Time for a Spot Check!

What are you doing and where are you at?

Yes I so boldly begin this post by getting all in your business!!

Oh, By the way,  Happy August!

This glorious month leaves us with just under 5 left in 2016. Time is really flying!!

Which brings me back to my initial inquiry; where are you?

Let’s do a quick life spot check!

Are you still working towards those goals you so enthusiastically set at the New Year or have you run out of steam?

Has life thrown you a few punches leaving you questioning the process?

Are you paralyzed by procrastination due to fear and lack of faith that you too can make it? 

Here are some clues that may confirm that you may have lost your way a bit…

Each day looks like the last and hopelessness is setting in.

You have mistaken your career as your life’s purpose putting all your time and energy into what does not and will not produce lasting joy.

You have stopped putting effort into your goals. You’ve lost sight, hope and remain at a standstill.

You are feeling bitter, slighted, antsy, impatient, doubtful, angry and a whole host of other negative emotions….

So these things happen to us all from time-to-time. I have both hands up confessing that these mental barricades have tried to take camp in my journey as well. But I have become radical and refuse to go backwards for there is nothing behind me that’s beneficial. I must keep moving.

So do you! If you are not happy in you relationships, job, business or have qualms with yourself, God has given you all you need to change your circumstances. They won’t alter on their own, YOU MUST DO SOMETHING!

Stop with the excuses, the pity party and the blame games. Especially as believers in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, it’s either we believe his Word or we don’t!

It’s not too late! Five months is still a good bit of time especially since we serve a very Big God who is able to do all things!

What will the end of your 2016 look like? You decide!

18 thoughts on “Time for a Spot Check!”

  1. Great post πŸ™‚ It is always great to keep a checklist of everything you want to achieve in a year and keep up with If you have achieved it or not πŸ™‚ Anyway, keep up the great work as always πŸ™‚

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  2. I feel like a tired teen at a boot-camp and there you are as a soldier telling me to get up and keep moving… But it’s so hard!!! Lol. Thank you for the encouragement. I’ve gotta get my bum off the floor and keep pushing towards the attainment of my goals. Keep being real Chanel! Much love.

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  3. I ALWAYS read your blogs, so as USUAL this is definitely a good read. PLEASE continue to let God use you!!! You know I am a big cheerleader for you

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  4. I wish God would’ve given us a manual to life! I don’t make any resolutions but I make small goals and it feels great to achieve them. Thanks for sharing! 😊

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    1. Hi Kate! But God did give us a manual; it’s called the BIBLE! Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. The word truly has in it all we need to achieve the greatest he put in us! So glad to hear you are working towards your goals. Now add that instruction and you are sure to be an ultimate success! It won’t be easy but so worth it! Thanks for stopping by sweety!😊

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      1. Oh I know!! LOL I meant like something that says where or what I should be doing. I am going through a really tough time and have no answers. I have been extremely patient but it can be wary. Thank you for your encouragement!

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        1. I certainly know what you mean Kate!! I am a needs to know kinda girl and it’s frustrating when my life doesn’t look like what God’s word says but if we knew it all we wouldn’t need Him right? Right! What ever it is, Kate it’s all working for your good! I encourage you while I encourage me! Say blessed love😍

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  5. What a great reminder and a wake up call…..one thing we do know as long as we have breath it’s never too late to get-up and get to moving in your God Ordained Destiny!!! Thanks for the Reminder…

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    1. Hallelujah! I preach to myself as well to stay on target! So much to do but it’s all for the Glory of God! For the first time I am truly excited about my life!! Thank you for being such an intricate part of the vision.πŸ€—


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