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The Mentality Makeover I

Hello RBT Readers!

I pray this post finds you well, highly favored and blessed in all your ways!

Just wanted to take a moment to bring you some exciting news!

REALBOLDTRUTH has expanded its brand! We have launched RBT Institute powered by teachable.com. It will be a series of Master Classes that participants can engage in at their own pace! It’s like virtual Life Coaching with like minded people!

The first class is entitled “The Mentality Makeover”. This course is for those who are struggling with consistency in their way of thinking in order to have a more fruitful, productive and purpose filled life.

The course will assist students with developing new mental wellness habits to get free and stay free! Topics addressed include fear, worry, anxiety, addictive behavior patterns, depression and grief.

Many suffer from these mindsets around the holidays especially. This course aims to partner with participants in these challenging areas in order for them to move forward!

Classes start October 15, 2019! There is a free preview to the course available now! Click on the link below and take 10-15 minutes to consider the content:-)


Also, we have a newly designed website! Visit us to stay connected about news, services and upcoming events.


Finally, I’ve received my license as a Certified Life Coach through the National Association of Certified Life Coaches! (ID # 12107811) All successful people partner with mentors and coaches. That’s REALBOLDTRUTH! If you want yo accomplish a thing bigger than yourself you will need collaboration. How may I be of service to you? Schedule your complimentary 15 minute consultation by clicking the link below!


That’s all for now! Until next time, Stay Real, Be Bold and Tell the Truth in Jesus Name!!

The Error on Page 100

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but there’s an error in my book book Angels – The Discovery! I absolutely cringed when it was reveal to me! A body of work that I’ve put an incredible amount of time into is still flawed. I felt like a failure!

I quickly reminisced on the countless days and lengthy nights spent combing through the more than 58,000 word manuscript. I read it over and over again! How could I have missed this? So did my publisher, yet the error was continually overlooked. I initially thought I wasted weeks, months and even years working so tirelessly at this thing. Not to mention the financial investment sacrificed to bring this project to life. I so wanted my debut to the world as a published author to be spot and error free! But like many others before me, that didn’t happen.

That mental beating I put myself through lasted about 24 hours. I had to get over it! The book is here now and still needs to be introduced to the world! God certainly didn’t get me to this point for this is HIS project. I am sure He knew it would be slightly flawed.

But oh how much He can do with flaws! As I launched the book, most readers never detected the error or simply never mentioned it. They were so completely engrossed by the story line and overall content that the minor blemish didn’t take away from the ultimate message. Review after positive review were beginning to pour in further diminishing my over perfectionist thinking. It is good and is finished!

Often times we see the flaws in our lives, character, output and conduct and we magnify them far greater than they need to be. The emphasis should never be made on a slight imperfection but rather the overwhelming beauty of the overall person or matter.

Beneath what we feel is a mistake lies nothing more than intent to show the world what God is capable of achieving. He can do so much with human defects, weaknesses, shortcomings and beyond in order to get Glory that is rightfully His.

I can’t take any credit for the success of this book. Not because of the error on page 100 but the process endured to complete the same. It was all Him from beginning to end. I have faith that this story will impact countless lives, flaws and all!

What faults in your life do you amplify while discounting all that’s truly good and perfect? Stop doing that to yourself and praise your Savior for these imperfections. They serve as purposeful reminders that He can do so much even with these errors present. In fact, our flaws are often intentionally placed at the forefront, exposed for all to see. When success is achieved, we will remain humble and point upward to where our help comes from.

Soulful Sunday – Try Me! (Saith The Lord)

Some people muddle through life in great confusion. Most don’t even know it. Unfortunately, this produces inconsistencies, denial, ill choices, negative outcomes, mental instability and delayed blessings.

When we try living separate and apart from God convincing ourselves that we have control over our circumstances, we rob ourselves and those connected to us from a multitude of favor.

