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Kish Magazine Inspirational – Affirm Yourself!

Happy May The RLRT Readers! The beginning of this month is such a prevalent reminder that we have entered into the 2nd quarter of 2016! Not sure about you but this has been the most amazing year of my life, hands down!!!

I have such a different mind set, a renew perspective, have discovered my true purpose and on my way to walking into my God ordained Destiny! Along the way I have had to establish some overdue boundaries with people, places and things. Not always the most pleasant experience but absolutely necessary!!

As I shared with you all last month, I have been blessed to become a featured blogger for K.I.S.H. Magazine. A phenomenal Christian publication that assist believers to simply believe!

Here is the link to my latest contribution to the blog section on the site. It’s about the importance of speaking affirmations over yourself as you reach towards your purpose.

Affirm Yourself by Chanel Walker-Bailey

Be blessed and “Speak Those Thing….Romans 4:17

Award – Sunshine Overdose

Sunshine Award


My love is powdered sunshine. Just add water.


I want to extend a sincere thank you to WIVESREPUBLIC for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I so appreciate the time you took to recognize me and including me as one of your picks!


  1. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Nominate some wonderful bloggers and write 11 questions for them to answer.



  1. VanessaxGrace
  2. NickyB
  3. CynthiaBaileyRug
  4. K E Garland
  5. vercellonopace
  6. RSGullett


  1. What would you do if you had a million dollars?  Pay my tithes to my church, pay off my mortgage, student loans, car, and any other outstanding debt. I would find a couple of charities to donate to.  I love St. Judes for Children, MS Society and Limb Difference Research.
  2. What do you think are the reasons why people fail in blogging? People give up to quickly especially if they are looking to grow a reading audience.  This takes time and patience is necessary. New bloggers must plan and understand their purpose for blogging. If they don’t know others certainly won’t either.  Networking with other bloggers is critical and understanding blogging etiquette is essential. (Responding back, reading the works of others, commenting and following back.
  3. Travelling by sea or air. Take a pick. I have done both but more by air.
  4. If you were allowed to take only three items for a weekend in the desert, what will that be? My phone (I do everything on it!) My robe (I have an obsession for it no matter what the weather is!), a bag of Swedish fish – The assorted color kind.  I have a major addiction for these things!!
  5. What or who makes you smile most. My son. He is my miracle but my husband who gave him to me is a very close second.
  6. If you were given an opportunity, what will you change about you? I would have a couple of surgical procedures on my physical appearance.  Some are for medical reasons which I will be handling shortly but the others are just strictly vanity related!  LOL!
  7. Keyboard or Pen. Take a pick. Keyboard for sure!!
  8. Which books have you read more than twice? These books are references for me. The Bible and The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian.
  9. Which cities do you look forward to visiting? I will name places vs. cities, Paris, Israel, Hawaii and Australia.
  10. What do you find so Interesting about Nature? The circle of life in plants and animals  I find extremely fascinating.  I love watching Nature Channels on cable television.
  11. Describe yourself in three words. – Driven, Silly (Only show this side when I am comfortable around a person), Caring.

I really like these questions so I will keep them just as they are!

Have fun if you accept this challenge!


Featured Blogger – Kish Magazine


Hi The RLRT readers! I pray you all are having an amazing start to your April! We are in Q2 of 2016 and I’m doing a check to find out how you all are making out sticking to your Resolutions and Goals you set for yourself this year. Do tell so that we can cheer one another on together! Also if I know specifics about what your are believing for I will be praying for you regularly!!!!

Accomplishments, setbacks, challenges and holds are all a part of getting to the end, but don’t give up! Share the good and the bad because success doesn’t come without experiencing both!

Here is a share I want my readers to know about.   I’ve been blessed to be a contributing blogger for Kish Magazine! A powerful, uplifting and inspirational Christian publication that encourages its readers to put their dreams in motion and beyond. Check out my article below and view the website while you’re there! Packed with powerful resources for the ambitious mind!

The Due Season by Chanel Walker-Bailey

The Due Season by Chanel Walker-Bailey

For months I have experienced the highs and lows of trying to become a featured blogger for other Christian Blog sights. I hit many brick walls along the way. Finally a breakthrough! All because I did not give up and kept the faith with the process no matter how frustrated I became. I’m so proud of me and the doors God has opened! I stuck to the natural and watched Him add the SuperNatural! It’s All for His glory!!

I want to hear back from you about your progress on your projects and visions. Stay encouraged! We can do this!!!



2016 April – Video Blog

Lights Camera Action


Hi there The RLRT Readers!  I pray that you all are doing well this evening!


I have not posted a Video Blog in over a month so here is one For April.


Warning!  I don’t think I have much personality by far in this one!  I was extremely tired but incredibly stubborn and wanted to get it done after a million takes in between a zillion yawns!  LOL!  Please accept my apology in advance.  My first week back to work and trying to balance what I love to do on top of what I have to do!!   My heart was indeed in the right place.


Stay encouraged and remember to keep your faith no matter what!




