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Kish Magazine Article – Believe and Build It!

Hi there readers!! This month’s article published on The Kish Magazine Dreamer’s Blog is another motivational piece about the necessary work efforts when you are striving towards destiny!

We all have dreams but along the journey towards them we meet so many obstacles!!! No one is exempt! I’m preaching to myself as I pen these words! It’s challenging to stay inspired and to keep going at times. I know my natural mind asks often, “Is this really going to happen for me? Will it come to pass?”

Of course it will because my Abba Father already said so in Jeremiah 29:11. I know that my dreams line up with the gifts He’s given me and He’s shown me the end in visions. As I travel, He sends beautiful people my way to cheer me on and reminds me that I must not grow faint!

I give that same to you because iron must sharpen iron so that we hold each other accountable to not give up!

Here is the link to the article entitled “Believe and Build it!”  (God has now blessed me with my own column on the site so I am truly grateful!)

Believe and Build it!

Be inspired and share what God has done in your life relevant to your purpose! It’s going to unfold just as he ordained it so just keep moving!!

Blessings always!


Kish Magazine Inspirational – Affirm Yourself!

Happy May The RLRT Readers! The beginning of this month is such a prevalent reminder that we have entered into the 2nd quarter of 2016! Not sure about you but this has been the most amazing year of my life, hands down!!!

I have such a different mind set, a renew perspective, have discovered my true purpose and on my way to walking into my God ordained Destiny! Along the way I have had to establish some overdue boundaries with people, places and things. Not always the most pleasant experience but absolutely necessary!!

As I shared with you all last month, I have been blessed to become a featured blogger for K.I.S.H. Magazine. A phenomenal Christian publication that assist believers to simply believe!

Here is the link to my latest contribution to the blog section on the site. It’s about the importance of speaking affirmations over yourself as you reach towards your purpose.

Affirm Yourself by Chanel Walker-Bailey

Be blessed and “Speak Those Thing….Romans 4:17

Featured Blogger – Kish Magazine


Hi The RLRT readers! I pray you all are having an amazing start to your April! We are in Q2 of 2016 and I’m doing a check to find out how you all are making out sticking to your Resolutions and Goals you set for yourself this year. Do tell so that we can cheer one another on together! Also if I know specifics about what your are believing for I will be praying for you regularly!!!!

Accomplishments, setbacks, challenges and holds are all a part of getting to the end, but don’t give up! Share the good and the bad because success doesn’t come without experiencing both!

Here is a share I want my readers to know about.   I’ve been blessed to be a contributing blogger for Kish Magazine! A powerful, uplifting and inspirational Christian publication that encourages its readers to put their dreams in motion and beyond. Check out my article below and view the website while you’re there! Packed with powerful resources for the ambitious mind!

The Due Season by Chanel Walker-Bailey

The Due Season by Chanel Walker-Bailey

For months I have experienced the highs and lows of trying to become a featured blogger for other Christian Blog sights. I hit many brick walls along the way. Finally a breakthrough! All because I did not give up and kept the faith with the process no matter how frustrated I became. I’m so proud of me and the doors God has opened! I stuck to the natural and watched Him add the SuperNatural! It’s All for His glory!!

I want to hear back from you about your progress on your projects and visions. Stay encouraged! We can do this!!!