Coming IN – A GLBT Tribute


As a Believer this is the most difficult, complex and controversial article I have ever written. I’m actually a bit nervous as I own these words. What will they say? What will they think? What backlashing label will I receive? Should I even utter a word? Never-the-less, I am compelled for I know that these are some of the same sentiments those in the GLBT community face daily and more. So as brave as many of them have become, so shall I from a Christian perspective as I come to terms with what I have labeled as their process of “Coming In”. 

I confess that I have viewed those in the GLBT realm rather harshly as a heterosexual female and Believer in the Gospel of Christ Jesus. My judgement as an imperfect being against another has been the true reflection of hypocrisy. For this I am truly remorseful. I vow to work on this from here on out!

Over the past several months I had the opportunity to be up close and personal with two couples. One, a mixed married male couple who invited my husband and I to their home for a birthday celebration. I initially had reservations because of the unknown. My husband is a childhood friend of one of the men. He has known him for over 30 years but had not seen him in many. His friend has been avoiding school reunions and other gatherings and we can only suspect it’s because of his lifestyle. When they were young, he did not portray himself as a Gay man. The suspicion was there but no one dared to ask. By the end of the night I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of kindness, overwhelming hospitality, conversation and generosity extended to us. I had a fabulous time! There was nothing weird, gross, or disturbing behavior displayed. Most importantly, my husband walked away with closure as he took a moment with his friend to clear the air, asked him to own up to his choices and officially introduce us to his spouse. Even as a middle aged man living Gay for many years, it was evident that the request was both difficult and a tremendous relief all at the same time. To my surprise, I was genuinely happy for the couple and look forward to seeing them again.

The other couple are females. They are very young and facing their beginning years of embracing their sexuality publicly. I have an intimate and binding relationship with one of the them. I have known of her struggle to walk in her truth for years but we have never talked about it due to both distance, time and opportunity. I have also suspected avoidance on both our parts as a culprit as well. 

Recently I stole a moment with her. It was time to remove the elephant in the room that has been a hinderance in our relationship. It was time for him to go! At this point in our lives I wanted to create a sense of transparency in order to bring us closer if at all possible. I started the conversation by telling her how proud I am of her accomplishments as a young woman. She has been stellar in academics, has developed a committed work ethic, still dabbles in her creativity and has recently ventured out and secured her own living quarters. She is so personable, funny and loving. I followed by telling her if anything I had to say makes her uncomfortable to simply shut me down! At this point I felt I had a right to address the issue. Her transition is happening before my eyes so why not talk about it since she’s part of my life indefinitely. I only hoped she saw my approach the same way.

I told her that I am not only proud of her life achievements but also her bravery and strength of “Coming In” to her true and authentic self. Anything less has been bondage, suppression, and down right phony for her. She can’t live her life trying to fulfill everyone else’s expectations of who they think she should be. I believe the conversation was embraced and bought on a sense of relief. At least it did for me. I am not one of the most significant in her circle but I am a part never-the-less. I needed her to know that I love her no matter what.  

For Christians, I think we must alter our approach when it comes to the GLBT Community. After we share what the word says then provide warning against wrong doing there is nothing left but to give love and PRAY! They are not going anywhere and are making great strides in their fight for acknowledgement and equality. We do ourselves and our Savior an injustice by classifying their way of life as the greatest sin of all. Only he has a right to do that. 

Please know that I DO NOT condone the lifestyle. I believe it greatly interrupts God’s plan for his children. According to the word of God in which I believe, it is sin. He calls it an abomination. Noted in both the Old and New Testament, the act does not conform to HIS will for human life. (Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:26-27)

Furthermore, neither do I condemn the lifestyle because I have no right as a person who must deal with my own sins as I walk with God. Unforgiveness, revenge seeking, self loathing, looking down on others and not being compassionate enough towards those in need are just to name a few that I have battled with just this week! I have countless issues, THIS IS REAL TALK! I’m not and will never be perfect. I have my own work to do! So do those who continue to judge the GLBT community. None are blameless! The Word is absolutely clear about this as well! (Matthew 7:1-5)

To my brothers and sister in Christ, please consider addressing the GLBT community as you would anyone else. I am certainly NOT talking about the ridiculous concept of “Praying The Gay Away”! it’s not going to happen! Pray for their safety for they are being hunted, harassed and harmed. Pray for their well being for some consider taking their own lives because the struggle of accepting who they are is real! Pray for their health for many are sick. (Not just with HIV & AIDS – Lets remove the stigma that they all are some big walking disease because all of them are not!) Pray for their relationships with family and friends to heal and grow stronger. Pray for those who share our Faith in Christ that they don’t loose sight of who he is in their lives. Finally Pray for their salvation for many believe that God does not want them because of how they live. This is what we Must Do in love. (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

To the GLBT community, forgive me, the Church and those who judge you that are far from perfect. I am learning that many of you who don’t flaunt promiscuity or force your choices in the faces of others are some of the most beautiful, loving and giving people ever! You have morals, values and respect very similar to my own. Honestly, I am learning to embrace the GLs but still struggle with the BTs. I just simply don’t get it, but am more willing to take a more sensitive and neutral position again because of my own imperfections.

