May 2018 – Mental Health Awareness Month

As a overcomer of more than 30 years of depression, the topic of mental illness is especially close to my heart.

I have grown extremely passionate about sharing my story, struggles and strategies on how I’ve been set free from daily mental torment. Those years were very dark, oppressive and crippling times that I often thought I would never break free from.

Many also suffering in silence need to know they are not alone and should not be embarrassed to disclose the condition. Breaking free from the stigma is essential! There is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact acknowledgement is the first step towards healing.

Over 21 million adults in the US and more than 300 million around the world struggle with mental health disorders. Those number are a clear fact that each and every one of us knows a sufferer or may be one ourselves.

There truly is hope and a way to break free; for good! The process is not defined the same for us all. Some may need the support of therapeutic prescriptions. I have tried that as well but to no avail. For me, there was no management or healing in the form of a pill or structured secular counseling. Both seemed to help initially but not long term. More holistic, spiritual, and practical daily applications have been the key to my deliverance.

That process I unapologetically share with those who have tried traditional methods and have not experienced relief. That way is heavily accredited to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The rest was up to me in applying His word, His will, His way.

Over the past 3 years I have written and openly shared my conquest towards healing. During the Month of May 2018, I will be re-sharing those testimonies in visual format on The RealBoldTruth show as well as other inspirations as given to my spirit.

I do hope that you will consider, share, and follow as a way of considering something new or revisiting the powerful healing properties that lie in the Savior.

We will talk about:



Mental torment


It’s important to clearly Understand how faith & spiritual warfare play a major role in freedom.

I do hope you’ll join me and I look forward to your comments and feedback.


4 thoughts on “May 2018 – Mental Health Awareness Month”

  1. Great Word Chanel, sometimes people accept mental illness as one’s permanent state in life and people never get FREE…I Thank God that Jesus took mental illness and nailed it to the cross…there is deliverance, hope and freedom however which way God moves in that given situation to free one of one being mentally tormented.

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  2. Thank you Chanel. An important message. Much to often families, communities and churches don’t discuss openly the issue of mental health illness. These are places that should be safe havens to discuss and understand the illness.

    Sometimes medication is needed to treat the illness. The same as high blood pressure, cancer, etc.. Prayer (spiritual warfare) and imedication if needed can work hand in hand to treat those suffering.

    Ephesians 4:23
    “and that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind”

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    1. Amen AJ! Thank you for always commenting, sharing and being true to RBT! The formula to true freedom may be slightly different for those who suffer but the main ingredient of The sacrificial blood of the Lamb is undeniable! Love you lots!🙁


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