So I Dream

I want to be a New York Times best selling author! Yes that’s what I aspire to be. But how, when and do I even dare to invest in this dream? The vision is big, the order tall, the obstacles great and  the competition many….


Yes me; little ole me whose odds in the past have been mostly unfavorable is dreaming; long, hard and consistently as of lates. I’m haunted daily by this fantasy that refuses to go away…
This strong desire comes at a time when life looks so uncertain in the natural and I am unable to see or predict next steps. I’ve completely lost control of the process.  Nothing right now makes sense and I’m extremely uncomfortable. THAT’S REAL TALK!

But my dreams are demanding me to embrace the challenge and see myself out of my current circumstances by taking a chance. Speak those things as though they were, is what my Savior taunts me to do. (Isaiah 55:11, 2nd Corinthians 4:18)


I see myself completely exposed to the attention, the life, the perks and the acclaim. I like most of what I am seeing but not really comfortable with others that will naturally come with the territory (pesky paparazzi and the gossip columnists. I could do without all of them!). It all seems so real through the lens of my discerning eye.

Journey with me for a moment; if you will..

I see my name in the papers, the critics praise and critique my work. I am the talk of the town!

My “Pen Name” is scripted on the cover of books; hard, soft and electronic copies. They are published in the U.S.A and abroad; in various languages for all to appreciate.

I am preparing for awards and writing acceptance speeches; and yes, I’m nervous but I can and must do this!

People are throwing honorary gatherings in my name! The parties are simply fabulous and I must get ready!

I’m draped in breath taking gowns meant for a Movie Star. Vera Wang wants me to model her latest design. So does Versace. I’m confused on which to choose. I certainly won’t be going with CHANEL right now for that would  be way too predictable of course! What’s a girl to do? (sigh!)

I’m Living in a “castle like” abode and hire a wonderful chef to prepare my meals.  Lots of veggies and salad please! 

I’m giving back to the very few who cheered me along the way; when I was no one and my voice was silent. I would not be here without them and my gratitude is endless!


Yes, I’m Dreaming like I hit the lottery today but the reward comes from the work of my own hands and not by luck of the draw.
My dreams contradict my reality and common experience. For I’m from poverty, neglect, and routinely overlooked in most places I venture.
But recently I read the backgrounds of two authors whom I admire greatly. They both made it to my dream status and they sound like me! In Fact, they were me, long ago until they started to act out on their dreams….

I shall keep hoping, wishing and yearning. My sacrificial work that must be done in conjunction is my act of faith for I too deserve. Yeah, that’s right; with my head held up high I boldly profess, “Why Not Me!”

What about you? What are you longing for? Share and come dream with me!

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27 thoughts on “So I Dream”

  1. Lol! Sometimes God knows how to interrupt plans though without your consent. The dreamers world is endless is possibility and wide in scope. Y’all dreamers should raise your glasses please! 😀😀

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  2. It’s funny Chanel. The book I’m about to publish is not the one I started writing, but the one God wanted me to write first. The book I needed to read and I believe the Lord will use to bless many other women.

    While I want the book to be a best seller for the message it contains, I’d like it to happen without attention to me. LOL This introvert likes flying under the radar, but I suspect God won’t let that slide😄. As long as my books and I bring Him glory, I’ll trust His grace to see me through what comes along with it

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    1. Hi Vanessa! Funny what dreams show us! I am being humbled myself by what God wants as well. I’m nearly done my first manuscript but it IS NOT what I wanted to write! My first project blew up in my old computer’s hard drive and I was devastated! Did not have it backed up anywhere else! My next I started is no longer coming to me but God keeps flooding me with the current that is near completion. The project is not my choice but his! I would have never picked this to introduce myself to the world as a writer, that’s how I know it’s God. He gets the glory no matter what I think I want for myself!! Lol! I would be honored to be one of your fan readers so keep me posted when you are done. Follow back so we can stay connected here, Instagram or twitter. So excited for you!😀

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  3. It can be terribly difficult for children to accomplish their dreams, if they receive no encouragement. But the “sacrificial work” you mention is essential for turning fantasies into reality. May God help you to achieve your goals! ❤

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    1. Thanks Anna! Those words were so encouraging and I take them to heart as I journey. A negative though drops in my mind way too often so however I can remain encouraged to keep going I simply take it. What a battle! But what do we have if we abandon our dream and lose faith? God bless you as well on your own journey my dear😀


    1. Yes, Yes, Yes! I like the way you put that! It makes us accountable towards our own vision! Dreaming is a necessity for the highly ambitious mind for certain. Thanks for this comment 😀


  4. This is a very encouraging post 🙂 That image of a rock with the work “Keep Dreaming” fits perfectly 🙂 Regardless as to whether or not you will ever meet your dream, just keep working hard at it, which is something somebody has told me throughout the years. What matters more than anything else is the effort put into it. You are a winner no matter what 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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    1. John thanks for those words; especially the one you mentioned; Effort! unfortunately some think things will be handed to them but that is not the case for most! Rolling up sleeves, staying committed and doing the work increases the odds significantly of those dreams coming true. I’m going to do my work and see what happens! Keep dreaming sir!😇

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