Kish Magazine RBT Debut

Hello RBT Readers!

Happy November!!

This year has flown by swiftly but guess what? We still have a little under 60 days to believe God for Greater! That’s good news!!

I absolutely know without a shadow of a doubt that our God can do more in this short period than He has in the days, weeks and months that have already passed by! Can I get someone to holla back in agreement!! No matter what it looks like, faith is still the factor that pleases and moves our Heavenly Father! Don’t faint now; don’t loose hope and don’t adjust the clarity of your natural eye but rather sharpen your spiritual spectacles!!

On that note, praise report moment! As many may know,  I’ve been writing for a Christian Inspirational magazine called KISH for several  months now. My monthly article submissions are updated on the website under the “Dreamer’s” blog but one of them actually made it to the printed publication!!!
Something I wrote actually is graced in the same edition as the nationally known, top motivational speaker, the phenomenal Mr. LES Brown!! Who would have thought! Certainly not I 365 days ago!! I’m so proud of the opportunity and give my Savior all the credit for he alone is worthy! 

The article that was selected for the KISH Magazine  Fall print edition is entitled “Believe & Build it!” Such an appropriate motivational soliloquy for such a time as this!

Stick with me and regain your focus, passion and purpose! God is more than able!

Blessings to you all!

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