Angels – The Discovery Book


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Angels Synopsis

14 year old Fraser dies prematurely as a result of a fluke accident while trying to save his baby sister.  Upon waking up in heaven, he discovers that his new life in paradise is far different from the one he lived during his short time on earth.  As he adjusts to his new surroundings, he is constantly amazed that there is so much to learn, explore and achieve in his new permanent home.  Fraser begins making new friends and even reunites with a loved one who left earth before him.  He learns that everyone in heaven must find something they are passionate about and serve in that area.  While his friends quickly discover what they want to do, Fraser is left discouraged and not strongly drawn to anything he is introduced to.


When Fraser begins to experience visions of his family’s current status on earth, he finds them divided, severely broken and completely devastated about his death.  His family is also unaware that they are being tormented and are in danger by evil presences that they cannot physically see.  After having a talk with God, Fraser is told that he is chosen for a special assignment and will be enlisted amongst an army of Armored Angels to fight an earthly spiritual war of Good vs. Evil. He finally knows what he is meant to do and is more than ready. He is predestined to save his family.

This is a story that will inspire young readers and beyond to diminish the fear of dying, provide hope concerning life afterwards, and understanding that God has assigned Angels all around us for protection from dangers seen and unseen.