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Hi there The RLRT readers.  At the beginning of this month I had an incredible opportunity to be a guest speaker on my Church’s Monthly internet talk show program.  It’s called Straight Talk for Women Only.  I spoke about my testimony concerning my “Job-Like” experience that I wrote about in my  2/28/2016 Soulful Sunday Blog. (Soulful Sunday – 2/28/2016)


I will be writing more intimately on the experience in articles to come. Thought I would share the talk show link with you.  It’s a little under an hour long and I don’t really get warmed up until about 6-7 minutes in ! My first time doing something like this because I am typically very quiet and more introverted naturally, but God is apparently calling me out!!  If you have an opportunity to view let me know your thoughts.


Although this is a talk show for women, anyone can relate to this subject concerning Forgiveness.  If you are disappointed in yourself, can’t seem to get past an offense that someone subjected you to or can even admit that you are mad at God, this could be what you need to hear. Blessings always and I so appreciate your readership support.

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Victory Christian Fellowship – Straight Talk for Women Only is a monthly internet talk show that airs the 1st Thursday of every month.  For more information  and show archives, visit



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22 thoughts on “STFWO – Talk Show – Forgiveness”

  1. Wow! You know sometimes God didn’t plan to deliver us FROM TROUBLE but IN TROUBLE, its heartwarming to know anyway that since He is the alpha and Omega, he knows the timing of getting in trouble and the timing of getting out of trouble. Thanks so much for sharing such an intimate part of your christian journey.

    Forgiveness is simply the central focus point of our walk with God. If God could forgive and hug us despite our messes, stubbornness and filthy camaraderie, how then do we think we can’t forgive other humans like you. The forgiven has no choice no matter what but to be a forgiver.

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  2. Hello Chanel. Thank you for sharing this.

    I cannot make a full comment as I haven’t watched this all the way through yet. I keep on having to rush away from the computer – I’m unwell at the moment 😦

    When I see it all the way through I’ll make another comment.

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    1. Awe no worries Harry. It is long and I don’t expect everyone will have the time. I actually get into my testimony 13 or so minutes in so if you want to fast forward please do. I’m praying for what ever may be attacking your health today. It must go and be overtaken by the blood of Jesus NOW! Be well Harry!

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  3. Great video πŸ™‚ You really had a fascinating and inspiring story to tell πŸ™‚ That time of your life your describe in the video must have been a really dark time for you. I am glad though that you are moving forward in life right now and following God since then must be giving you a lot of comfort. Keep up the great work as always πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you John and yes it was a very dark time but God was indeed faithful! He’s now calling me to do things I have never imagined! I may be hosting this show for my church permanently since one person has recently stepped down. So exciting and I’m glad to do it if it will help others. I’m great full for your readership as usual and pray all is well with you!πŸ˜€

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  4. That was beautiful! I am not able to say much because there is too much to say. Each segment brought about a new thought or reminded me of a past experience. I did not imagine I would watch the entire hour. it was so captivating and relatable that I did. God bless you all for being transparent and allowing your testimonies to help others reach their next level. I will share that there are times I wonder if it is wise for me to expose my thoughts to the public in a blog. But as you all said, if it benefits someone else- then it is worth it.

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    1. Rose I REALLY do love you girl! That’s so genuine! Your authentic spirit is so evident every time we communicate! Thanks for viewing this in its entirety. I didn’t think many would be able to but if posting was meant for just one than it was well worth it!! Exposing yourself, triumphs and troubles is truly a personal and spiritual choice. Some of the things I will be writing about will be very hard and may open me up for criticism but God is nudging me to go forth. It’s not the critics that are the focus but those hurting hearts who need to know they are not alone. This transparency process for me has been such a healer. After writing about me and my mom I feel like I can write about anything. I’m so ready to let down the burden of it all. Neigh Sayers and all!! Pray about your testimony. If you are still hurt, feeling guilty or if it still makes you cry to talk about it then you may not be ready to share publicly. I’ve been to counseling, in much prayer and fasting about mine. God has told me the final step is to now share. The enemy meant it for evil but God has been faithful and has used all my pain for my good! I’m so proud to be used by him in this way. I’ll be praying for you lady!😍

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  5. Chanel, this was another beautiful testimony of Christ formed in you and ministering through you! God has to take us through particular sufferings before we mature sufficiently in them; then He uses us to effectually minister to others regarding those particular issues. Unforgiveness is SO important that Jesus addressed it in the “Lord’s Prayer” and immediately after it (Matt. 6:12-15). It is
    Matthew 18:21-35, however, that is in my opinion the most profound and heavy teaching of Jesus on unforgiveness. Note therein )verses 34-35) that God is saying He will turn us “over to the jailers to be tortured… unless you forgive your brother from the heart.” Well, down deep in our spirits, we know that the “jailers” He speaks of here are demons and diseases. As Mary noted at the end of your video, many diseases are a consequence of unforgiveness. As a Christ follower and a recently retired pathologist, I assure you that many diseases/disorders are indeed a consequence of unforgiveness.
    Food for serious meditation…

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    1. I’ve learned and accepted it all unfortunately the hard way! Still believe that it turned out the way God ordained so that he can use me and I’m so honored for certain! Thanks for taking the time to view. I may have more opportunities to do this again on the same platform. Funny how right before this taping the enemy attacked my health and tried to cause distraction. My response to it confirmed that I’m not doing enough to believe God for my healing so a new mission I am on. If it’s still lingering unforgiveness, (don’t believe that it is but will pray on it) then I need to address. I really think it’s my wavering faith on believing he will heal this thing. Putting on my full armor and will fight back. I have things to do for his name sake! A blessing you always are Deanna!πŸ’•

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      1. Chanel, I likewise discern that unforgiveness of God and/or other people is NOT the spiritual root of your health issues. I will share this: in auto-immune diseases the body is attacking itself (makes anti-bodies against a particular tissue within itself). The spiritual root behind such very real physical diseases is attacking oneself, or being unforgiving of oneself. The Holy Spirit will let you know whether or not this applies in your case, for “He will guide you into all truth.” (John 16:13)… You may want to view some Dan Mohler videos (or read my excerpts/partial transcripts of them) that emphasize our true identity in Christ, such as this one (link: or dig into this excellent one on healing (link:

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