Since God does not affect our “Free Will” and allows us to choose our own way, He patiently awaits for us to go through enough in hopes that ultimately we will Surender to Him!

“Try Me!” Sayeth The Lord

When you can’t figure it out.

When you loose control over your lifestyle.

When you can’t find your way.

When you are down to your last.

When those who were once there suddenly are no longer.

When you are left all alone.

When sickness invades your body.

When poverty threatens your household.

When……(Well, you fill in the blank)

There is nothing in this world more consistent than what God can reveal, promise and deliver.

When you reach that point in your life where no answers can be provided, nothing makes sense and people fail you miserably, ask the Lord what you should do. Listen and His response will most likely be, “Are You Done? Now Try Me!”

Until Next Time, Happy Sunday!

Depression – A Matter of a Malnourished Soul….

As human beings, we will all face times in our lives that will bring on periods of great sadness. This is inevitable and unfortunately will occur at some point to us all. If we lose our jobs, businesses, relationships, financial stability, get diagnosed with a life changing illness, or a love one dies, it is normal to grieve these matters at least for a time.

When that time turns from days into weeks, to months, to years and we find ourselves paralyzed with the inability to move forward, we have then entered into life threatening territory. A healthy desire for an optimistic future becomes unrealistic to the blatantly distracted mind. Depression has then taken center-stage and has gripped the core of our very souls.

Nothing feels good nor looks good and we reach for temporary things to ease our broken spirits. They too prove to be just that….Temporary.

Truth is, Depression for many, is a matter of a grossly malnourished soul. We are made up of three distinct parts and each must be fed in order to thrive and survive.

We feed our physical bodies food at least three times per day at best. Whether our choices in this regard are good or bad, we do this daily without hesitation.

We feed our minds information by way of education, news outlets and social media. Again whether, the content we consume mentally is beneficial or not, we subconsciously practice this act regularly throughout our days.

But what about our souls? What condition is it in and do we aim to purposely feed it just as routinely as our other two makeups?

If you are a chronic sufferer of depression, do not have a chemical imbalance and therapy of any kind has not provided you with relief, your soul is starving and requires bread, DAILY.

That means setting time aside to feast on elements that only God can provide that will encourage spiritual wholeness. Many deem this as optional, too much work or have tried it a time or two and then abandon the process. Thus, most likely the reason depression reoccurs like the vicious destructive cycle that it is.

You have the power to make a choice today towards reducing you depression episodes. Take permanent steps towards embracing mental wellness regularly if you would just commit to feeding your soul.

Soulful Sunday – Used By Christ 

She was REALLY loud! Her voice deep, raspy and rambunctious! When I turned to get a better look at this seemingly unruly character, her appearance literally matched the description of her tone!

She was late with a nerve to be disruptive! These were all my initial thoughts and impression of the the stranger that walked into my weekly women’s prayer group. Those in attendance were mostly the regulars. I think we were all taken aback by the presence of this very unique visitor. 
As she signed in talking loudly the entire time, I felt the energy in the room shift in the same direction as my thoughts. What in the world? Who is she? Don’t she know better? Were again some of the extended thoughts obviously formulated by my flesh. 

One of the usual attendees left her seat to try and settle things down. As this unlikely guest took a seat in the back, she continued to make bosturious but Godly responses of Amen’s, Hallalujah’s and Praise God’s at every other statement our Pastor uttered.

It was obvious to me that going at this rate would interrupt the spiritual flow of the meeting. The nuisance may even prevent Pastor from being able to effectively minister. I was growing majorly uncomfortable and increasingly annoyed. Again in my flesh…..

Then, a still small voice said “She is my child, just as you are, comfort her and make her feel welcomed.” 
I knew it was The Lord because I felt resistance deep within. I sat there a few more moments and didn’t move. 

Then a flash back came to my mind. I attended a church over the summer and in the middle of the service a mentally disturbed man came in off the street. He began praising God and cheering on the pastor to preach. The pastor stopped and ordered two ushers to remove the man from the building. I was completely offended by the behavior of the believers! 

