Soulful Sunday – The F.O.G.

There are times in our lives when we enter into periods of great natural uncertainty. These questionable times may have been forced on us or a result of taking great leaps of faith.

We can be tempted to view this season to walking in a thick hazy fog. We can’t see a thing when attempting to focus our gaze in any direction. We question what’s in the presence of this overwhelming mist. How did it suddenly infiltrated our lives and when will it begin to thin out and ultimately fade away? We want to regain control of our vision and feel a level of certainty of what lies ahead.

Personally, I find myself under these very circumstances today. I’m here due to responding to the voice of God to “Let Go” of what I’ve found the most security in. My Job, My Will, My Way…..

I’ve prayed about this move for months. Visualized and dreamt about the shift. I have also been simultaneously gripped with fear about how it will all work out. (RealBoldTruth) For more time than necessary I remained paralyzed in my faith. All the while God kept instructing me to take a step out of what I deem to be crystal clear into The F.O.G. Finally, I obeyed.

So here I stand. In a position that’s greatly unfamiliar and uncomfortable. However, it’s filled with amazing possibilities! I can’t afford to stumble around in the murkiness with unease concerning what lies within for the realm I have entered into is not smoldering obscurity but rather The Favor Of God!

F.OG. Is God navigating me towards my destiny now that I have completely given Him the reigns to do so in my life. I don’t want to steer anymore so I willingly forfeit my compass for His. In the F.OG. I am completely submerged with grace, protection, provision, miracles, status, regard and in line to receive all that I could have never obtained had I remained in my own “clear”.

Although I can’t see my way plainly, I have no fear, no worry and no regrets. A great peace sustains me is in this dimension as I prepare to be overtaken by The F.O.G.

As children of The Most High God, it is our birthright to get all that is ours while on this earth. Things big and things small. This entitlement requires faith coupled by sacrifice. Are you in position to be overtaken by The Favor of God? If not, enter in with hope and expectation that your Heavenly Father WILL show off in abundance just for YOU!

Until Next Time, Happy Sunday!

8 thoughts on “Soulful Sunday – The F.O.G.”

  1. Great Word Chanel as always, yes walking in the FOG we may not be able to see, but as you so wisely put when God is in it, we are actually walking in His FAVOR.(Favor Of God). I know this has blessed God’s people, because it is a reminder that we walk by Faith and not by Sight!!

    I remember when I was stationed in England, where it is Foggy quite a bit over there and you literally could not see where the lanes were separated.Therefore they used Diamond like lines so you could see the diamonds if you could not see anything else, the diamond kept you on the right side of the road.
    It’s like Favor Of God keeps us on the right lane…..

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    1. Thanks Pastor Mary for reading, sharing and commenting. The acronym sparked inspiration in my spirit when you shared it at DOE. This blog is an extension of that. May the F.O.G. Overtake you now and always!


  2. Chanel My Sister I can relate F.O. G. Unlike you I haven’t released myself I’m so afraid WHY? I CANT ANSWER MY OWN QUESTIONS. Yet It feels and looks like fog no stability foreign land. God where are you. Yet I know he’s there nothing won’t grow what’s wrong Sure but not Sure what’s wrong with me. Not Patience. Help this helps but I’m not you. Do you understand what I’m saying? Will it ever clear up? Help. We all have faith I know . Chanel I’m tired. Keep me oin your Prayers. Loving you for being obedient. If you only knew how much it really helps to vent . Keep blogging.

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    1. I pray that God’s direction, peace, grace, mercy, provision, purpose and plan overtake you my sister. Our Heavenly Father is not the author of confusion in our lives so at the same time I bind up the enemy’s mission of destruction! Know I am with you in agreement that clarity in what you should be doing will come swiftly! I love you lots!💕😘😍


  3. Beautifully written and very timely message. Stay your course! Thank you for the transparency, sensitivity to the Spirit’s leading and allowing God to use you. You possess wisdom beyond your years.

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    1. Thank you Mrs. Helen! This was actually inspired by Pastor Mary sharing the acronym of FOG with the DOE last week😃 Those words are greatly appreciated! I can only pray to have nearly as much wisdom, poise and beauty as you! You’re walk is an inspiration to me! Love you lots💕


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