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STFWO – Why Women Act The Way They do

The highly acclaimed internet broadcast of Straight Talk for Women Only is back!
We went off air for a couple of months for the holiday but returning in 2017 for a new season and exciting topics!

This month’s show featured Judy and Mary answering the question “Why women act the way they do!” May want to encourage some men to view this one for sure!

I will be back with my wise and beautiful co-hosts in March. In the meantime please enjoy this informative show and don’t forget to tune in next month!

Straight Talk for Women only is an internet broadcast aired and taped live every 1st Thursday of the month.

The program is hosted by: 

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STFWO – Divorce & Remarriage

Hi Realboldtruth Readers! Happy Monday to you all!!

This month on Straight Talk for Women Only, Judy, Mary and I spoke candidly on the topic of divorce and remarriage. We aimed to dispel myths and shared personal testimonies of failure and triumph with our viewing audience.

STFWO is an internet talk show that airs the 1st Thursday of every month at 6:00pm EST. To view upcoming shows and archives, visit

The program is hosted by Victory Christian Fellowship located at 100 Wilton Blvd, New Castle DE. Please visit the church’s website at for more information.


STFWO – Many Faces of Motherhood

Hi RealBoldTruth Readers!!

I pray you are all blessed,  highly favored, encouraged and speaking life upon reading this message! If not, it’s not too late to Change Your Mind!!

This month on Straight Talk for Woman Only, my Co-Hosts and I had a beautiful candid discussion on Motherhood. The title has an abundance of faces! We explored many of them, shared our personal experiences and how God has blessed us all through infertility and extended waiting periods to become mothers.

If you or if you know someone who desires to be a mother, this message is a must see. Many of us are already operating in the role and we just don’t know it!

Straight Talk for Women Only airs the first Thursday of every month at 6pm EST. sponsored by Victory Christian Fellowship in New Castle Delaware.

Visit for access to great show archives. They are sure to be a blessing to the body of Christ!

Soulful Sunday – Spiritual Warfare with Pastor Mary Cooper

Hi RBT readers and viewers!

As many of you probably can tell if you’ve been reading prior articles, the topic of Spiritual Warfare is near and dear to my spirit!

I’ve just discovered this year that as a Believer, clearly understanding what it is, how to identify it and how to battle is critical to winning problems, setbacks, dellimas, issues, challenges, frustrations and beyond in this life! (All that in a single breath!)

I’ve experienced many growing pains as I implement the principles but it’s all good! My flesh shall come under subjection while my spirit man takes its rightful position!

Pastor Mary Cooper is my Spiritual Mother and advisor. I am blessed to be a co-host next to her and Pastor Judy Shipley on our Church’s internet talk show – Straight Talk for Women Only. Last month, Pastor Mary went solo and taught a powerful message on Spiritual Warfare that is life changing!!!

I invite and challenge  you to review this teaching and begin to implement it’s instructions in your walk with God. I promise you will never be the same!

Blessings and Happy Sunday!

Straight Talk for Women only airs the 1st Thursday of every month at 6 pm EST. Access live and archive shows by visiting

Sponsored by Victory Christian Fellowship in New Castle Delaware 

STFWO – Aging with Grace

Hi Readers!

I had a blast on this month’s Straight Talk For Women Only talk show! This has been my 5th taping and time is flying fast!!!

The topic for July is packed with Godly advice on how us ladies can age with grace in our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s! 

We live in a society so filled with vanity, obsession over youth and looks. However, if you look around, beauty is defined in every age and stage of life in mind, body and spirit. 

The topic of aging is very sensitive to us women and we don’t discuss it enough. Instead we internalize the fear of growing older. This show helps to dispel many myths and eases anxiety about what to expect. 

I had the distinct pleasure to sit down with a couple of beauties that I absolutely admire!  They gave a great deal of nuggets that I took note of right away as I encouraged the viewing audience who may be approaching 40.
Regardless of the season of life you are in, embrace it with confidence knowing that God has graced you for such a time as this!

Straight Talk For Women Only

Victory Christian Fellowship, New Castle DE

Airs live 1st Thursday of every month

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STFWO – Men, Let’s Talk!

Hi The RLRT Readers! So I completed my 3rd taping on my Church’s internet talk show – Straight Talk For Women Only! I think I’m warming up to the camera slowly but surely and working with some wonderful people in the Lord is definitely a bonus!!
This month, us gals invited a couple of  men on the program to ask some really frank and candid questions that we just need to know!

Do men bond?

How do men safe guard their marriages from infidelity?
Should men watch porn or ask their wives to watch it with them?
Is it ok for married men to have female friends with women their wives do not know?
Do men go through ManiPause?
Defining intimacy: The difference for men vs. women
And so much more…..
This was a really fun show for me as I gained the perspective from Godly men on how they deal with these matters.
Enjoy if you get a chance to watch and as always, let me know what you think!!
Straight Talk For Women Only
Victory Christian Fellowship, New Castle DE
Airs live 1st Thursday of every month
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STFWO – Talk Show – What Words Create


Hi there The RLRT readers!  So last month I shared that I have been incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to be a guest on my Church’s Monthly Internet Program – “Straight Talk For Women Only.”

At that time I gave my testimony on working through the process of forgiveness with family, friends, the church and even God himself! It was an amazing experience for me since I have lived most of my life comfortable in an introverted personality.

Well again God has done amazing things for I have been asked to be a permanent host on the show! I am overwhelmed and incredibly grateful to sit beside two seasoned women of God on this platform. 

Although completely out of my comfort zone, I believe God is calling and preparing me for things I can’t yet fathom and regardless of how I feel, I am indeed a willing vessel! (#imagineme)

This month’s show was on the topic entitled, “What are you creating with your words?” We say things without thinking and send messages out in the atmosphere over our faith, family, friends, finances, future and beyond! 

Warning! I DO NOT sit on this panel as an expert in this area by far!!!! I was completely nervous about doing this subject knowing that I am a serious work in progress! Geesshhh! Lol!

Below is the link to the show. All previous shows are archived on The STFWO YouTube channel and information on how to access is below. Enjoy and Blessings to you all!

Victory Christian Fellowship


Straight Talk For Women Only
Airs live online – 1st Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm est 

Show archives can be accessed through the show’s website or on YouTube channel – VictoryChristian1

(Next show May 5, 2016)


STFWO – Talk Show – Forgiveness




Hi there The RLRT readers.  At the beginning of this month I had an incredible opportunity to be a guest speaker on my Church’s Monthly internet talk show program.  It’s called Straight Talk for Women Only.  I spoke about my testimony concerning my “Job-Like” experience that I wrote about in my  2/28/2016 Soulful Sunday Blog. (Soulful Sunday – 2/28/2016)


I will be writing more intimately on the experience in articles to come. Thought I would share the talk show link with you.  It’s a little under an hour long and I don’t really get warmed up until about 6-7 minutes in ! My first time doing something like this because I am typically very quiet and more introverted naturally, but God is apparently calling me out!!  If you have an opportunity to view let me know your thoughts.


Although this is a talk show for women, anyone can relate to this subject concerning Forgiveness.  If you are disappointed in yourself, can’t seem to get past an offense that someone subjected you to or can even admit that you are mad at God, this could be what you need to hear. Blessings always and I so appreciate your readership support.

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Victory Christian Fellowship – Straight Talk for Women Only is a monthly internet talk show that airs the 1st Thursday of every month.  For more information  and show archives, visit



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