Contest Winner #1 – Hair By Skye

The RLRT is proud to introduce It’s first Contest Winner!

Ms. Skye Colding!

Skye is multitalented in an array of areas related to the fashion industry. She is the one responsible for keeping yours truly, Chanel Walker-Bailey looking her best!

Skye has a natural and God given passion for everything fashion and beauty. She is an indepenent stylist conducting business in her own salon located in New Castle, Delaware.

She specializes in natural hair care, precision cutting and extensions. Skye even hand makes her very own wigs! 

Skye is creative and has an eye for bringing beauty to life! She makes unique jewelry pieces, has an intimate apparel line, and consults as a personalized stylist!

Skye is a true professional and lives by the motto of Building Confidence in her clients by making each one feel good about themselves.

You can book an appointment by calling (301)-213-1361. Her shop is located at:
166 South DuPont Highway

New Castle, DE 19720

(Inside the Hair Gallery)
Walk-ins are Welcomed!
For discounts, cool photos and fashion trends visit and follow Skye on her Instagram pages:


Or on Facebook – Skye Hairfash Colding

#fashion #beauty #stylist #beautyconsultant

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