Order in the Family

One evening last week I was sitting down watching an episode of America’s Got Talent (2016).

A young man by the name of Campbell Walker Fields captured my soul for a moment and had my undivided attention. He is African American, 14 years old and shared a painful testimony about how he was given away by his birth mother and adopted by a Caucasian gay couple who are both males. 

This young man poured out his heart about how he longed to find and meet his mother. Although extremely appreciative of the love and sacrifice from his adopted fathers, he still longed to unite with the source he originated from. The two men who raised Campbell looked on and encouraged their son’s journey. I was completely moved to compassion by their sincerity and support to help their son find closure and ultimately peace. Tears filled their eyes as they clung to one another as Campbell belted out lyrics to a song he composed assuring his mother that he longs to see and has always loved her. 

It was clear that Campbell has never been without love, provision and security. His dads clearly care for him like their own. He wanted for nothing less than the woman who helped bring his life forth but chose not to raise him. His life was still incomplete.

I found myself asking if this young man had all he needed, why would he still long for the woman who gave him away? God answered my question with this statement:

“I have never changed my mind on my original design for the family simply because humanity has.”

The response shook my spirit like nothing has in a very long time!

It was always the purposed intent of our Lord for a concrete family structure: The man who follows God, the woman who follows the man and when they reproduce and bear children, these new lives are molded by the original two. This design, if followed by his Word and instructions for life, is absolutely flawless! Brokenness is inevitable when man changes this design intentionally or unintentionally.

The spirit of our living God is completely grieved when:

Men abandon their families and forfeit their leadership positions as Head-of-household.

Mothers turn away from their children denying them proper nurturing mentally or physically. 

Women are forced to play the role of both parents when the man decides to leave.

Men and Women become lovers of themselves and interrupt the process of natural reproduction.

And so much more….

All of this can leave children left alone, confused, misguided, lacking, and questioning their origin long into their adult years. This vicious cycle can continue into the next generation poisoning our future.

Millions of lives are shattered today because of human divination from the architectural structure of the family defined by the Lord.

No matter how much any other way is justified, His way is the spiritual fabric of our make up, and has been since the beginning of time. This is undeniable under the most intense debate!

The slightest alteration in the perfect family design is the very reason why at 43 years of age, I still feel the obvious void of not being effectively parented. It’s a wound that seems to never heal. It’s the reason why Campbell who wants for nothing still longs to have the mother he was denied of. It’s the reason why other grown and clearly successful figures like Kelly Clarkson  would pen a song about the father who abandoned her entitled “Piece by Piece”. She made something of herself despite his absence but will still breakdown when reflecting on her childhood and how he left her.

No changes of law, fight for freedom, or stances for equality will ever change the original unadulterated hand of God. society can try and has advanced in efforts, but lives will continue to be shattered at the very foundation the more we place resistance on His Will for our lives.

21 thoughts on “Order in the Family”

  1. Such a moving reminder about God’s plan for the family. There are so many people who go through life feeling a void that they just can’t seem to fill – Adopted, foster care and often ‘traditional’ families. I thank God that your articles are God inspired.

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      1. Yes, Lord! That’s why the guy that I’m dating now and I are taking things slow and letting God court our spirits in the old fashioned since. My daddy left me broken and I broke up Munch’s family when I left his dad. It’s a cycle and one that I hope my son will never have to experience.

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  2. Oh this is so well written! The truth does set us free- even though it may be a hard pill to swallow. Thanks for the reminder to stick with the Lord’s original plan for the family! Love the videos! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Love the analogy Dainty, A hard pill to swallow. Some things God has me to write about my flesh says “what will they think and say?” But compromising is not my position as a believer. The Word is the Word and I believe every thing in it. That’s why this Blog is entitled REALBOLDTRUTH! Thanks for reading lady!๐Ÿ˜

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  3. Great post ๐Ÿ™‚ That is a powerful story and like you and many others, we all hope that this individual will have a successful career artistically or commercially and a wonderful life as well. I think millions of viewers who tuned in feel the same way too ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, keep up the great work as always ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Great Article Chanel, I agree with you or should I say the word of God’s Plan for Families. I Thank God that the Jesus Heals, Restores and can Fix the Broken Pieces.

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  5. This is a beautiful post on God’s original plan for the family. The people of the world have messed that up since men started to have more than one wife. Then God allowed divorce, because of our hard hearts, Jesus said.

    It is interesting how true it is that people like Kelly Clarkson are affected all their lives because of the father or mother leaving. My grandson always dreamed of getting close to his father when he grew up, but then his father died and my grandson was devastated. That is the reality of living in this broken world.

    Personally, although it is not God’s original plan, I still support gay people getting married. As long as they are totally faithful to each other, I think it is fine. God gave us free will and we should give that to others as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else. My sister is a lesbian, but is faithful to her partner and a wonderful Christian. I think we have to leave these things in God’s capable hands.

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    1. Hi there BelleUnruh!! Thanks for chiming in! Just want to clarify that my post was only inspired by this couple who raised a remarkable young man. It’s no judgement by far on what they have done. I wish I had even had 1/2 of what they gave Campbell as a child. I’m only pointing out that when God’s plan is deviated from, scars are left behind. (Hence God never intended for mothers to abandon their children). The fathers gave him all they could but there’s something about a mother’s love that just can’t be replaced and vice versa. I commend the dads! They are also pretty remarkable in so many ways. I have loved ones in the community who are also believers as well so no judgement here. I have my own mess!! Lol! I would rather see a child provided for in this way than to be left completely abandoned for sure! Blessings my friend!

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      1. Oh no, I did not think you were judging the fathers of that boy. I just thought in case someone who is reading does, I’ll put my two cents in. Sorry, I’m very protective of my sister and people who are gay. Thanks for the great article.

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        1. See I was so worried if I offended you so my apologies as well!!! My step daughter is in the community and if anyone hurt my baby girl because of the life style she’s in, well I’m sure my Christianity would be questioned! Lol! She lives in FL with her gorgeous partner and we love them to pieces.. After what happened Down there I was very disturbed so I can relate to that level of protection you feel more than you know…..

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  6. His two fathers are a lesson to all parents. They are loving and supportive of their son in everything that he needs. Every one has the need to make sense of how they came to be.

    Yasmin is my stepdaughter but without any prompting started to call me Dad. She no longer speaks to her biological father. The reasons are very similar to the reasons why her mother divorced him in the first place.

    Any fool can conceive a baby – that’s biology. A parent is the one who loves and brings a child up.

    Yasmin once found one of those motivational pictures online and sent it to me via WhatsApp. It said that a step-parent is better than a real parent because step-parents choose to love you.

    The two fathers are truly a blessing from God.

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    1. Hi Harry! You are so right! I was in complete awe of the dads and shed tears with them! They are remarkable men! I wish I had that kind of love growing up. Your step daughter is one of the lucky ones because of your dedication to her. Sounds like you loved her so much that she was able to connect with her heart and soul that you are all the dad she need. Unfortunately there are millions that don’t ever get that thus leaving behind scars that never heal! I hope parents of all kind saw that show and rethink their parenting skills as a result. The two dads were great examples but Campbell is still broken because the original design for him was broken. (Nothing like a real mother’s love) I pray he finds peace and so glad your daughter was blessed with a man like you! That’s rare my friend! Glad to hear from you!๐Ÿค—

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