Life Quote

ER Quote

This quote written by Eleanor Roosevelt is Chanel Walker Bailey’s all-time favorite.  She came across it over a decade ago while reviewing an Avon brochure shared with her by a co-worker.  A keep sake novelty item was being advertised in the sales section in the form of an ornament shaped like an angel.  The quote was inscribed across the wings of the angel and touched Chanel’s heart as one of the most powerful statements she has ever considered.  Being one who has struggled with feeling secure in her own abilities, the statement has aided in moving her forward mentally and physically.  Today she continues to reference this group of short yet powerful words to shift her beyond her periodic state of paralysis when she is tempted by fear, quitting and procrastination.  She keeps it posted at work, in her car, and committed to memory as a reference tool to remain focused on her goals.

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