Kish Magazine – He Restoreth!

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving day RBT Readers!!
I pray you all are feeling blessed and thankful today as you prepare for your family dinners, gatherings or just some intimate quiet time at home. What ever your state, enjoy and count your blessings, big and small!

For those who are not feeling as encouraged as maybe you should, I want to share the Kish Magazine article I submitted on the Dreamers Blog earlier this month. It’s entitled “He Restoreth!” If you have lost something or someone this holiday season, please read this and remain hopeful that God has more for you!

He Restoreth! by Chanel Walker-Bailey

The fall printed edition of the publication featured another RBT article entitled “Believe and Build it!” This edition sold out but is available in electronic format. Please visit for more information.

Finally, a special Winter edition of Kish is now available for pre-order! An RBT “Believe and Build it!” Feature will be included as well along with many other Dream motivational articles inspired by the Lord through his willing vessels! Please support this publication for it is certainly good ground!!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and stay blessed!

5 thoughts on “Kish Magazine – He Restoreth!”

  1. Hi Chanel! I’m so excited to be back at home, Lol.
    I hope I haven’t miss much while away. Was I away? Actually I lost my former blog and links to every of my cherished reader.

    Awesome and spirit lifting soul as usual. God continue to enrich you in his love . Amen

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    1. Hey D!!! So glad to see you back but that really sucks that you lost your followers!!! Ugh!!! I’m going to yours and follow back now! Pray you are well and yes you’ve been gone for a bit but what a lovely surprise to have you back the day before thanksgiving! I’m grateful for your return!🤗

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