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Kish Magazine – It’s Your Time!

Happy Wednesday RealBoldTruth Readers!!!

I sincerely pray this day finds you encouraged regardless of what your situation looks like in the natural! God is still alive, able and working matters out on behalf of those who trust and believe!!

Stopping by to share this month’s RealBoldTruth Dreamer’s inspiration posted on Kish Magazine ‘s website. It’s entitled “The Reveal: It’s Your Time!”

This is a very specific prophetic word given to me by someone I highly respect in ministry. God began to expand on it in my spirit and just had to write it down and share!

For those who have been consistently overlooked, this is for you!

Kish Magazine is a Christian publication that features inspirational articles, spotlights testimonies, new authors and so much more! Subscribe today!

K.I.S.H. Magazine – No Way But Up!

Happy Friday RealBoldTruth Readers!

Pray you all are blessed and ready for a wonderful weekend!

Wanted to stop by and share my latest article on the Dreamer’s Blog located on the K.I.S.H. Magazine website!

It’s entitled “No Way But Up!”

I felt the spirit of the Lord leading me to encourage those who are in the trenches of bringing that dream to pass that God put in them but have hit major road blocks.

It’s tempting to get frustrated, throw in the towel and become resentful of the obstacle!

But God!

It’s ok to address our adverse emotions but in a healthy way for when we hit the ground there is truly No Way But Up!

God’s still faithful!

Check out the other inspirational articles in this incredible motivational magazine as well.

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Kish Magazine – The Uncontainable God

Hello RBT Readers! I pray this post finds you all well in mind, body and spirit. My articles have been infrequent lately due to a very demanding schedule which includes starting a new job, BUT GOD!

He remains faithful, ever present and renews my strength from day to day! I recognize this and know if it was not for His hand consistently moving in my life, I simply would not be able to sustain!

Speaking of recognizing, someone needs to be reminded today just how incredibly BIG your Heavenly Father is. He’s quite uncontainable!!

This month I wrote a very short yet powerful article for KISH Magazine on this very matter. Please do check it out. It will take you 5 minutes to read but may serve as the ministry source to get your faith moving in the right direction again.

If your experience today is an impasse or you are growing faint, be reminded of your position and who your Daddy is!!

KISH Magazine is an inspiration Christian Publication that is distributed all across the country quarterly. The website is consistently update with soul stirring articles, testimonies and features of new authors. RBT ministries has a column that also features new material every month. Check out and share the content at:

Blessings and be encouraged!

Kish Magazine – Beauty In Blessed Beginnings

Hello RealBoldTruth Readers!
Things have been a bit quiet around these parts over the past couple of months, but things are still moving along behind the scenes!!
RBT continues to have a column on The Kish Magazine website. Feel free to visit the page at to check out the latest!

In addition and periodically, an RBT article makes it into the hard print copy of the publication! The Spring 2017 edition features an RBT piece entitled “Beauty in Blessed Beginnings”!  Printed copies are completely sold out!!  Didgitals can still be purchased through the website! 

Here is the article! The entire magazine is packed with incredible stories, information and testimonies! A must subscribe is what I highly recommend of this Powerful Christian Publication!

Looking forward to the Summer 2017 edition! Announcements of its debut soon to come! Blessings to you all and I never have enough words to say  how I truly appreciate your readership support!

Soulful Sunday – Kish Mag Article – Reflections

Happy Happy December Realboldtruth Readers!!! I am especially excited because this is the day that the Lord has made! I am rejoicing and awefully glad in it!

The holiday season is in full affect and upon us! It’s a time of acknowledging the birth of our Savior first and foremost! It also provides opportunities to spend more time with family, friends and loved ones. It’s a time of giving, serving and being grateful for the Lord extending His Grace and Mercy!

I love the Holidays! Lots of parties, gift exchanges, fellowship, trimming the tree and delicious meals! The end of a year is also vital because it offers us chances to Reflect. 

I’m not big on looking back especially if it causes one to become unproductive and stuck on what was lost and could have been. But healthy reflecting that will promote self and life examinations that promote change.

My last article for 2016 that I contributed to Kish Magazine speaks of just that. I wanted to share early in hopes to encourage at least one heart to not be downcast in this season but to seek God for direction.


Kish Mag Special Winter Edition – Order Now!
Please do read, comment and share! I’m completely humbled that the Lord would use me to pen such an incredible piece to share with the Body of Christ and beyond!
I thank every single one of you for your readership support this year. It’s been a gift that’s simply priceless!

Kish Magazine – He Restoreth!

