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Hi The RLRT readers! I pray you all are having an amazing start to your April! We are in Q2 of 2016 and I’m doing a check to find out how you all are making out sticking to your Resolutions and Goals you set for yourself this year. Do tell so that we can cheer one another on together! Also if I know specifics about what your are believing for I will be praying for you regularly!!!!

Accomplishments, setbacks, challenges and holds are all a part of getting to the end, but don’t give up! Share the good and the bad because success doesn’t come without experiencing both!

Here is a share I want my readers to know about.   I’ve been blessed to be a contributing blogger for Kish Magazine! A powerful, uplifting and inspirational Christian publication that encourages its readers to put their dreams in motion and beyond. Check out my article below and view the website while you’re there! Packed with powerful resources for the ambitious mind! http://www.kishmagazine.com

The Due Season by Chanel Walker-Bailey

The Due Season by Chanel Walker-Bailey

For months I have experienced the highs and lows of trying to become a featured blogger for other Christian Blog sights. I hit many brick walls along the way. Finally a breakthrough! All because I did not give up and kept the faith with the process no matter how frustrated I became. I’m so proud of me and the doors God has opened! I stuck to the natural and watched Him add the SuperNatural! It’s All for His glory!!

I want to hear back from you about your progress on your projects and visions. Stay encouraged! We can do this!!!



34 thoughts on “Featured Blogger – Kish Magazine”

  1. I love it, confirmation on top of confirmation……you truly spoke a prophetic word concerning
    “Due Season” I’m letting this word have it’s perfect work in my life. Thank You for your words of encouragement.

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    1. And thank you for your obedience to the Holy Spirit in calling me out! Would not have come this far without your support! So deeply thankful for your presence in my life!☺️


  2. Congratulations! I can see you as a motivational speaker. What an amazing post. So well written. It motivates action; a need for us to take the action we have been avoiding for too long. Thank you for the great read.

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  3. Congratulations – it seems that I’m not the first to wish you that!

    Great article – it’s pumped me up a bit. It works as a great accompaniment to this evening’s service that I’ve just come home from. The preacher ended by pointing to us all in the congregation and said, “I can’t say that I’m speaking to you, I’m speaking to me. You can see that as I point at you with one finger, I have three other fingers curled round and pointing back at me.”

    One other thing, I saw your Twitter name at the bottom of the article. I’ve just started following you on Twitter. They say that you can’t get enough of a good thing πŸ˜€

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    1. Aww thanks again!! Wasn’t sure how many would actually go to the article itself but I see a few have! Just a blessed opportunity and I can relate to your preacher because I’m still talking to myself in everything that I write and share!! I haven’t been a big fan of Twitter. Don’t really know how to increase followers there. I’m following more people than people are following me! Lol! A friend of mine told me to keep going so I linked WP to it. We shall see how it goes! I’ll follow back too!😊

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      1. Thanks for promising to follow me back. If you’re wondering which one I am, I’m the good looking half-Jamaican guy πŸ˜‰

        I’m not too good at getting people to follow me. I’m glad if I can make connections and I have been blessed in the people that I have come across online. You’re one of the greatest blessings.

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  4. Heyyo!!! Throwing my hands up yo!! I’m so excited, exhilarated, and every other rated adjectives that connotes happiness.

    May the grace, anointing, support and wisdom to impact successfully be multiplied over and over in your life! I’m so proud, oh! I’m so proudπŸ˜€πŸ˜€.

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  5. Congratulations! One goal that has been significant since the beginning of the year is staying consistent. I am reaching that goal and motivated very much by the fellow bloggers and their reading the posts I write. I am also reaching my goal to make sure that I visit other bloggers’ sites and read what they have to say. I enjoy so much of what I have read and obviously, you are included. I thank you for this challenge and reminder to stay in front of our goals. The challenge is time. The more I write, the more I want to as well as reading. I enjoy photography and want to incorporate that into my posts. I just started taking a few images and playing with Photoshop. I thought I would be able to do the Photo 101 course with Josh, but time constraints said not now. I will visit the site you have listed and appreciate you sharing. I would love to be a contributing editor but at the moment, be prepared doing what I do now and let God do the rest. You go, girl! We are here supporting you.

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    1. To God be the Glory!!! You are e the first to respond to this post who has shared vision and goal! Thank you! I will be keeping all the detail in prayer and checking in on you! Don’t stop for iron sharpens iron and I get fueled when I read/view something you post. It’s reciprocal; give and take! I so appreciate your support and am genuinely glad we are connected on this platform! The best is yet to come for us both!πŸ˜†

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  6. I just read your article and I loved it πŸ™‚ I love how you state in articulate detail why you feel 2016 might be a great year for you. You of course strongly imply that you do not know for sure, but you state with conviction that many great things can happen this year. As for me personally, I do not know how 2016 will work out for me. Nevertheless, things have been so far so good and I hope the same is true for you πŸ™‚ Anyway, keep up the great work as always πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi John! I so appreciate you tuning in as always!!! Your constant support just warms my spirit! I don’t take the time you take out of your schedule to read my writings for granted ever!! I am convinced that anyone who believes that 2016 is a year of receiving. What activates it all in motion is ones level of faith. We have to speak out what we are believing for BEFORE we actually see it come to pass. That’s just how Faith works. It may feel silly at first but when we begin affirming ourselves out loud enough, it will become as natural a thing as brushing our teeth in the morning!! If we know that Christ died and paid for it All with his sacrifice then there is no way that We should be sick, poor, depressed, discouraged and any other thing opposite of what he stands for. I will speak those things in his name until it comes to pass. That’s the authority we all have as his children. Just start out as simple as saying 2016 will be a blessed year for John Charet and it shall be! You are awesome and I do thank God for you!!

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  7. High five achieving your goal. Chanel. I am making progress in my volunteering with various different mental health charities. I’m on loads of training courses to gain skills and there is the possibility of a new project happening soon -MH related. I’m also getting married in June. I’m looking forward to going to the theatre in May to see my baby girl she is 4 do her second tap and ballet recital. My Nana’s birthday and my father in laws birthdy is inApril so looking forward to celebrating .


    1. Hey there my friend, DaisyWillows! Please forgive the delayed response but WP identified your post as Spam a d it’s been sitting for days until I just checked it. What’s up with that? Lol! I quickly accepted and am soooooo thrilled about all the tremendous amount of wonderful things happening in your life!!! How exciting, it’s almost overwhelming in such a joyous way as I was taking it all in!! I’m so thrilled for you!! I am sure you will but keep you us posted on the MH project for sure. Such a critical issue and one very near and dear to my heart. We both have 4 year olds! Aren’t they something at this age? I know she will be too cute in her role! So sweet! Ok I’ll stop ranting! Just wanted to acknowledge your response when I finally discovered it. Thanks for the well wishes to on my goals. I have more I’m working on and looking for them to come to pass as wellπŸ˜†


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