Didn’t Jesus minister to the sick, hang around with the unjust, raise the dead and heal the lame? Absolutely! He welcomed them all while religious observers stared, criticized and judged. I couldn’t get the look on the man’s face out of my mind for months thereafter. His look of pain and rejection was so sad and intense. No one tried to minister to him first before removing him. The effort was not even attempted. 

At that moment I wondered what Jesus would do with this woman in our midst if He were here in the flesh. The still small voice returned at that thought and said, “love on her”. I don’t like to be used (By means of being taken advantage of by humans), but if I must, let it be by the direction, unction and instruction of Christ Jesus!

Without further hesitation, I left my seat and walked to her. I threw my arms around her neck. I instantly smell an overwhelming aroma of alcohol mixed with cigarettes and perfume. I proceeded to whisper in her ear that we are so glad that she’s here and want her to stay. She began to weep and I asked if she wanted me to sit with her. She simply lowered her head and shrugged her shoulders. I knew at that moment that I must stay with her and I did. 

I kept my arm wrapped around her shoulder most of the time and gave her gentle squeezes or pats when she became too loud. She got the hints and apologized after each one. She cried the entire stay and often whispered “Yahweh, I love you!”

Although nauseously flooded by her mixed aroma, God kept me. I was even more overwhelmed with her heart. It was full of praise and genuine adoration for Christ. She may be struggling with alcoholism but it was clear to me that she loved, knew and depended on the same God as I. 
I missed the essence of the message that night as I prayed for this stranger. By the end of the night I was completely drained but felt honored to have fellowshipped with this sister and used by my Heavenly Father. 

Have you ever had an encounter similar to this one?

What did you do?

What did others around you do?
As believers, we must never reach a point where we forget what God has delivered us from. None of us have arrived! Without judgement, accusations, labels, or sneers, I couldn’t forget that I was once this woman in some shape, form or fashion. There are ministry opportunities all around us and God uses us to show His love to those in need. 

Represent and Let Him Use You!
Until next time, Happy Sunday!

Soulful Sunday – Sin Consequence

I am an avid believer that The Heavenly Father is incredibly merciful! There is nothing that compares to His Grace and His Mercy. He’s forgiving, gracious and provides multiple opportunities for each of His children to repent from sin and return to the safety of His arms.

He is well aware that the flesh our spirits live in presents an array of challenges daily! We will all make mistakes, stumble and sometimes fall. Picking ourselves up, turning away from what tempts us and seeking His refuge is what every Believer in the sacrifice of Christ Jesus should do.

However, the enemy has deceived many into becoming content in their premeditated and perpetual acts of sin. This may be in the areas of how we treat others, sexual immorality, adultery, abuse of substances, a repetitive lying tongue, arrogance, pride and so much more. Everyone of us, including myself have been challenged in all these areas at some point in our lives. When I look back over my own life and think about some of the circumstances I put myself in when I knew better and when I didn’t, again, I am overwhelmed by The goodness and protection of The Lord.

As Christians we fool no one, especially not God, when we make a conscious decision by refusing change. We make excuses telling ourselves that we are only human, God will always forgive me, everyone struggles with something and on and on….
It’s true that God will always forgive us but it is also true that He is well aware of the condition of our hearts and how sincere we are when we repent. He also knows if we are truly finished toying with matters that please our flesh but destroys our spirits within.

The RealBoldTruth is that the Grace and Mercy of God runs out! How long that takes is unique for each and every one of us but He will eventually let go and turn us over to our reprobated minds.

 In my experience, He won’t do this without countless warnings first. Most of us know that what we do, especially in secret, grieves Him and is subject to destroy our lives. This can’t be more true relative to those fleshly acts we have been engaging in for years! After a time, we convince ourselves that what we do, we simply can’t stop. That’s a lie from the pit of Hell for Christ laying His life down,spilling His blood and giving up the ghost is all the power we need to put ANYTHING under our feet! God leaves the choice up to us whether we want to go from glory to glory.