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving day RBT Readers!!
I pray you all are feeling blessed and thankful today as you prepare for your family dinners, gatherings or just some intimate quiet time at home. What ever your state, enjoy and count your blessings, big and small!

For those who are not feeling as encouraged as maybe you should, I want to share the Kish Magazine article I submitted on the Dreamers Blog earlier this month. It’s entitled “He Restoreth!” If you have lost something or someone this holiday season, please read this and remain hopeful that God has more for you!

He Restoreth! by Chanel Walker-Bailey

The fall printed edition of the publication featured another RBT article entitled “Believe and Build it!” This edition sold out but is available in electronic format. Please visit for more information.

Finally, a special Winter edition of Kish is now available for pre-order! An RBT “Believe and Build it!” Feature will be included as well along with many other Dream motivational articles inspired by the Lord through his willing vessels! Please support this publication for it is certainly good ground!!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and stay blessed!

Kish Magazine RBT Debut

Hello RBT Readers!

Happy November!!

This year has flown by swiftly but guess what? We still have a little under 60 days to believe God for Greater! That’s good news!!

I absolutely know without a shadow of a doubt that our God can do more in this short period than He has in the days, weeks and months that have already passed by! Can I get someone to holla back in agreement!! No matter what it looks like, faith is still the factor that pleases and moves our Heavenly Father! Don’t faint now; don’t loose hope and don’t adjust the clarity of your natural eye but rather sharpen your spiritual spectacles!!

On that note, praise report moment! As many may know,  I’ve been writing for a Christian Inspirational magazine called KISH for several  months now. My monthly article submissions are updated on the website under the “Dreamer’s” blog but one of them actually made it to the printed publication!!!
Something I wrote actually is graced in the same edition as the nationally known, top motivational speaker, the phenomenal Mr. LES Brown!! Who would have thought! Certainly not I 365 days ago!! I’m so proud of the opportunity and give my Savior all the credit for he alone is worthy! 

The article that was selected for the KISH Magazine  Fall print edition is entitled “Believe & Build it!” Such an appropriate motivational soliloquy for such a time as this!

Stick with me and regain your focus, passion and purpose! God is more than able!

Blessings to you all!

Kish Magazine Article – Build Your Dream Team

Hi readers!!

If you have a dream and sincerely have desires of what you long for to come to pass, you can’t do it alone! You can try but wisdom is surrounding yourself with key people that have the knowledge, skill set and connections to help propel you into your purpose.

This month on my Kish Magazine column, I wrote an inspirational article on the matter.

4 Ways to Build Your Dream Team

Check it out and be inspired! I’m still counting down with you! 3.5 months left in 2016! All things are STILL possible for them who believe!

Order your Fall 2016 Edition of Kish!
Let’s end this year with a bang!


Kish Magazine – RBT Article

Hi RBT Readers!!

I have really exciting news! I’ve shared previously that Gid opened up an incredible door a few months back for me to write for Kish Magazine. The opportunity went from a monthly inspirational submission to my own column! 

I was just informed that one of my pieces has made it to the printed copy coming out this fall!! Glory be to God!! I didn’t see it coming and give my Heavenly Father all the praise!

This publication is a Christian magazine that focuses on helping others reach destiny and offers  great deal of hope to the lost.

The fall edition, which is pictured here, is available for pre-orders now! I highly recommend ordering this copy specifically not just because of my contribution but there are a plethora of writers featured in this issue! The ministry is good ground! Please visit for more information.

If you are a Christian writer looking for new platforms to showcase the work that the Lord has given to you, the magazine is always looking for new contributions. Reach out and share your story!!!

Blessing to you all and never give up on your dreams for they shall come to pass!

Kish Magazine Article – Believe and Build It!

Hi there readers!! This month’s article published on The Kish Magazine Dreamer’s Blog is another motivational piece about the necessary work efforts when you are striving towards destiny!

We all have dreams but along the journey towards them we meet so many obstacles!!! No one is exempt! I’m preaching to myself as I pen these words! It’s challenging to stay inspired and to keep going at times. I know my natural mind asks often, “Is this really going to happen for me? Will it come to pass?”

Of course it will because my Abba Father already said so in Jeremiah 29:11. I know that my dreams line up with the gifts He’s given me and He’s shown me the end in visions. As I travel, He sends beautiful people my way to cheer me on and reminds me that I must not grow faint!

I give that same to you because iron must sharpen iron so that we hold each other accountable to not give up!

Here is the link to the article entitled “Believe and Build it!”  (God has now blessed me with my own column on the site so I am truly grateful!)

Believe and Build it!

Be inspired and share what God has done in your life relevant to your purpose! It’s going to unfold just as he ordained it so just keep moving!!

Blessings always!