Soulful Sunday – Power In A Name

I don’t think I have ever felt the need to find out the true meaning of my name. It just never dawned on me until I was challenged to find out. As I was reading Leadership – The I am….Way, the book I wrote my first review on, it instructed me to find out!

Chanel  (pronounced – Shanell like the French Designer) means Canal, Channel, Pipe. At first I was far from impressed but then reached further to get additional clarity on what those things meant.

Canal – a passageway used to link or connect small vessels into larger territories.

Channel – An accessible frequency used to direct, transmit and communicate.

Pipe – A connector used to assure and maintain continual flow.

A light bulb in my spirit suddenly illuminated my soul! What revelation on those things my Savior has predestined me to be!!! I’ve been called to be a Conduit for Christ!

Understanding what names mean is more essential than we can perceive. I don’t think many parents understand the significance when they are naming their children these days. In a quest to be unique, the element of substance is removed which is really unfortunate!

The name of Jesus is matchless! Full of power, hope, life, peace, acceptance, joy, redemption, restoration…..I don’t have enough words to share on His name but I trust you get the picture!

When I consider and call on the Name of Jesus, I know through him I am redeemed, set free from the destruction of my past, an over-comer, a conqueror, appointed, strong, healed and everything else contrary to the lies I entertained from the enemy for the 1st half of my life! Such Power in That Name indeed! Hallelujah I’m free!

Do you know what your name means? Please share ! Also with one word what does the name of Jesus means to you?

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16 thoughts on “Soulful Sunday – Power In A Name”

  1. Beautiful post Chanel. Love the meaning of your name and the godly meaning attributed to it. Even the Chanel branding image says: “Christ’s conduit”! May God continue to use you for his glory to be a pipeline of blessing to others.
    My name (Carol) means Joy and also discernment.

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    1. That is awesome! Joy and discernment are powerful words in so many ways! One should be proud to know the significance to the meaning of their name and adopt as an extension of their character and who they were called to be! (If it makes sense anyway). Thanks for sharing ladycee, my Carol and friend! Blessing!πŸ˜‡

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  2. Lovely, inspiring and energizing post! I always know your name hold a unique meaning all this while. I am glad your name means a conduit for Christ. That’s awesome
    Yeah I had a Muslim name Al-Hakeem that means “Gods wisdom” in Arabic which I christened to “Immanuel” God with me. And if God be for me, then who can be against me.

    Have a lovely weekend

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    1. I love it!!! The way you interpreted and applied you name to your Christian experience is a testimony all in itself!! It’s always a pleasure hearing from you! Pray all is well! There is no one like Our God!πŸ˜‡

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    1. I thought I responded to this but don’t see what I thought I typed back. Dainty, I should have known it meant something awesome because it sounds delicate and precious in the natural! A beautiful name you have indeed my lady! Thanks for reading!☺️

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  3. Great post πŸ™‚ I find your blog post entry here concerning what your name means to be very fascinating. I love how you were also able to connect it to Christ in another really fascinating way. Anyway, keep up the great work as always πŸ™‚


  4. Great post, Chanel. It’s a topic close to my and my husband’s hearts, seeing that people in Scripture were named according to their destiny. As I’ve posted before, Vanessa means butterfly, and totally encapsulates my life!

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