If we are repetitively engaged in the same sins today as 10 years ago, we have compromised in that state, it’s become easier for us to stay there, and we are in denial, bondage or both. Deliverance is Necessary before Grace and Mercy ends for us!

There are real consequences to be paid if we refuse change. They include but are not all inclusive to losing our families, losing our health, losing our finances, and losing our lives to premature death.

We can continue to play around with this thing indefinitely, or make the choice to get all that God has for us on this side of Heaven. I don’t know about you but I want all The Lord has for me so crucifying my fleshly desires is how I shall live from this day forward.

Until next time, Happy Sunday!

Not Yet Delivered

I gave my life to Christ well over 20 years ago. I distinctly recall standing before a pastor, congregation and a small fleet of deacons at a modest baptist church. I willingly repeated the prayer of salvation and thought finally, I had it all together! The moment felt like a cleansing, a renewal, a refreshing as I asked the Lord to reside within my heart permanently. 

I also remember leaving that place of worship that day the happiest I had ever been! But within days I experienced an incredible, deep, emotional low that seemed to threaten my committed confession to God. I remember asking myself, if I am now saved, why do I still feel so heavy, so worthless, so unwanted, so undeserving, so un-Christ-like? This mental contradiction would actually linger on for nearly two decades thereafter.

Periodically, throughout my Christian experience, I would hear the expression “Deliverance”. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what the term truly meant. As I struggled long-term with overwhelming bouts of depression, low self regard and thoughts of destruction, I wasn’t able to make the connection and often questioned God’s love for me. I was actually saved but not yet delivered.

Not Yet:

Delivered from ill thoughts

Delivered from fleshly struggles

Delivered from seeking value in man

Delivered from wanting things more than God Himself…..

Fast forward to today, I am completely filled, set free and and over the tormenting mindset of my past that has tried to limit and silence me. After giving my life to God, I didn’t know that to reach the position of freedom, I had to go through a deliverance process. That route for me meant getting consistent Word that counter-reacted my automatic state of mind. I had to reprogram every single thought, shift destructive behavior patterns and clean out my circle! In doing this, I had to become incredibly vulnerable by taking a chance with complete strangers. I let them into into my dark and guarded spaces. My secrets, my mistakes, my pain, my shame….. I had to commit to showing up regularly to places where help and mentorship was available no matter how uncomfortable I felt. 

My flesh fought me long and hard in these areas but my spirit won for I wanted and needed to be free! I took the risk because life certainly had to get better than what I was experiencing. I wanted, needed and desired more of God. 

The God of More than enough. 

The God that has plans for me.

The God that would use me to assist in delivering others.

The God known as my Abba Father.

The God that really, truly loves me.

Are you a believer today still stuck in many ways, habits and thought processes that sent you to the alter giving your life to Christ in the first place? If so, the answer to move past this paralyzingly norm is to get DELIVERED! 

At minimum, you need The Word of God specific to your issues. You need mentorship from those who have been in your shoes to help pull you through. You need a committed prayer life to hear the voice of the living God. 

Deliverance is a serious process and won’t happen over night. You will have to be willing, patient, vulnerable and fight your flesh harder than you ever have before! It took me over two years to totally be free of over 30 years of all I’ve ever known in thought and deed. Every step was completely worth it! I’m so grateful and I’ll never go back! 

Until next time, Happy Sunday!


Pain Unthinkable – Addiction & A Mother’s Loss – Jennifer Hrischuk



The opioid and heroin abuse epidemic in our country has grown to national crisis status.  The countless lives these drugs adversely affects goes well beyond the addicted.  We are losing mothers, fathers, sons and daughters by the handful to their ensnaring ways daily; by the hour, minute and second.  Not enough is being done fast enough by our government regarding control and intervention.