I no longer view the process of exposing sexuality as a “Coming Out”. It is rather a “Coming In”; to a truth that is so personal and not about anyone else but the person dealing with the matter. Yes others will ultimately have to decide what they will do once you expose, especially if you have been concealing from family and friends. But the first person to accept who you are as a GLBT person is YOU. Be authentic, be sovereign, be secure, be well in mind, body and spirit. Last but not least, “Come In” to knowing that God STILL loves and wants you! No matter what you think or what others tell you. Develop and “Come In” to a personal relationship with him. JUST AS YOU ARE! YOU’RE GOING TO NEED HIM. We all do! He loves all of his children no matter how messy we think we may be. No one is exempt from receiving his love and no one has done anything so terrible that they are not worthy of it. Unlike humans, His love is unconditional! Let go of the insignificant perception of others. People don’t matter when it comes to You and God! Breath; Be you, Be Free, and just “Come In”.

Comments to this blog are encouraged. Anything offensive, derogatory, and over-opinionated as deemed by the author will be deleted. 

27 thoughts on “Coming IN – A GLBT Tribute”

  1. I believe you’ve done a good job here. I buy your views. The Jesus whom we proclaim calls us to love unconditionally. We may not agree with someone; but that does not give us the leeway to judge and condemn. Let’s love, understand, support. If God does not like anything he’ll put a stop to it. Your post is beautifully written from the heart. Well done.

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    1. I believe everyone deserves respect and to be loved unconditionally. Perfect love casts out fear and love covers a multitude of sin. Christ died for all because we all sin and fall short. Thank God for His love and Mercy! Thank you for having the courage to speak up!

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  2. Interesting and thoughtful take on a very difficult subject. Kudos for your commitment to your beliefs, and kudos for your kindness. God is Love.


  3. Yes, this is a very hard topic, as a Christian believing in the word of God and uses the KJB, there is very clear scripture on this subject. I agree we do need to love one another as this is God’s commandment. We also need to share the gospel of truth and pray for all non-believers. I believe God is the only one who will judge not only me and my sins but everyone else’s as well. Pray without ceasing and let God use other’s for his own will. Amen.

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  4. This is a great post! I personally find nothing wrong or sinful about being gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc. since I believe that God only cares that we love each other and respect each other. However, I love that while you might not “condone their lifestyle” you also don’t condemn it or treat those who are gay/lesbian/bisexual with disrespect.

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  5. Thank you for joining up with Freedomborn Rose but No doubt you will delete my comment here and that’s your choice as it’s my choice to stand up for God’s Truth.

    You say you don’t agree with Homosexuality yet you encourage others to accept it as an alternative lifestyle but True all sin is an abomination to God, that is why He tells us to put our Carnal flesh to death which causes us to sin (Romans 8 :12-15- Romans 6 – Colossians 3:4-6 -Galatians 5:24 -26 KJV ) and Jesus has set us free from the slavery of Sin so we can do this as we aim to be Perfected in Love but not worldly perfection, God’s Perfection… (Matthew 5:48 -Hebrews 6:1-2 Corinthians 7: 1-2 Timothy 3:16-17-2 Timothy 2:19-21 -1John 4:17-19 – 2 Corinthians 13:11 KJV) we than walk as Jesus did in Love and Righteousness now not just when we die. (1John3:6-7- 2 Corinthians7:1 KJV)

    It is not Love Rose to watch someone doing what is dangerous and which leads to Spiritual death and not warn them and God tells us we are to warn them in Love and for Love.

    “Christ”ian Love – Anne.

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    1. Hi Anne,

      I certainly will not delete your post because it’s not offensive by far. In my blog I am certainly not encouraging Christians to accept the life style. My intent was to approach in love for we all are sinful and repetitive at times just as they are. (Example I have a friend who is a Christian who constantly abuses her husband with her words. It’s BAD! She keeps saying she won’t do it anymore but she continues. It’s been years, like a decade!) I give her God, prayer and his word against how she treats him but yet she still struggles! This blog was inspired by my step daughter who recently came out. In an effort to support my husband who bought to my attention my very harsh views and treatment toward the community he asked me to consider OUR daughter. It was an eye opener! What am I to do? She is clear I don’t condone the lifestyle but I must give her the word of God which I did and still love her inspite of what she decides to do. I do appreciate your response but again not my intent to rally for Christians to accept. If we can’t do anything about this after we give the word, there is nothing else to do in return but to Love and PRAY. I encourage other Christians to write on the topic to open discussion because we are not openly talking about it. When we do we appear argumentative with one another which does not look Godly to those who don’t know him. Blessings😇


      1. I appreciate that you didn’t delete my comment Rose, others have without Scriptural confirmation that I’m in error and it’s good that you don’t support Homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle and I do agree with you we are to Love everybody including Homosexuals but that does not mean we accept the wrong others do and say, God doesn’t.

