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Contest Winner #3  – A Jennifer Mercado Testimony 

I want to share a personal testimony about my life. From my beginnings to where God has me today in hopes that someone reading will be encouraged.

My parents were married until I was nine. I remember it being an abusive marriage, both verbally and physically. Alcoholism was also a factor in the midst of dysfunction.
After my mom and dad divorced they both remarried and again we were being raised around alcoholism. My mom worked retail so my stepfather pretty much raised my brother and I. He was the enforcer, the disciplinarian and struggling with alcohol abuse. He tried to get sober here and there but it never lasted. He was a chronic relapser. 

There were several times that my mom moved us out to get away from him but we always ended right back. One time we ended up in a homeless shelter during Christmas time, but again we went back. 

As I got older and became a late teen, my relationship changed with my stepfather. We started getting along. This probably happened during one of the times he was sober and the respectful relationship continued from there. One of the last times he got sober was because my mom had left him for good. When she moved out this time she took my brother with her because I had been living with a boyfriend on my own. I just had to get away from the chaos.
When my boyfriend and I broke up, I called my mom and asked her if I could move into her apartment with her. She told me NO! I was devastated! What kind of mother doesn’t allow her child to come home? 

Because she said “no” and I had a good relationship with my stepfather, I called him and asked if I could come home. I mean this was the house I was raised in. He said of course.
This was really hurtful to me that my mother would turn her back on me in my time of need. 

I had been taught to take care of myself from an early age. I had my first job by age 13. I continued to work to buy things for myself. Things were never handed to me. When I graduated I was working two jobs. I always thanked God that I had gotten into the right career because this was my getaway. I could focus on my work and not worry about the outside chaos.
Years passed and I started dating my now husband, little did I know he too had an addiction problem. It seems the enabler in me was always trying to ‘fix’ everything and everyone. Luckily for my husband I didn’t know he had a drug problem because had I known then what I know now we would have never been married. 
We went through some really rough times. Never was he abusive to me but our life was spinning out of control because of his choices that came from his addiction.

My husband and I have been married for 12 years and have been together for 17 years now. 

He celebrated being clean and sober for 10 years this past February. I look back at my life now and I am truly grateful for all of the chaos and all of the addiction that I was surrounded by. It’s because of where I’ve been that I can appreciate where I am. 

I found NarAnon about 3 years ago. Most people don’t know anything about NarAnon. These are meetings for the family/friends of addicts. NarAnon teaches how to work on ourselves, reminds us that we have no control over the addicts choices. 
I started attending these meetings because a family member was searching for help and I found it for her. I was only supposed to be there for support. Little did I know what an impact these meetings would have on my own life. I understand the true meaning of “Let Go And Let God”, “The Serenity Prayer”, “One Day At A Time” and so many other phrases. 

Thanks to NarAnon I was able to team up with two other women and started a local meeting. We meet every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm. We are there to share our experience, strength and hope to help others get through tough times. This program which is not a religious program but a spiritual way of life has helped me become a better person, a kinder person, and I know that I can have an awesome day if that’s what I decide to do. This is because of the changes I have made to become a better person.

I still have hard times but I’ve learned how to handle them differently, to remind myself that when those hard times come up to use the tools I’ve been given to get through them without bringing myself down. Today I am able to smile, embrace the life that God has blessed me with and be grateful for the small things in life. I am such a positive person and for that I am forever thankful to NarAnon for opening my eyes to see all of the amazing things around me.

Thank you for letting me share my experience, strength and hope with you. 

Contest Winner #1 – Hair By Skye

The RLRT is proud to introduce It’s first Contest Winner!

Ms. Skye Colding!

Skye is multitalented in an array of areas related to the fashion industry. She is the one responsible for keeping yours truly, Chanel Walker-Bailey looking her best!

Skye has a natural and God given passion for everything fashion and beauty. She is an indepenent stylist conducting business in her own salon located in New Castle, Delaware.

She specializes in natural hair care, precision cutting and extensions. Skye even hand makes her very own wigs! 

Skye is creative and has an eye for bringing beauty to life! She makes unique jewelry pieces, has an intimate apparel line, and consults as a personalized stylist!

Skye is a true professional and lives by the motto of Building Confidence in her clients by making each one feel good about themselves.

You can book an appointment by calling (301)-213-1361. Her shop is located at:
166 South DuPont Highway

New Castle, DE 19720

(Inside the Hair Gallery)
Walk-ins are Welcomed!
For discounts, cool photos and fashion trends visit and follow Skye on her Instagram pages:


Or on Facebook – Skye Hairfash Colding

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The Winning Circle!


Hi The RLRT readers!! I am so excited to announce the 3 winners of the 1st Real Life/Real Talk contest! 30 people signed up to follow via e-mail and the names drawn are:

Sherise Cosby

Jennifer Mercado

Skye Colding


All three have gladly accepted their prize! I look forward to reading, posting and sharing what they have in store for The RLRT next month.

Thank you to everyone that signed up via email as well as my Bloggers! More contests will follow so stay tuned…..

Award – Sunshine Overdose

Sunshine Award


My love is powdered sunshine. Just add water.


I want to extend a sincere thank you to WIVESREPUBLIC for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I so appreciate the time you took to recognize me and including me as one of your picks!


  1. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Nominate some wonderful bloggers and write 11 questions for them to answer.



  1. VanessaxGrace
  2. NickyB
  3. CynthiaBaileyRug
  4. K E Garland
  5. vercellonopace
  6. RSGullett


  1. What would you do if you had a million dollars?  Pay my tithes to my church, pay off my mortgage, student loans, car, and any other outstanding debt. I would find a couple of charities to donate to.  I love St. Judes for Children, MS Society and Limb Difference Research.
  2. What do you think are the reasons why people fail in blogging? People give up to quickly especially if they are looking to grow a reading audience.  This takes time and patience is necessary. New bloggers must plan and understand their purpose for blogging. If they don’t know others certainly won’t either.  Networking with other bloggers is critical and understanding blogging etiquette is essential. (Responding back, reading the works of others, commenting and following back.
  3. Travelling by sea or air. Take a pick. I have done both but more by air.
  4. If you were allowed to take only three items for a weekend in the desert, what will that be? My phone (I do everything on it!) My robe (I have an obsession for it no matter what the weather is!), a bag of Swedish fish – The assorted color kind.  I have a major addiction for these things!!
  5. What or who makes you smile most. My son. He is my miracle but my husband who gave him to me is a very close second.
  6. If you were given an opportunity, what will you change about you? I would have a couple of surgical procedures on my physical appearance.  Some are for medical reasons which I will be handling shortly but the others are just strictly vanity related!  LOL!
  7. Keyboard or Pen. Take a pick. Keyboard for sure!!
  8. Which books have you read more than twice? These books are references for me. The Bible and The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian.
  9. Which cities do you look forward to visiting? I will name places vs. cities, Paris, Israel, Hawaii and Australia.
  10. What do you find so Interesting about Nature? The circle of life in plants and animals  I find extremely fascinating.  I love watching Nature Channels on cable television.
  11. Describe yourself in three words. – Driven, Silly (Only show this side when I am comfortable around a person), Caring.

I really like these questions so I will keep them just as they are!

Have fun if you accept this challenge!


Contest Time!


The Real Life / Real Talk is holding its first contest!! 

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All winners will be announced 5-1-2016 and their features on the site will go up the following week! (Information shared will be screened for appropriateness before being posted on The RLRT by the site administrator. Content does not have to be Faith -Based but resourceful for others, free from profanity, sexual content, etc.)


That’s easy enough! Network, Support and Sign up now!