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Kish Magazine Inspirational – Affirm Yourself!

Happy May The RLRT Readers! The beginning of this month is such a prevalent reminder that we have entered into the 2nd quarter of 2016! Not sure about you but this has been the most amazing year of my life, hands down!!!

I have such a different mind set, a renew perspective, have discovered my true purpose and on my way to walking into my God ordained Destiny! Along the way I have had to establish some overdue boundaries with people, places and things. Not always the most pleasant experience but absolutely necessary!!

As I shared with you all last month, I have been blessed to become a featured blogger for K.I.S.H. Magazine. A phenomenal Christian publication that assist believers to simply believe!

Here is the link to my latest contribution to the blog section on the site. It’s about the importance of speaking affirmations over yourself as you reach towards your purpose.

Affirm Yourself by Chanel Walker-Bailey

Be blessed and “Speak Those Thing….Romans 4:17