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Soulful Sunday – 4-10-16


Thy Will Be Done!

Most frustrations in life are due to human disappointments with goals, relationships, agendas and our personal desires. When plans fail to go our way and the mundane day-to-day seems to threaten our future, we become stalemate.

Just like in a game of chess, it’s still our turn to make a move but a legitimate one is not foreseeable by the human eye. In this realm, we are clearly out of options but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost the game indefinitely. We need to call a draw and give up stubbornness before playing the next round.

It’s natural to become so busy striving for what we want. Everyone has been there. I know I have. I’ve spent many years trying to climb the corporate ladder. At each elevation I fed my ego and increased my paycheck. My Will was being done! It all still wasn’t enough. By the time I reached the last rung and began failing at the top instantly, I realized that an impasse has been reached and I had no other option but to begin descending. The backwards advance did not feel good. For a time, I became depressed, offended, and lost my tenacity to keep trying. 



When I finally sought guidance from My Savior, he revealed that he never intervened with my decisions because none aligned with His Will for my life. What a serious reality check!

It is clear that we are operating in our own rights when:

What we strive for only benefits ourselves or is limited to a select few like our family. 

We don’t seek direction and become completely self-driven.

We give ourselves credit for accomplishments or try to justify that God has blessed us in lame attempts to finally acknowledge Him.

We have little time for God in fellowship, worship and prayer. Our periodic 5 minute prayers and occasional church attendance rids our gilt but fulfillment is completely temporal.

God’s Will is NEVER about us alone. His plans benefit a multitude. How we spend our time on earth should not be just about what we think is best with limited consideration for the good of all.

There are tremendous blessings that we can miss out on if we live our lives seperate from His guidance. We can only take ourselves but so far and the enemy will make it appear that we are winning with deceptive and occasional rewards. The bigger picture and outcomes are being missed when God’s not in it and his people are not being blessed by our actions.


Are you spending your days unfulfilled while each passing day looks like the one before?

Are you so busy chasing after what you want and not using your talents, skills and gifts for others? 

If so, take some time to reconsider the road you travel. Contentment will not begin less Thy Will Be Done! 

Happy Sunday!


Featured Blogger – Kish Magazine


Hi The RLRT readers! I pray you all are having an amazing start to your April! We are in Q2 of 2016 and I’m doing a check to find out how you all are making out sticking to your Resolutions and Goals you set for yourself this year. Do tell so that we can cheer one another on together! Also if I know specifics about what your are believing for I will be praying for you regularly!!!!

Accomplishments, setbacks, challenges and holds are all a part of getting to the end, but don’t give up! Share the good and the bad because success doesn’t come without experiencing both!

Here is a share I want my readers to know about.   I’ve been blessed to be a contributing blogger for Kish Magazine! A powerful, uplifting and inspirational Christian publication that encourages its readers to put their dreams in motion and beyond. Check out my article below and view the website while you’re there! Packed with powerful resources for the ambitious mind!

The Due Season by Chanel Walker-Bailey

The Due Season by Chanel Walker-Bailey

For months I have experienced the highs and lows of trying to become a featured blogger for other Christian Blog sights. I hit many brick walls along the way. Finally a breakthrough! All because I did not give up and kept the faith with the process no matter how frustrated I became. I’m so proud of me and the doors God has opened! I stuck to the natural and watched Him add the SuperNatural! It’s All for His glory!!

I want to hear back from you about your progress on your projects and visions. Stay encouraged! We can do this!!!