Sins of a Female Saint – Part II

This post concludes my testimony of my darkest secret; my deepest pain. Click here for Part I
I didn’t think I deserved it. After what I did the first time around certainly I will never be worthy again. 

As a believer, I failed miserably! Not keeping promises I made to myself, my 1st spouse and most of all to God. I’ll live the rest of my days and find a way to accept the errors of my ways, conceal my deepest secret and try to get back to being a good Christian; someway and somehow….

But as days turned into weeks, months into years, I battled with chronic depression and insurmountable soul crushing guilt. Like Adam and Eve in the garden after their disobedience, so did I try to hide from God.

Yes I came back to Him and repented for how I contributed to the breakdown in my 1st marriage, but there was so much more spiritually to deal with and I didn’t know how to start. So instead, I suppressed and buried that stinkin thing alive still screaming to breath and heal under mounds of emotional debris. That’s where it shall remain and no one will ever know how much I hurt. It will have to die eventually….

But 8 years later, it’s still screaming. In fact, sounds louder than ever before. Im now scrambling for more creative ways to stifle the noise. But the difficulty is even more complex. I initiated the divorce for matters were truly irreconcilable. Thereafter, my love, affection and adoration for the one I fell for has gotten deeper and now I carry his child. After 22 years of being barren, I conceived with the man I committed adultery with.

I know him more intimately than I ever knew my ex-husband. The good, the bad and the very ugly! We didn’t come into each other’s lives unscathed of life’s scars. We both were extremely broken as individuals; struggling both mentally and spiritually. Yet we clung to one another in the best friendship I have ever experienced. Our souls over the years are bonded and completely tied together. 

After a year of staying away from my love, he returned and asked for my hand. How dare I try this again and try to make it holy especially considering the way we started….

The attraction is just as magnetic as day one nearly 9 years prior. The adoration so much deeper and a beautiful child born between us. How could this natural messy situation ever be made right?

This feels hypocritical beyond description! Would God bless us, can I really be happy, and what consequences will we face individually and collectively? 

Despite all these natural questions, we stepped out on faith after 10 months of Godly counsel and married. 

Two years later, it has not been without challenges. On top of the normal circumstances that most married couples face, without spoken words we still look at each other and silently wonder, “Will you do the same to me?”

Despite our flaws, we hold on to our family, our faith and our God who healed what we thought was unhealable.

We are both being set free and elevating in ministry. Turning what the enemy intended for evil into good. I’ve grown so much spiritually. More concrete in faith, knowledge and the power of God than I ever was a decade ago. The test and trial was excessively painful and I lost a lot. But he restoreth my soul and Great is thy faithfulness!!

Finally I can breath! Without guilt, condemnation and shame. My fervent prayer is that someone facing similar circumstances be encouraged by my journey and make some healthy decisions. My Realboldtruth is indeed my testimony!

13 thoughts on “Sins of a Female Saint – Part II”

  1. The ultimate testimony of God’s Grace and Mercy! Because of your relationship and obedience to God He is moving you to heights beyond what you can imagine. You and your household will be blessed because of your walk. Countless people reading your blog will be directed to The Lord Jesus Christ and will be freed. God Bless you.

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    1. Thanks Ms. Antoinette! Certainly His Grace and Mercy; nothing else! I praise Him for showing himself strong durning such a low point in my life and even more grateful to be free! Love you lots!๐Ÿ˜


  2. Heart touching post! I am diagnosed with severe recurring depression and there are times when I have really wandered away from my walk of faith! God keeps whispering me back to let me know it’s ok….that He has always been aware of my issues and always will be….and with me each step of the way….even the backward steps!

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    1. Fighting mental illness is a life long battle! I have over a 20 year history with chronic depressive disorder and understand the fight. If we who suffer don’t do things daily to counterattack the thoughts that try to suck us back into that deep black mental hole of despair, we will forever be victims and never reach our destinies! That exactly what the enemy wants and there is purpose for our lives. I’m with you Rick and pray for continued strength and courage to keep the faith, fight and more. All things are possible with our Heavenly Father. Blessing my dear brother! We got this!๐Ÿ˜‡


    1. Well thank you so much for reading and commenting! Certainly didn’t feel good going through this. But I can say without certainty that I am a new woman free from my past that I allowed to define and hold me down for nearly a decade! Christ has made me a new creature and I’m able to turn this pain into purpose for someone else! Blessings!๐Ÿค—


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