        I have a close friend whose Son was raped when he was 8 it left him very mixed up and confused about his sexual identity, he went to his Minister for help but was avoided instead but a Homosexual man befriended him and today he is married to another man, it grieves my friend but she loves him and so do I.

        Christian Love- Anne

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        1. Morning Anne!

          Again thanks for your response! The subject is just tough for everyone involved. I’m thankful that God has convicted me to do only what I can since the ability to change a person does not lie with me. I can only change myself. I edited or removed part of your response only because I don’t want to link to it from my blog but will be visiting yours today to enjoy some of your articles. Thanks for the follow and I look forward to conversing on the goodness of our Lord on other matters as well. Enjoy your day😀


  6. I think this article is absolutely beautiful. I am employed in the Fashion and Arts industry where I am surrounded by those in the LGBT community. I have found that as I grow and profess my faith continuously I often feel as though I am offending those around me, people that I work with that have this life style. I have even seen casting calla requestingfor LGBT “friendly”. JUST because I don’t believe in the LGBT lifestyle does not mean that I don’t like or love people in the LGBT community. I am sad for them, sad for us, and sad for this world that continues to not accept people as human beings walking this earth. At the same time our body has a spirit and that spirit determines one character but it doesn’t make me discriminate against those who choose to live other than I do. I’m starting to feel as though I should be accepted as a believer in this industry who expresses herself as I am designed by my Creator to do to address social, spiritual, and economic issues that we are facing in this world. Bravo for taking your stand!

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    1. Your reply means a lot to me. I knew that posting it would cause controversial opinions especially amongst believers. I have been convicted lately by how I have been harsh in judgment but have loved ones in the community that I care deeply for. I have been missing the love factor in my walk with LGBT people. If God IS Love and we are his representatives, how dare we not include this essential ingredient in our reminding of the scripture that speaks against the lifestyle. That was the basis of my article and I tried to express that while making it clear that I don’t condone it by far, just really need to look at my condemning differently… Thank you so much for reading and commenting😀


  7. The article was well well written; it was interesting; however the events surrounding the topic have often taken on a life of their own. On one hand when one is a Christian and they address the topic of sin those who opposite it accuse them of bigotry when it is in truth demonizing those Christian who stand by the tenets of their faith; interestingly enough those who are critical of Christians when it comes to Homosexuality are rarely as vocal towards the Islamic community which leads to the question of why; when the standards on this topic are the same; both faiths call it sin.
    On the other hand; when a Christians shows the love of Jesus to the Homosexual Community then it is deems all to often as acceptance of the practice when it is simply the attempt to value the person and not what they do.
    Allow me to give an example of the Christian doctrine towards this topic. The Christians doctrine is clear; certain behaviors are not acceptable to the Lord; only the Lord can change that; the Lord has made His standards on it and biology confirms it. But as Christian we must love people while not always approving of what they do or accepting what they do to be right. My example follows. Its is a earthly story to give a Heavenly truth or a parable so try to follow it; lets have some fun.
    A father has a 4 year old son who is playing with a ball and the father tells the son, “Don’t throw the ball against the house because you may break the class windows.” The son hears the father but he doesn’t heed the warning so having fun he continues to throw the ball and it breaks the window. What happens? The father will scold the son; the father will have to pay to fix the window; but will the father disown the 4 year old? No! The father will still love the 4 year old; but it doesn’t mean that father approves of the son’s behavior of breaking windows; he may even punish the son.
    Likewise with this lifestyle; God loves us all; but He doesn’t approve of all behaviors; sometimes we break the glass windows; don’t ignore that we do it; don’t act like we do it; we do break the glass; God doesn’t approve of us breaking the glass windows of what He calls right; but like that father to that 4 years old God still loves us; even when we aren’t perfect; even when we openly deliberately do what He says we shouldn’t.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog John! I believe what you have expressed is what I touched on less the position of other religions. I wrote this solely from my personal Christian perspective. The purpose of it all is to promote God’s Love for the purpose of winning souls. People typically don’t come to God with the “You’re a sinner and going to hell” approach. I know I didn’t! I was approached that way many times before accepting Christ and quickly ran in the opposite direction! I believe that every single person is well aware of the consequences of their actions in experience if not theory. Also part of the reason why I referenced many scriptures of the same. Again, intent is to promote God’s Love vs. the “Take that thorn out of your eye” approach. Give Love to ALL, with the hope of salvation. Thereafter comes knowledge comes conviction comes change. At least that is how it worked for me. Thanks again for reading my friend.😃


    2. You are absolutely correct in saying the father of the four year old boy will always love his son. What we as Christian are to remember, however, is that the father will always discipline the son- out of love. As a matter of fact, the very next time he sees the son pick up the ball to play, daddy dearest will give the same warning. True love is so powerful in that it has the ability to condemn the action, while loving the person. When we see actions that are contrary to the will of God (gossip, slander, rape, homosexuality), we must speak against it, especially if we care about the person. If I am doing something that only keeps me in bondage, I need someone to love me enough to speak to me and pray for me. Rom 1:24, says there are serious repercussions for continual sin. To overlook and say we are doing so out of love for the person is…


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