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Kish Magazine – RBT Article

Hi RBT Readers!!

I have really exciting news! I’ve shared previously that Gid opened up an incredible door a few months back for me to write for Kish Magazine. The opportunity went from a monthly inspirational submission to my own column! 

I was just informed that one of my pieces has made it to the printed copy coming out this fall!! Glory be to God!! I didn’t see it coming and give my Heavenly Father all the praise!

This publication is a Christian magazine that focuses on helping others reach destiny and offers  great deal of hope to the lost.

The fall edition, which is pictured here, is available for pre-orders now! I highly recommend ordering this copy specifically not just because of my contribution but there are a plethora of writers featured in this issue! The ministry is good ground! Please visit http://www.kish-magazine.com for more information.

If you are a Christian writer looking for new platforms to showcase the work that the Lord has given to you, the magazine is always looking for new contributions. Reach out and share your story!!!

Blessing to you all and never give up on your dreams for they shall come to pass!