Essence of a True Blogger


I have been blogging for close to 1.5 years now.  I’ts been an amazing journey!  I have discovered some hard but vital truths towards mastering the art and trying to become successful in my craft. I am persuaded that writing is a gift given to me by God. In January of 2015 I became brave enough to act out on my calling.  It was NOT easy by far to develop a reading audience whom I could effectively reach, minister to and share my experiences. Within the first 365 days I was extremely discouraged, felt like quitting and often times did.  By the close of the year I found renewed hope with just 18 followers of which I knew only three or four were truly reading.
I have read  my share of articles on how to grow traffic to your blog site.  I think those I have encountered eliminated some harsh realities that cannot be overlooked if you are one with hopes to increase your readership.  So here are my 2 cents on the Essence of a True Blogger.


1)  Bloggers cannot be selfish!  If you are spending 100% of your time writing and are not stopping to appreciate the work of your fellow bloggers,  you are setting yourself up to fail. Successful writers are also readers.  Carving out time in your day to read the work of other bloggers is essential.  I do this most days and have created a list of my favorite bloggers so that I don’t miss their most recent posts.  I try to aim for 15-20 minutes daily if I can, but never go more than a week without stopping to consider the work of others. I find that I also become encouraged, discover something new or even run across something that makes me laugh.  It is all so timely! My daily medication indeed! You say you don’t have time? What if your followers consistently said the same? Make the time!


2)  Bloggers must follow other Bloggers!  If you are advertising your blog to just your family and friends and think they are automatically going to support you, think again!  I am connected to nearly 500 people on Face Book alone and WordPress counts those you are linked to on social media as “Followers”. That is such an inflated number! Out of those nearly 500, again only a few visit and really support my blog. People live in a microwave society and I believe the love for reading is becoming a dying passion in this current generation.  A  microwavable society we live in for certain where people want things fast and don’t have time for a 10 minute good read.  Hook up with like-minded people which are other bloggers who are crazy about reading and writing. Most will be strangers but not for long!  I have met some really cool people in this little blogging world of mine! They follow me and I certainly follow them back!

3)  Don’t get the big head as a Blogger!  I have noticed that some bloggers reach a level of success with their audience then forget their humble beginnings.  They won’t read other blogs, are constantly encouraging you to read other articles they have written by sharing a link with you, won’t respond to a comment and won’t follow back.  This one is my pep peeve.  I don’t expect every blogger that  visits me to automatically follow me back but there is a certain level of blogging etiquette that should just be!  If someone takes the time to read, like and then comment to something you have written, show your appreciation by responding. It’s just the right thing to do! I vow no matter how many followers I accrue that I will never forget how I felt 365 days after starting and still having such a minimal audience.  Today I am truly grateful and will forever remain!



  If you are wondering why you can’t build an audience ask yourself, are you a selfish blogger?  This thing is about give and take. You can’t get absorbed in your own agenda with tunnel vision! None of us can reach success without one another.





If we remain selfish in our pursuit as writers I think we set ourselves up for failure ultimately. A good writer must read!  If we are not reading (or at least acting like we are by pushing the like button periodically for others) then what are we truly doing here?
Just food for thought and some REAL TALK!


Remember that encouraging sound coming from your cellular device with a notification that some one began following you, left a comment or liked your post? Those were the sounds that initially gave us motivation to just keep writing. Someone still needs that and you need to keep providing it! We write for others so don’t forget them in your journey towards creative success.
We may not agree on each other’s written dialect, traveled paths or faith choices but our connecting commonality is our undeniable gift of creativity and passion. With a thought and stroke of a pen (or keyboard in most cases), we conjure up inspirations for others to consider. We owe it to one another to support this artistry and not get the big head when we feel we have “arrived.”
Think on these things and share if you find relevance. That is all I have to contribute to this matter.   Now run share that…




2016 February – Video Blog

Lights Camera Action


Hi RLRT Readers! Here is my February 2016 Video Blog!  This one is a bit shorter than January’s but still informative never-the-less.  Some special shout outs as well to a few of my favorite fellow bloggers that have really been a true blessing to me. Including:


Loretta Schoen – Under His Wings


Ngobesing Romanus


Cynthia Bailey Rug

Stacy – Princess – His Temple

Deanna Reynolds



As always, share, comment, retweet and let me know your general thoughts overall!

Still need to work on my lighting!  Driving me crazy a bit!  LOL!





January 2016 – Video Blog

Lights Camera Action


Hi RLRT readers!  As promised here is my first video blog! It’s a little over 4 minutes long.  Please do let me know what you think!  Your comments, directly on the blog site are needed for a few reasons; encouragement to me as a writer, helping to initiate meaningful conversation, counting statistics concerning visitors and much much more. A lot goes on behind the scenes of this blogging business!

Guess what? The RLRT Blog is one years old today!  I think this is to be celebrated along with the birthday of someone I find to be pretty cool!  Hint, Hint!

Again, share, comment, and retweet to anyone you think would appreciate what you are seeing and viewing on my blog site.  Thanks so much in advance!