You are Such a Weirdo!



I’m different and I know it.  In personality, conversation, demeanor, sense of humor and overall character.  Yes everyone is different by their own definition, but many can fit effortlessly in common situations when I simply feel completely out of place often times.  This use to bother me for most of my life but now I embrace it for I have learned to see the benefits of my uniqueness!



As a youngster and into part of my adulthood, I use to think that my personality was seriously flawed. I was mature beyond my years and for other reasons outside of my control.  I felt I belonged more with an older crowd than those of my same or similar age range.  I was drawn to the fact that it seemed that older people knew more.  I could not decipher if that knowing was more beneficial or damaging initially, but I was attracted to their extended experiences none-the-less.  I was often disinterested in what my peer groups found conversationally entertaining most of the time.  This became extremely prevalent for me during my high school years. I remember as a freshman, I stuck out like a sore thumb.  I was quite, a bit odd, guarded and did not fit in easily with any particular group, especially the girls!  I watched countless cliques that were catty, loud, showboats outwardly, unrestrained and full of drama.  That just wasn’t me!  Those were lonely years for me and I remember at times trying to fit in and being tired of my personality appearing strange to most.  I found opportunities to enter into the “Girl’s Club” and would fake being interested in their priorities.  The façade never lasted long.  When conversations became overwhelmingly mindless to me, I would mentally check out and become self-absorbed in my own thoughts.  The countless exchanges would never hold my interest for very long no matter how hard I tried!  Someone in the group would always notice my shift in group engagement because I would be staring off into space somewhere.  I would instantly be put on the spot by at least one in the crowd. Talk about awkward!


Once everyone’s attention was on me I could literally hear that Sesame Street Theme song in my mind (One of these kids is doing his own thing; One of these kids is not like the others; One of these kids just doesn’t belong…)  I would shake loose from my trance but knew that I would no longer be invited into the circle. Purposely avoided for being a weirdo!!  I really thought something was terribly wrong with me. Why did I have to be so different and not like everyone else? This identity crisis caused me to suffer from depression and I became extremely introverted as a youngster and into my early adulthood years. Since most of the matters I thought heavily about were not discussed in my peer groups, I would document my feelings by writing. Journals and diaries were often my friends!!

I ultimately gave up trying to fit in.  The effort took too much of my energy and was way too much work! I finally began the process of identifying the value of my distinctiveness in my 30’s. What a relief that was!  I am who I am, take me or leave me!  By the time the next decade of my life came around, this issue was completely obsolete!  There is something about turning 40!  The “I don’t give a Cat’s Meow” switch kicks in full force! Any other opinion besides the Lord my God and those select few who he has sent to love and accept my little quirky ways, are all I will ever need. THAT’S REAL TALK!


Truth is; I am Innovative, Creative, Forward Thinking, Driven, a Risk Taker and Challenger of self to knock down obstacles in my life, mind and environment.  My tenacity sometimes even shocks me!  When my mind is set on a matter, watch out world, here I come! I am simply FABULOUS!




I give all credit to this new attitude because I finally have embraced and understand who I am in the sacrifice of Christ Jesus.

A few of my favorite scriptures that remind me there is not a thing wrong with me are:

I am Fearfully and wonderfully made! Psalm 139:14

I am created in the image of God! – Genesis 1:27

I have been called to live an abundant life! – John 10:10

I seek the praises and approval of God, not others!  2nd Corinthians 10:18

Now that I get it and despite the cards life has dealt me, You can’t tell me nothing!!


I read an article that I found quite interesting.  The connection between depression and people that are considered “Weird” is no coincidence. It’s the make-up of their creative brains. They don’t walk, talk, operate, rationalize or see the world as the majority.  Therefore depression may become an issue because the struggle to understand why they are so different can bring on feelings of hopelessness.


But once we accept who we are as individuals, we can begin to flow continuously in our creative matchlessness. The world is waiting and needs what we have to offer! Not a bad place to be by far, especially if you hook up with like-minded weirdos!

Here is another article that deserves consideration. If you have a gift of writing, then sorry to tell you, but you were born to be weird!


Do you think you are weird?

If so in what ways?

Have you accepted who you are and tapped into your creative strengths?
If not what are you waiting for? It’s pretty cool to be weird so just get over yourself already!


Suggested Book Read –

58 thoughts on “You are Such a Weirdo!”

  1. Hi Chanel, loved this post and your honesty. with a lot of what you were saying you could almost have been talking about me. I even received a Word from the Lord through a sister telling me not to think of myself as strange, that I am the way that I am for a purpose and because he had called me as an intercessor to spend a lot of time alone with Him. And yes, He has also called me to write – knot sure I want to claim the title of “weird” though – prefer “strange” (lol!).
    I completely forgot about this incident until I read your post. Thanks for sharing this personal insight into life. May God continue to use your uniqueness for his purpose and his glory.
    Have a wonderful Easter break!

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    1. Glad I could help with a moment of reflection with this one! You are so called for such a time as this exactly the way you are. We can get rid of the words weird and strange and call ourselves Peculiar People as in 1st Peter 2:9. A Chosen Generation. May be never change or compromise for no one! Thank you for commenting and have a blessed Easter😇

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  2. Awwww….This is amazing. I’ve been weird for years *hahaha*…In a ‘divinely’ great way definitely. It’s great to meet another great Weirdo. God bless you for this. Amen.

