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Kish Magazine – Beauty In Blessed Beginnings

Hello RealBoldTruth Readers!
Things have been a bit quiet around these parts over the past couple of months, but things are still moving along behind the scenes!!
RBT continues to have a column on The Kish Magazine website. Feel free to visit the page at http://www.kish-Magazine.com to check out the latest!

In addition and periodically, an RBT article makes it into the hard print copy of the publication! The Spring 2017 edition features an RBT piece entitled “Beauty in Blessed Beginnings”!  Printed copies are completely sold out!!  Didgitals can still be purchased through the website! 

Here is the article! The entire magazine is packed with incredible stories, information and testimonies! A must subscribe is what I highly recommend of this Powerful Christian Publication!

Looking forward to the Summer 2017 edition! Announcements of its debut soon to come! Blessings to you all and I never have enough words to say  how I truly appreciate your readership support!

Just Keep Believing!

Just a little inspirational quote from yours truly today!

I’m in the process of working towards my destiny and the journey has proven to be extremely challenging! But I know The Lord My God is on my side and working out the details that my natural eyes can’t see! That’s called FAITH!

For those on their own path of dreams, stay encouraged with me and know it’s your time in Jesus Name!!

Happy Friday!