This post is a very personal interview with a woman, wife, friend, professional and mother that I highly respect and admire.  She was my mentor at the time of this tragedy. The news of her loss was completely devastating and the greatest nightmare of most parents. I was 8 months pregnant with my first child and she was forever changed as she prepared to lay her one and only to rest.

It’s been over 5 years now and the pain still so unthinkable. Jennifer’s courage to share her RealBoldTruth is one story of the gross reality of how lethal this matter truly is.

Reflection on the life of Michelle Lee Hrischuk

By Jennifer Hrischuk


RBT: When you found out you were going to be a mom, how did you feel?


JH – Excited!  This was going to be our first baby together.  Mike had been previously married and I was already a stepmom to Christie.  My pregnancy was great – no morning sickness or physical problems.  We did not find out the sex of the baby until she arrived!   I’ll never forget how it felt to hold her for the first time.



RBT: What was one of your fondest memories of Michelle?


JH – The year she practically stole the show at our church’s Easter Cantata (at least I thought so!)  She was nine or ten and ended up playing the role of a young boy singing his version of the miracle of the loaves and the fishes.   She was as cute as could be, in her fisher-boy costume, singing her heart out in perfect pitch.


RBT: What was she like as a little girl? (Her personality, things she enjoyed, was she a spoiled little princess?)


JH – As a little girl, she was fun and adorable.  She was a very smart and high-energy kid, talkative, inquisitive, talented.  She was reading at a high level by age 5.  She enjoyed all sorts of activities, whether it was a school club or visiting the cousins.  As she got older, she developed quite a sense of humor and liked pulling practical jokes.  She was clever and witty, and due to her intelligence, sometimes you could almost forget she was a child.

RBT: What aspirations did she share with you that she had of herself when she grew up? 


JH – As a young child, there wasn’t one particular thing she said she always wanted to do.  When she got older she did express some interest in work related to helping others.  She never developed a specific career path before she was already headed in the wrong direction.

RBT: What fun mom/daughter things did you two do together? 


JH – We did a lot together!  We both sang and played the piano and sometimes performed in various church venues.  Hiking and outdoor activities were other favorites.  We liked playing board games – and when she beat me, it wasn’t because I let her.  She was a worthy opponent.   Once we wrote and performed a play all in one weekend, “The Magic Pocketbook”.  When she was older, we took a vacation to Ocean City, Maryland – just the two of us.  On the way home, coming through Salisbury, we unexpectedly visited the zoo.  We laughed so much that day and it was all the more fun because it was unplanned.

RBT: Would you say you had a healthy parental connection?


JH – Yes.  Michelle and I did not experience too much mother/daughter friction.   Throughout the years, we actually could talk pretty honestly about most topics.  Even when her addiction troubles started, we maintained a reasonable good relationship.




RBT: When did you first notice Michelle was in trouble?


JH – One evening when she was 15, she was clearly under the influence of something.  I had already caught her smoking marijuana, but this was entirely different.  Turns out, she was abusing Xanax and other prescription pills.  Then it all snowballed from there – suspensions from school, bad grades, not coming home on time and at night……




RBT:  What things did you and your husband do to respond for her and yourselves?


JH – The school recommended that she see a therapist or drug addictions counselor.  We found someone great who Michelle was comfortable talking with.  I think he extended her life by a few years.  One morning she came home after spending a night with a friend – she was in such bad shape that I called him immediately.  With his help and advice, Michelle went to the Caron Foundation for a 30-day inpatient stay.  She learned a lot during that time and ended up staying clean for at least one year.  She continued to go to NA meetings and some outpatient rehab.  Somehow she managed to finish high school without any more incidents, although her grades and attendance were barely passable.


RBT: How long did Michelle’s battle last?


JH – 5 years – between the ages of 15-20

RBT: You were the one that found her unresponsive, can you describe that moment?


