

    Thank you for your transparency and I know God is working in your life.
    Your sister in Christ
    Antoinette (DOE)

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    1. Antoinette thank you so much for tuning in! It was a great experience and I am so ready for God to use me in this way and beyond. I do pray others will be touched as well. Love you lots!😍


    1. Well thank you so much ghostmmnc! I so appreciate you stopping by my little corner of the world as well! Look forward to getting to know you better through your site! Have an amazing weekend as well!😀


  3. Hi Chanel, thanks for the follow. It is so right at this time in the history of the world for writers like you (and me ) to flood the internet with positive and uplifting posts. Thank you 🙂

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    1. Hi thatssojacob!!! Glad you stumbled across me! I certainly will follow back because that’s what I do out here in our little world of creativity!! I get so much from reading the work of others and can never follow too many of my blogging buddies!☺️ So I already pieced together the name of my memoir and it is super silly! Lol! Trying to think how I am going to put it together before I post! Thanks again for the follow!


        1. Sorry took a while to respond. My weekend got busy. My memoir is entitled – 8 big books of a Secret Slave. I thought it was something different the first time I looked but maybe my eyes dropped down to the wrong letter! Lol!


  4. Hi Chanel! I’m so pleased you dropped by my blog, now I’ve your beautiful and inspiring blog. I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing journey. All the best:)

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  5. Keep doing what you are doing sis! You are going to be the motivational backbone and heart, to all those who understand what you have and is going through. Love you sis!

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