2016 February – Video Blog

Lights Camera Action


Hi RLRT Readers! Here is my February 2016 Video Blog!  This one is a bit shorter than January’s but still informative never-the-less.  Some special shout outs as well to a few of my favorite fellow bloggers that have really been a true blessing to me. Including:


Loretta Schoen – Under His Wings


Ngobesing Romanus


Cynthia Bailey Rug

Stacy – Princess – His Temple

Deanna Reynolds



As always, share, comment, retweet and let me know your general thoughts overall!

Still need to work on my lighting!  Driving me crazy a bit!  LOL!





26 thoughts on “2016 February – Video Blog”

  1. Sorry that I didn’t get chance to view your vlog immediately.

    You do have a nice way with the camera that it is a pleasure to follow you. I imagine your vlogs as a segment in a major network television show. Hey, maybe I’m dreaming massively but you do have a nice easy style with the camera.

    And as for the lighting, when you’re a star for God someone else can worry about that!

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  2. God bless you! I am most grateful for your kind words. They truly mean a lot. I really excited that I can inspire someone in the midst of my own storms. ♥️

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  3. Chanel, I am honored to be included into this group of bloggers. I blog for exactly the reason you stated – to encourage and empower readers to face their adversity (medical or otherwise) and know that you are not alone – God never fails. Your transgressions, your adversities along with your faith help mold you and bring you closer to God. I believe that whatever the adversity there is always another side to that moment – and that is what God will use it for good. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

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  4. I praise God for you, Chanel! Such a beautiful lampstand you are of Jesus’ radiance for all to behold! Eagerly awaiting reading what you have to share with us. (I also thank Him for NOT calling me to post videos as He has called you to do! 😃 Ha ha! Grateful He just has me writing…)

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    1. Thank you as always! Lol! Now Deanna what is that suppose to mean about the video blogs! Writing too is my comfort zone but yes that part of it was a calling!! I’ll be posting tomorrow early evening. Stay tuned….💕


  5. Love this! Yea the lighting is a little needing of upgrade but nonetheless the message is passed across.

    You have such a beautiful soul and I really admire your honesty and realness of your personality. Thanks so much for the Shutout, I’m really appreciative of your kind gesture,may Daddy and his PA reward you awesomely.

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    1. I know right! My lighting was better last month and I used the same spot and equipment! Smh! I got frustrated with the takes and just posted because the audio was good as you mentioned. Only my 2nd so next month will be crystal clear on all fronts!! Thank you so much for the kind words indeed. May those same blessings from our Heavenly Father overtake your life as well!

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    1. Thank you my Dear! I so appreciate you watching. You reaction is just what I was hoping for. Stay along for the ride. If writing is your passion the journey is extremely exhilarating ! It is for me anyway! Lol😊

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  6. God bless you! You are a gorgeous young woman with an obvious heart for the Lord. I’m not sure what your tests have been in life, but the fact that you have endured is a product of your beautiful faith. I have always believed that transparency is so important within the Body of Christ. We need each other. We need to know we are truly loved in spite of our failures. If we only share our victories then we aren’t allowing that love to penetrate those failures. I think that when God’s strength allows us to claim the victory over sin we come out of it with more faith. We also come out it with the ability to truly empathize with others who are going through those struggles we went through. We know there is a way out, and so desire to see others claim that same victory! We become God’s cheerleaders! We are able to crawl down in that pit with someone and touch them, hug them, and speak life into their weary hearts – rather than stand on the edge and shout down at them as if they were untouchable. I look very forward to reading your entries this month. Love you sister.

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    1. I am so incredibly moved by these words. You just don’t know I was very close to tears! *You know how mushy us gals can be* My entire reason for starting my blog is because I have noticed that sometimes the Body of Christ just swepts certain topics under the rug or we are not real about what we are going through. Life is certainly not an easy street after we get saved! We still can make mistakes and face difficult challenges. When we give off the perception that we have no further problems after coming to Christ I think we jeopardize other lives that can be won to him. I really am a fan for being REAL! Your message to me further confirmed that God has me on the right mission and that everything I lived through he is going to get the Glory in the end! Thank you so very much my sister in Christ. You have deeply touched my heart today and I am so very thankful.

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