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The Mentality Makeover I

Hello RBT Readers!

I pray this post finds you well, highly favored and blessed in all your ways!

Just wanted to take a moment to bring you some exciting news!

REALBOLDTRUTH has expanded its brand! We have launched RBT Institute powered by teachable.com. It will be a series of Master Classes that participants can engage in at their own pace! It’s like virtual Life Coaching with like minded people!

The first class is entitled “The Mentality Makeover”. This course is for those who are struggling with consistency in their way of thinking in order to have a more fruitful, productive and purpose filled life.

The course will assist students with developing new mental wellness habits to get free and stay free! Topics addressed include fear, worry, anxiety, addictive behavior patterns, depression and grief.

Many suffer from these mindsets around the holidays especially. This course aims to partner with participants in these challenging areas in order for them to move forward!

Classes start October 15, 2019! There is a free preview to the course available now! Click on the link below and take 10-15 minutes to consider the content:-)


Also, we have a newly designed website! Visit us to stay connected about news, services and upcoming events.


Finally, I’ve received my license as a Certified Life Coach through the National Association of Certified Life Coaches! (ID # 12107811) All successful people partner with mentors and coaches. That’s REALBOLDTRUTH! If you want yo accomplish a thing bigger than yourself you will need collaboration. How may I be of service to you? Schedule your complimentary 15 minute consultation by clicking the link below!


That’s all for now! Until next time, Stay Real, Be Bold and Tell the Truth in Jesus Name!!

Soulful Sunday – REVEAL, DEAL, HEAL

This message is not unique by far. It’s been told, preached and written about a million times over. Yet I feel compelled to reiterate today because many of us need to be reminded. The enemy likes snatching the Word from our spirits the instant it is uttered to keep us entrapped in bondage.

The only way to heal from a thing is to reveal it then deal with it! There is no other way! All else is simply avoidance and the rehearsed act of suppression. We may be able to keep symptoms of that pain at bay for a time; but it’s toxicity will spill out into the blood streams of our spirits in very nasty and unexpected ways. This leak ruins relationships, makes us ugly, robs us of blessings and stuns our growth.

REVEAL means to face that thing that you don’t want to talk about. When you do, the memories of it all haunts your soul and brings about tears, fears and more. But once it’s exposed in a healthy way through fellowship and wise counsel it’s power over your life will begin to decrease immediately!

DEAL means that you finally get the courage to fight for your future and your life by declaring and decreeing that there is something greater in you and for you! Therefore you take a stand that this thing will die and die today!

HEAL means that you begin to shed off those layers of hurt, pain, shame and blame and begin to LIVE!! That thing, however it’s defined for you, is a coward and a thief! If you want it to be over, a simple decision needs to be made by only you! Taking back your authority is what you must do to move forward!

REVEAL, DEAL and HEAL is the formula necessary to embrace your destiny and to stop looking back on matters, people and circumstances that you can’t change. They are only mere facts in your life but don’t need to define you indefinitely! Leave them in your past and put your foot down. Get into your rightful position in Christ Jesus and get all that He has for you in THIS life time! Do it while you still have time, still have breath, still have people who look up to you, still have His Grace and Mercy….Answer me this; Aren’t you worth it?

Until next time, happy Sunday!

Storm Positions

Troubles are certain in this life. No one is exempt. Every human life will experience his or her share. There is no escape and the bible is clear on this certainty. 

Someone’s situation may appear better than yours at a given time but don’t be fooled! Those you look upon with a level of envy are just in a different position than you are.

There are stages indeed to the storms of life. Understanding where you are personally is critical in the fight for survival and your testimony on how you made it through. 

There are 4 Storm Positions that we all face at each distinct trial in our lives.

The Arising -is position #1. We are starting to see the system develop. Some stiff winds are blowing, our blue skies are casting over with dark clouds. But a ribbon of sunshine is still visible. We begin feeling the first few drops of precipitation. We may still be able to offer a half smile, a hallelujah, some genuine praise and calling the devil a liar as we begin to pray and seek direction. 

The Eye – We are now smack dead in the middle at this 2nd Position. The totality of this beasty gale has completely exposed itself. The break of day is far beyond our sight. It’s gravely eerie and blinding with darkness. We are now being tossed, sometimes violently by the hale, winds, rain and earth shattering lightening. We can’t see a way out and God appears Job-like silent! This is the tornado, hurricane and tsunami effect of your dellima at its peak! The enemy is busy on your psyche and your faith may become vulnerable if not shaken.

The Dawning – we are still very much in the storm at this 3rd position but a break has come. The sun is peaking through just a bit and clouds are beginning to roll away. You are beginning to see, hear and experience God in the midst. He is beginning to restore and deliver you. The question is, have you arrived at this point with gratitude or operating in offense of what you had to endure?

The Calm – Finally It’s over! Position # 4 presents a plethora of opportunities. Reminders of what we survived are still quite evident. As we clean up the debris of downed wires, broken branches, loosened shingles and shattered glass of our souls, we can reflect on the lessons and begin to heal. Some unfortunately remain stuck on the details and “whys” robbing themselves of fully embracing this position by keep looking backwards.

If you are grateful for how God bought you through, it’s my personal opinion that our most effective testimony may be somewhere between The Dawning and A little ways into The Calm. It’s Fresh, Raw, soul stirring and its totality has been experienced. Any further out may lose its effectiveness for unfortunately, another system is always on the horizon. BUT GOD!

So when you step on the other side of the clearing, seek ways to share your story and don’t wait too long. The enemy lurks continuously and tries to make us forget how God kept us. Especially if our next Storm is greater than the last.

Christ is our shelter, fortress, shield and the ultimate protector.

So weather up with the Word of God and wise counsel if you are still hurting from your experiences. Help someone else who is going through. We are not Storm Survivors for any other reason but for His Glory.