RBT Purpose

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Chanel Walker-Bailey has an extremely occupied mind that seems to never conclude on life’s who’s, what’s, where’s and why’s! This blog was developed as a central location to organize, share, develop and trend her various points of view, life experiences, and writing techniques.  Many of the topics that inspire her are rarely discussed openly or in detail within her associated circle.  They may be touched on the surface but most remain vague and inconclusive.

She believes that we currently  live in a world where what is truly real is being replaced by a sense of false reality.  This can be seen on television, advertisements, on radio and trending the internet.  A great divide and imbalance of what should morally matter is being established over time affecting all generations.  Chanel hopes that this writing space will serve as an open forum to gather the sentiments of others who may share some of her same concerns.

Posts relating to relationships, faith, health and self-empowerment will be ongoing, but others will be added upon inspiration and/or adopted suggestion.  The ultimate goal of Real Bold Truth  is to connect, inspire, relate and encourage.

Please join, follow and share with others in an effort to spark national conversation about what’s truly REAL!

****Diverse opinions are more than welcomed as long as they are reflected logically, respectfully and non-offensively.  All responses identified as such, including those that contain profanity will be removed accordingly***

NOTE:  Information provided on this blog are to be considered as opinions only to provoke individual thoughts of its readers,  None should be replaced by directions of professional; especially those in the field of medicine. 

2 thoughts on “RBT Purpose”

    1. Hi there Vanessa! Thanks right back at you for taking the time to comment. I came across your blog by way of another’s and when I saw your page and read the title , I said yup, gonna follow this one for a while! Lol! Looking forward to reading your content. Feel free to follow back if you like! Keeping it All the way REAL is what I’m about!😇

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