Friends and Evolution

About a month ago, I was challenged to examine myself and why it seems I struggle to retain authentic friendships. The words were spewed upon me critically and harshly with the intent to damage my soul. But, to no avail; I know who I am and whose I am……

Truth is, at 46 years old, I don’t view friendships in the way I use to 10, 20, nor 30 years ago. I accredit this to the process called evolution and a spiritual mind renewal.

Unapologetically, I happen to be a critical thinker, filled with creativity in thoughts and ideas. I prefer to be alone to operate in that space a great deal of the time. It’s a part of my make up. Periodic isolation helps me to be better for others. This makes me who I am comfortably and naturally; introverted.

This loner side of me is the dominant side of my personality but does not define who I am in totality. I certainly don’t loath the presence of people in an intimate and binding way. Like any human being, I need others to survive in healthy yet productive friendships.

As I have matured, I no longer keep people in my personal space based off of longevity and simply just to say I have a friend. If there is no stimulating friction between me and another, I tend to get bored and move on. I’d simply rather not because it feels like wasted time, SOMETIMES. May sound a bit arrogant but this happens to be MY RealBoldTruth!

Again, those words may seem harsh and that’s truly not the intent. You see, I thrive in the environment of like minded people. When I need friendships they must have certain attributes. Those I can learn from, grow with mentally, physically and spiritually. I don’t tolerate anything less very well and notice that I can get turned off when growth, partnering, temptation to slip into old habits or mindless entertainment is in excess.

If a person entered my life two decades ago and still talks the same, still walks the same, still hangs out in the same places, and has not evolved, I begin to distance myself. I admit that at times I don’t start the process in the best of ways. This, I do need to work on so that others can understand my perspective and I don’t leave people wondering and hanging.

Today my circle of friends looks nothing like those I had 10 years ago. I am blessed with some women in my life that I consider true sisters, an attribute I’ve never had and don’t take for granted. I have more friends today than at any other time in my life! We hang out and communicate in unique and non traditional ways but it works for us and compliments our demanding lifestyles.

My friends are sharp, spirit filled and spirit led. One or two are true confidants. They challenge me NOT to stay where I am and to never get comfortable as if I’ve arrived. They call me on my stuff when I don’t want to hear it! They won’t let me drown in my own flaws or self pity and are certainly NOT in competition with me for they too know their value and God-Given worth. They are mentors, motivators, prayer partners, business owners, educators, unique visionaries and so much more. I operate in the same capacity for them in return.

So to my critics that inspired this blog, you are right only in part. I don’t retain friendships with people that keep me stuck, standing still, functioning in old unproductive habits and other attributes that stifle my confidence and growth. I’m too old to just be trying to fit in. I won’t compromise simply to say I have friends for that combination won’t be a lasting match for anyone involved. Evolution is inevitable, seasons change, and so must I.

8 thoughts on “Friends and Evolution”

  1. Wow! I’m just like you. I never knew how to say it with such class. 😂

    One thing I’ve learned with my walk with Christ is that we mature.

    Once God teaches us how to forgive and love ourselves, we enter into a new relationship with ourselves.

    This new love manifests in all our relationships.

    Some people don’t make the cut.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks Vernon! Appreciate your feedback on how you can relate:-) My sentiments relative to this post still resonates today. Many have not made the cut in 2020 and others may still be on the chopping block! Lol! It’s just a season for me to remain focused and diligent with the call on my life! You do the same! Blessings:-)🤗

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  2. Chanel,
    You are Truly a Lady who is growing and prospering in your relationship with the Lord, believe me when God said in His Word..”Behold All Things Become New” Relationships was included. Usually God begins to move one from some relationships as we grow in Him….I find that some Friends are for a Season, a Reason and a Lifetime. It has been said we only get disappointed if we try to force relationships beyond their purpose. In the Kingdom God assigns these people in our lives rather it be for a Reason, Season or a Lifetime…..I hope I’m one your lifetime friends.

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    1. Thank you Pastor Mary and all that you mention here is true! Sometimes during the transition of friends that are only seasonal, it hurts but God is always there to comfort and is a forever friend. You certainly are one in my life as well! Blessings!💕


  3. Thank you so much for Sharing the truth. I concur with so much that you have said. Never stop speaking the truth for you are a voice for so many. Love you

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  4. Such truth!!! You have to know who you are and not apologize for it. I’m an introvert and as I’ve gotten older and matured spiritually, I know it’s ok to be me. Being alone recharges me and sometimes being around a crowd or too much noise drains me. Some people in my life don’t understand that, but it’s not about them. I walk in the love of Christ towards people, but I don’t need my space crowded with anyone, but the select few God has truly blessed me with and whoever he chooses to add to my life in this season. Ever since I read your real bold truth about your relationship (it mirrors an experience I walked through), I started rooting for you. Keep up God’s work and never fear what people say. Sometimes, it just means they don’t understand that God didn’t make us all to be the same and they don’t know how to appreciate it.

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Cynthia! Sadly, those with an introverted spirit are so misunderstood often. We require friendships just like anyone else but our standards in the quality of those relationships rend to be high. When we let people in, they must be worth our time in Jesus Name!!😆


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