Soulful Sunday – Growing Up in God

As the physical body matures, there are certain aspects of our beings that max out and reach their greatest height of development. Once this occurs, the inevitable change that takes place thereafter is simply called aging. Many try to alter and slow down the course of getting older, but that feat just can’t be won!

As believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, there is a growth process that we actually have the power of influencing. This navigation resides in the realm of our Spiritual nature and we have complete control in how advanced we want to become.

As brand new believers, we are as delicate as a new born babe. More likely to be vulnerable and dependent on others like our Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers and other ministry gifts to assist in our development. There is so much to learn and embrace in order to experience a true growth-spurt! 

Whether in the natural or spirit, growing is always accompanied by levels of pain. We must stretch, shift, and shed in order to enlarge. This expansion sometimes does not feel good and can be extremely painful! Nearly like a baby going through a difficult teething period! When we face the need to surpass our current level of spiritual maturity, we do have a choice. We can endure the process in Faith knowing that we will be better in Him as a result, or we can remained stunted and never experience all that He has for us.

I know countless people who have been saved for many years who have chosen to remain infantile spiritually. Outwardly, they are as grown as the common adult, but remain as juvenile as a new born Christian in the things of God. They shout, worship, praise and perform a host of religious acts all while choosing to shun the spiritual maturing process.

I have been a devout believer for some 15+ years now. As the Lord has move me from one edifice to another exposing me to much deeper revelations in Him, I have experienced the conviction of needing to grow up!! Doing so is the true way to leave my past where it belongs, being content in every phase of life, handling difficult relationships, becoming a giver, evolve in the gifts he’s blessed me with and so much more. I have decided that I’m tired of reaping the same results and running from every thing that challenges, grieves and causes discomfort. It’s time to literally hold The Lord at his every word for my stubbornness is not beneficial!

Are you a believer that has stopped growing? You can assess yourself if you still are consumed by your past, have a heart filled with doubt, look down on yourself, can’t love or forgive, have a hard time letting others in, feel as if you have arrived, have become unteachable, are filled with a sense of spiritual arrogance, and are judgmental of others. This list is far from being all-inclusive!

God wants us to always be ready for a refreshing from Him! It’s not his intention for our feet to remain planted and stuck in the same place we were when we first let him into our hearts! There is so much more but it’s our choice to receive!

No it won’t be easy, but the end result of His pruning and elevation process is much more beautiful than any state we decide to stay stuck in.
Make a decision today to grow up to your next level in God and watch him REALLY bless your life!

9 thoughts on “Soulful Sunday – Growing Up in God”

  1. A timely article on Growing up in God…..I believe we all as Christians must strive to come off of the Milk and grow up in the the Lord and start eating the Meat of the Word and become Mature Christians. I believe that God’s is wooing us to draw nearer and come closer.

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  2. Okay, God is definitely talking to me through you. The message is so straight, so direct, so real and so clear! So much I’ve got to work upon from this post, I pray for the grace and endurance to grow. Thank you Chanel for allowing God use you. God bless you! 🙂

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    1. Dainty this inspiration came out of my own need of growing as well. I’m with you lady! Countless others are as well but will they even admit it? I know for you and I, that’s a level of maturity in itself! Love ya lots!😍

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