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Video Blog – October 2016

Hi there Readers!

I did an impromptu video blog. Raw and unscripted!  I notice when I do things this way that I leave out stuff or  mistate matters! I hate when that happens! Lol!  So here is some corrected info:

Victory Christian Fellowship Women’s conference is being held Friday October 14 & 15 2016. Please visit for more info on this event and awesome ministry!

The corrected website address for Kish Magazine is

The RealBoldTruth talk show airs on Monday evenings EST at 5:30 pm. Visit to access.


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Video Blog – June 2016 – Views on MS

Hi there readers!!!

Been longer than I anticipated in recording a video blog! Last night I became inspired by another blogger I ran across  yesterday.

Warning:  It’s quite raw, unrehearsed and the quickest one I’ve ever done! It’s me with no make up or primp and prepping! Chanel in the flesh!!! Lol!

I speak candidly about my views on Multiple Sclerosis, a topic that I typically shy away from. After reviewing this you will certainly know how I feel about the matter! Nuff Said!!

Blessings to you all!

2016 April – Video Blog

Lights Camera Action


Hi there The RLRT Readers!  I pray that you all are doing well this evening!


I have not posted a Video Blog in over a month so here is one For April.


Warning!  I don’t think I have much personality by far in this one!  I was extremely tired but incredibly stubborn and wanted to get it done after a million takes in between a zillion yawns!  LOL!  Please accept my apology in advance.  My first week back to work and trying to balance what I love to do on top of what I have to do!!   My heart was indeed in the right place.


Stay encouraged and remember to keep your faith no matter what!




2016 February – Video Blog

Lights Camera Action


Hi RLRT Readers! Here is my February 2016 Video Blog!  This one is a bit shorter than January’s but still informative never-the-less.  Some special shout outs as well to a few of my favorite fellow bloggers that have really been a true blessing to me. Including:


Loretta Schoen – Under His Wings


Ngobesing Romanus


Cynthia Bailey Rug

Stacy – Princess – His Temple

Deanna Reynolds



As always, share, comment, retweet and let me know your general thoughts overall!

Still need to work on my lighting!  Driving me crazy a bit!  LOL!





January 2016 – Video Blog

Lights Camera Action


Hi RLRT readers!  As promised here is my first video blog! It’s a little over 4 minutes long.  Please do let me know what you think!  Your comments, directly on the blog site are needed for a few reasons; encouragement to me as a writer, helping to initiate meaningful conversation, counting statistics concerning visitors and much much more. A lot goes on behind the scenes of this blogging business!

Guess what? The RLRT Blog is one years old today!  I think this is to be celebrated along with the birthday of someone I find to be pretty cool!  Hint, Hint!

Again, share, comment, and retweet to anyone you think would appreciate what you are seeing and viewing on my blog site.  Thanks so much in advance!