STFWO – Men, Let’s Talk!

Hi The RLRT Readers! So I completed my 3rd taping on my Church’s internet talk show – Straight Talk For Women Only! I think I’m warming up to the camera slowly but surely and working with some wonderful people in the Lord is definitely a bonus!!
This month, us gals invited a couple of  men on the program to ask some really frank and candid questions that we just need to know!

Do men bond?

How do men safe guard their marriages from infidelity?
Should men watch porn or ask their wives to watch it with them?
Is it ok for married men to have female friends with women their wives do not know?
Do men go through ManiPause?
Defining intimacy: The difference for men vs. women
And so much more…..
This was a really fun show for me as I gained the perspective from Godly men on how they deal with these matters.
Enjoy if you get a chance to watch and as always, let me know what you think!!
Straight Talk For Women Only
Victory Christian Fellowship, New Castle DE
Airs live 1st Thursday of every month
For more show details and access to archives, visit the website at

6 thoughts on “STFWO – Men, Let’s Talk!”

  1. A humble and willing vessel, indeed! To be members of this glorious Body of Christ, moving as the Head directs us, accomplishing His will – that’s how He crushes Satan under OUR feet, and His Kingdom comes…

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