JH – It was utterly awful.  At first I couldn’t figure out what happened.  She was lying on the floor next to her bed, the needle right nearby.  Of all of the drugs we were aware of, this was one she managed to hide from us!  Then I wondered if it was suicide, but we figured out later that it was an accident; an unintentional overdose.  This will be hard for some to understand, but because of everything that had already happened with her, I never could relax about the future.  There was a part of me that was always waiting for the next crisis, the next emergency, the next phone call.  Some part of me was prepared for this, unfortunately.


RBT: How have you been coping?


JH – I’m not sure exactly.  I don’t really see an alternative.  Maybe that’s God’s grace, just helping me to be strong and have a good attitude.  My friends and family have been a wonderful support system.  I also was seeing a counselor about six months before she died and continued with therapy for another few years.  I’m not always a happy camper, but I’ve moved on to the point where I can genuinely celebrate with others about their joys – their children’s successes, weddings, grandchildren.


RBT: Has time helped to ease some of the pain?


JH – Definitely.  It helps put things in perspective.  Have you ever noticed that sometimes when a person dies, their survivors start to forget about all the deceased’s bad qualities and only choose to remember the happier moments?  It’s been that way with Michelle too.  Her addiction took up 25% of her life (in years), but we had 75% of her years that were full of very good memories.  Although her addiction years were very stressful, there were still some bright moments in there.  It wasn’t always a nightmare.




RBT: Do you have a relationship with God and if so how has this affected it?


JH – Michelle’s death changed me a lot and because I am a different person now, I have a different relationship with God.  In the earlier years of her addiction, I had so much anger.  Much of it was directed at God.  Things weren’t going as planned.  Why wouldn’t God answer my prayers?  I finally traded in my anger for peaceful acceptance.  I am thankful for all that we have.



RBT: How has Michelle’s passing affected your marriage?


JH – To be honest, her addiction almost destroyed our marriage.  It was a very complicated family situation.  It was just the three of us living together.  I can’t even put it into words – but any family member of an addict understands the continual strain that the addiction causes all the members of the family.  After she died, somehow we just made it through and have continued to move on since then.  I know she’d be happy seeing that we are still together 5 years later.


RBT: What do you want readers to know about Michelle?


JH – She was funny and smart.  In some ways she was wise beyond her years, but in other ways she was still naïve.  She could sometimes try to give the impression of not caring or being uninterested, but deep down, she did care.  I think sometimes it was an act – trying to cover up whatever was hurting her so deeply inside.



RBT: What advice would you provide other parents with children suffering from heroin addiction?


JH- Don’t try to handle this on your own!  It’s a tough road.  Seek help and support for your child’s addiction and also for yourself.  Most likely you will not have much influence over your child’s addiction, so it’s important that you learn not to hold yourself responsible for your child’s actions.  Nar-Anon meetings were helpful to me.  Be prepared for a lot of crazy emotions and thoughts.  You may start doubting yourself as a parent and your ability to make the right decisions.  Your marriage and relationships with other children and family members can really suffer so it’s important to get educated about tough love and not being an enabler.  Find someone to whom you can totally trust, preferably an experienced therapist, and tell them everything that is going on in your heart and mind.   It’s too much to keep inside so don’t try to be a silent hero.




RBT: How is Michelle’s memory being preserved and honored?


JH – Mainly, I just keep talking about her.  She was part of my life for 20 years and that doesn’t go away just because she’s gone.  Many people are afraid to bring up her name, worried that it might upset me, but it doesn’t.  Death is an awkward and uncomfortable topic for many people.  I try to educate everyone that it’s okay to discuss.  It would be much worse to never mention her name and act like nothing ever happened.
We’ve kept her Facebook page going and that has been a great outlet for her family and friends to continue to remember her.  There is a brick in her memory at the Caron Foundation and we continue to support Caron in the hopes that other lives can be saved.  Her gravestone at the cemetery is a certainly a tribute, and the epitaph says, “Your smile and laughter will be with us forever.”  That has turned out to be true – she still lives in my heart and I am so thankful that the memories haven’t faded. 

