Quotes From The Author


 Motiational Quote 12-2017

Motivational Quote 12-2017 I

“Navigating through life is so much simpler when you deny your own agenda and submit to the will of God.” –

Chanel Walker-Bailey 2016


“If you are simply waiting, hoping and praying for change; you are waiting for life to remain the same.”

Chanel-Walker Bailey – 2015


“There is nothing more gratifying than marveling over the works of your own hands.”  

Chanel Walker-Bailey –2015

12 thoughts on “Quotes From The Author”

    1. Hey there kiddo! Thanks so much! I actually do have more that I wrote. Don’t know why I gave not thought to update them here in this page. I think it’s because I used them in blog posts. I just completed a challenge this month so I will consider this one for May. I am a nut for a good quote!!

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    1. Hey there! It’s meant to be a self motivating quote for sure. Was the first I wrote when I started my blog over a year ago and I was so proud of myself for pushing past procrastination for a moment. It’s what came to mind. We all need to do this sometimes. (Speak positivity over our lives) Trust never forgetting that the Lord my God gave me the gift in the first place. I will forever give him the credit!😉

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      1. Thanks for explaining; I did not know the background. See, I had been a self-made female physician, National Medical Honor Society, President of the Medical Staff, etc., THEN over a period of six years, the Lord drew me to Himself and saved me.

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        1. Deanna what amazing accomplishments both academically and spiritually! Nothing wrong with having a sense of pride in both! Amazing! It’s funny how you bought my 2015 quote to my attention. When I was thinking of my direction for 2016 I considered my earlier posts and nearly cringed! Like did I really write that??? Lol! The growth in me is evident and I recognize . I won’t ever delete my earlier stuff because it’s a reminder for me and maybe can be a testament to someone following. Look at God!

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