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  3. I don’t believe in a God I an relate to the weirdness and not getting the conversation going etc.. I’m 34- it’s taken me all these years to finally accept who I am. Read parts of your post and it was like you followed me for a day. Great post .:)

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  4. I was skilling all through reading this!😀😀😀. I love your bluntly and smirky side.

    Surely can identify with all you mentioned here. I had always somehow become the unfit late bloomer kid growing up. But now surely I’m embracing me all the way!!

    Such a great post and I’m happy being here xoxo

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  5. Being a weirdo is why I’m alive today. The so called in crowd people i remember are either deceased or strung out. I was the girl that just never got it. Thank God for his blessing. Everything is not for everybody. On Jan 27, 2016 12:15 PM, “The Real life/Real Talk” wrote: > > Chanel Bailey posted: ” I’m different and I know it. In personality, conversation, demeanor, sense of humor and overall character. Yes everyone is different by their own definition, but many can fit effortlessly in common situations when I simply feel complet” >

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    1. See us weirdos attract one another! Lol! Our creative brains are really what make us that way. I’m excepting that with pleasure these days! The Word of God solidifies it all! Thanks Arohii for tuning in! Oh and at least we are cute weirdos too! 😀

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    1. Hey there Harry! I was just saying that I wonder if any guys would chime in on their experiences on this topic! The Man has shown up! Lol! Well I am glad that being weird is an equal opportunity! Same here with being born an old soul! That’s what set us apart. Glad you have come full circle with who God created you to be! Thanks for your input as usual! 😇

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  6. I spent the first 45 years of my life focussing on what I perceived were my flaws and shortcomings. Ironically, I’ve always kinda prided myself on being the kind of person who meets others where they are at; to reserve judgment and extend grace. And one day it just kind of occurred to me that I would NEVER judge another as harshly as I do myself. Why did I think myself undeserving of the grace I extend to others? If we are to “love our neighbour as we love ourselves”, does that presuppose that we are to “love ourselves” as well? If I can accept others where they are at should I not accept myself where I am at? Flaws and all?

    I should blog on this…😀

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    1. Yes you should! You just talked yourself into a great topic! Lol! Why do we do this to ourselves?? I think this is a really big issue for girls and women. If the men have suffered they do so rather silently. Well I guess as long as we wake up and realize there was never anything wrong with us in the first place then life has not been lost! Can you imagine the next 40 (God willing) with that same warped thinking? SMH! Thank goodness for revelation! Thanks so much for chiming in!😀

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  7. great post 👍. We all should be aware of who we are and why it is actually good to be different and unique in a way. And I think it is great that you truely understood who you really are. It only led you to happiness 😊

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  8. I love this post! When I was younger my friends would laugh at me when I slept over because I’d walk out to the kitchen to get a drink of water and then spent 15 minutes talking to their mom. They couldn’t understand how I was comfortable talking to adults. And I totally feel you with not being interested in the popular girly things to talk about. I got along much better when I was talking with boys, which my female friends and sisters teased me about. But they started following my example and interacting with boys as human beings too, so I feel sort of like a trendsetter. 🙂 I’ve always had a strong sense of who I am in the Lord and never listened to other people’s opinions of me. As I am getting older I feel a stronger urge to wear certain things or be interested in certain things, but I always am trying to stay true to who God wants me to be.

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    1. That’s awesome Squid! I actually had a part in my blog about getting along better with boys than girls in high school to but I deleted it because I was getting way too long winded! Lol! But me too! So glad to connect with so many that can relate! Thanks for reading😀

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  9. You described me to a tee. When I was a teen it really used to bother me that I was so different from my peers, I was more mature maybe cause I hand around a lot of older folk. Now that I’m in my late 20s, I see how this was a huge advantage for me. Here’s to being a weirdo and loving it!

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  10. Once again, you have written another great post 🙂 I do not think you are a weirdo at all. When I was younger, I always found adults more interesting when one takes into account the fact that they know more than a child or at least a majority of them do. My reason is probably not too different from yours 🙂 Their is nothing wrong with being a weirdo though. I know some of them and they are pretty nice people 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂 P.S. Congratulations on your nomination for best versatile blogger 🙂 I left a reply yesterday on that blog post yesterday 🙂 And once again, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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    1. John I so look forward to you chiming in on discussions! Like a broken record THANK YOU SO MUCH! LOL! I’m not as much of a weirdo as I use to be in my younger years. Not sure if it’s because I don’t make people’s opinion of me a priority or if it’s that I have really worked hard over the years at coming out my shell. May be a combination of both. Either way I love who I am and grateful that I can share my experiences to encourage others! An incredible journey it has been😀


  11. I can identify with a lot of what’s written here. Great post!

    I’m an old soul, always drawn to the more mature, intellectual crowd. One of my favorite shows is Frasier just because the Crane brothers are so smart and weird that they only understand each other.

    I know I’m weird, and very few know how much of a goofball I can be. There is so much to me that many never get to see just because I keep my circle small.

    I know there’s someone out there who’ll understand me ‘MIND, BODY & SOUL’, I just haven’t met that person yet.

    All in good time I guess… God’s time!

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  12. We are set apart :)….”But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” 1 Peter 2:9

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  13. Hi Chanel! I ove that you know your blessed identity in Christ! Many are deceived because they are still self-focused (are just hearing the Word, but aren’t obeying Him by denying self/following Him into this victorious resurrection life). Loved the Scriptures; 2 Cor. 10:18 is key!

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  14. WOW Chanel, if I didn’t know any better I would swear that you just told the story of MY life!!! I relate to this post 1000%. I have fully embraced the “uniqueness” that God has blessed me with.


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