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Soulful Sunday – Kish Mag Article – Reflections

Happy Happy December Realboldtruth Readers!!! I am especially excited because this is the day that the Lord has made! I am rejoicing and awefully glad in it!

The holiday season is in full affect and upon us! It’s a time of acknowledging the birth of our Savior first and foremost! It also provides opportunities to spend more time with family, friends and loved ones. It’s a time of giving, serving and being grateful for the Lord extending His Grace and Mercy!

I love the Holidays! Lots of parties, gift exchanges, fellowship, trimming the tree and delicious meals! The end of a year is also vital because it offers us chances to Reflect. 

I’m not big on looking back especially if it causes one to become unproductive and stuck on what was lost and could have been. But healthy reflecting that will promote self and life examinations that promote change.

My last article for 2016 that I contributed to Kish Magazine speaks of just that. I wanted to share early in hopes to encourage at least one heart to not be downcast in this season but to seek God for direction.


Kish Mag Special Winter Edition – Order Now!
Please do read, comment and share! I’m completely humbled that the Lord would use me to pen such an incredible piece to share with the Body of Christ and beyond!
I thank every single one of you for your readership support this year. It’s been a gift that’s simply priceless!

September Count Down

RealBoldTruth has entered into the Month of September along with the rest of the world. As swimming pools close, children return to school, days begin to get shorter and leaves on trees turn radiant colors, the fact still remains that we have 4 more months left in 2016!

Have you slowed down?

Have you counted that thing you were once excited about as a wash?

Have you convinced yourself that you’ll start again next year?

Have you allowed the enemy to make you think God’s not going to do it for you?
I dare you to shut him down, reignite your Faith and believe until the very end!!

It’s not over and God is certainly not finished!

To be continued……

Something New – 2016






Happy New Year to all my RLRT readers!   I am so excited about this New Year! As many are, I have identified some resolutions and am quickly putting action behind the vision!


The Real Life/Real Talk site is going through some changes!  This is a very good thing!  In 2016 the blog site will have:


A New Look with user friendly navigation (Published Now~)

 Monthly Video Blogs – (1st will be featured on Jan 5th)

Access to Instagram

Short Power Reads

And More…..


God said to write the vision and make it plain. (Habakkuk 2:2)  Sometimes that vision has to be tweaked along the way as we learn from experienced bumps and bruises as we run thereby! That is ok and should be expected as well, as long as the vision is not abandoned!


My last blog post of 2015 said to “Stay Tuned”. Well that period was never intended to be a lengthy wait!  God is up to something New this year and my theme will be conforming to his will vs. my own agenda.  Not something easy for me to do but my way just has not been working so time to give it up!


God bless you all as you journey into the year and work on your own visions; for this we all must do!