Depression – A Matter of a Malnourished Soul….

As human beings, we will all face times in our lives that will bring on periods of great sadness. This is inevitable and unfortunately will occur at some point to us all. If we lose our jobs, businesses, relationships, financial stability, get diagnosed with a life changing illness, or a love one dies, it is normal to grieve these matters at least for a time.

When that time turns from days into weeks, to months, to years and we find ourselves paralyzed with the inability to move forward, we have then entered into life threatening territory. A healthy desire for an optimistic future becomes unrealistic to the blatantly distracted mind. Depression has then taken center-stage and has gripped the core of our very souls.

Nothing feels good nor looks good and we reach for temporary things to ease our broken spirits. They too prove to be just that….Temporary.

Truth is, Depression for many, is a matter of a grossly malnourished soul. We are made up of three distinct parts and each must be fed in order to thrive and survive.

We feed our physical bodies food at least three times per day at best. Whether our choices in this regard are good or bad, we do this daily without hesitation.

We feed our minds information by way of education, news outlets and social media. Again whether, the content we consume mentally is beneficial or not, we subconsciously practice this act regularly throughout our days.

But what about our souls? What condition is it in and do we aim to purposely feed it just as routinely as our other two makeups?

If you are a chronic sufferer of depression, do not have a chemical imbalance and therapy of any kind has not provided you with relief, your soul is starving and requires bread, DAILY.

That means setting time aside to feast on elements that only God can provide that will encourage spiritual wholeness. Many deem this as optional, too much work or have tried it a time or two and then abandon the process. Thus, most likely the reason depression reoccurs like the vicious destructive cycle that it is.

You have the power to make a choice today towards reducing you depression episodes. Take permanent steps towards embracing mental wellness regularly if you would just commit to feeding your soul.

7 thoughts on “Depression – A Matter of a Malnourished Soul….”

  1. Hey Cousin.
    This is a daily disease that we as a Nation encounter. Many of us are in denial and really need to acquire help in coping . The Devil very is busy, and if left untreated it can, and will lead to people taking their own lives as we already see today.
    Thank you for this touchy. but so needed topic .


    1. Yes Cousin! Absolutely a touchy topic but Too many people are suffering so I can’t stay silent. My way of overcoming may not be for everyone but it sure is for somebody! Love you lots and thanks for stopping by my blog!😘


  2. Great Word as Always Chanel,

    Depression Another Stronghold Satan uses to hold God’s People Down, Bound and Defeated….

    Thank God You was Set Free to Free Others….So keep saying it, Telling It and even if you have to go on the Rooftops Yell it!
    We no longer have to be Depressed, Oppressed or Suppressed!


    It’s time God’s people begin to Experience the Abundant, Joyful, Peaceful and Exciting Life that was purchased for each and every one on the face of this earth and as Believers we have the VICTORY!!

    Blessing’s To You!
    Pastor Mary


  3. Chanel you have touched on a topic many have faced…whether they want to admit it or not. Thank you for reminding us of the importance of a healthy soul.


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