*The End*

Sleep well Michelle, for despite it all you are a sweet precious Angel whose life was meant to be. Memories of you are everlasting and your life far from in vain.  I feel certain you are with the Savior due to your measure of faith and all those who also believe will be reunited with you again someday.   -Chanel Walker-Bailey



Contest Winner #3  – A Jennifer Mercado Testimony 

I want to share a personal testimony about my life. From my beginnings to where God has me today in hopes that someone reading will be encouraged.

My parents were married until I was nine. I remember it being an abusive marriage, both verbally and physically. Alcoholism was also a factor in the midst of dysfunction.
After my mom and dad divorced they both remarried and again we were being raised around alcoholism. My mom worked retail so my stepfather pretty much raised my brother and I. He was the enforcer, the disciplinarian and struggling with alcohol abuse. He tried to get sober here and there but it never lasted. He was a chronic relapser. 

There were several times that my mom moved us out to get away from him but we always ended right back. One time we ended up in a homeless shelter during Christmas time, but again we went back. 

As I got older and became a late teen, my relationship changed with my stepfather. We started getting along. This probably happened during one of the times he was sober and the respectful relationship continued from there. One of the last times he got sober was because my mom had left him for good. When she moved out this time she took my brother with her because I had been living with a boyfriend on my own. I just had to get away from the chaos.
When my boyfriend and I broke up, I called my mom and asked her if I could move into her apartment with her. She told me NO! I was devastated! What kind of mother doesn’t allow her child to come home? 

Because she said “no” and I had a good relationship with my stepfather, I called him and asked if I could come home. I mean this was the house I was raised in. He said of course.
This was really hurtful to me that my mother would turn her back on me in my time of need. 

I had been taught to take care of myself from an early age. I had my first job by age 13. I continued to work to buy things for myself. Things were never handed to me. When I graduated I was working two jobs. I always thanked God that I had gotten into the right career because this was my getaway. I could focus on my work and not worry about the outside chaos.
Years passed and I started dating my now husband, little did I know he too had an addiction problem. It seems the enabler in me was always trying to ‘fix’ everything and everyone. Luckily for my husband I didn’t know he had a drug problem because had I known then what I know now we would have never been married. 
We went through some really rough times. Never was he abusive to me but our life was spinning out of control because of his choices that came from his addiction.

My husband and I have been married for 12 years and have been together for 17 years now. 

He celebrated being clean and sober for 10 years this past February. I look back at my life now and I am truly grateful for all of the chaos and all of the addiction that I was surrounded by. It’s because of where I’ve been that I can appreciate where I am. 

I found NarAnon about 3 years ago. Most people don’t know anything about NarAnon. These are meetings for the family/friends of addicts. NarAnon teaches how to work on ourselves, reminds us that we have no control over the addicts choices. 
I started attending these meetings because a family member was searching for help and I found it for her. I was only supposed to be there for support. Little did I know what an impact these meetings would have on my own life. I understand the true meaning of “Let Go And Let God”, “The Serenity Prayer”, “One Day At A Time” and so many other phrases. 

Thanks to NarAnon I was able to team up with two other women and started a local meeting. We meet every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm. We are there to share our experience, strength and hope to help others get through tough times. This program which is not a religious program but a spiritual way of life has helped me become a better person, a kinder person, and I know that I can have an awesome day if that’s what I decide to do. This is because of the changes I have made to become a better person.

I still have hard times but I’ve learned how to handle them differently, to remind myself that when those hard times come up to use the tools I’ve been given to get through them without bringing myself down. Today I am able to smile, embrace the life that God has blessed me with and be grateful for the small things in life. I am such a positive person and for that I am forever thankful to NarAnon for opening my eyes to see all of the amazing things around me.

Thank you for letting me share my experience, strength and hope with you.