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Soulful Sunday – Filled to Capacity

On this initial day of 2017, I feel incredibly peaceful. A state of wellbeing overdue and welcomed. As I take a moment to simply reflect, the word that sums up the sensation in my heart is “Gratefulness”.

There are many who did not cross over into this New Year and there are more who won’t see another dawning after today. For this not being my fate, I am grateful! I have yet another chance to make the most out of what God has given me. Yes indeed, I am grateful!

Furthermore, I want for nothing! My very essentials are indeed met without question. I have warm shelter. I have my husband by my side. I have thriving children. I have constant employment. I have reliable transportation. I have a few dependable friends. I have loving spiritual support, guidance and counsel. My health is stable, mind, body and spirit. I have family and haven’t lost anyone dear to my heart in a very long time. Although all that I have mentioned are far from perfect, I am thankful to possess them than to be without them. 

Although truly grateful, my Realboldtruth is that 2016 was far from being that manifested, NOTHING held back, Jubilee year for me personally. The prophetic word I heard midway through the year from a well known Pastor was that by Christmas your life will be so much different. My reality is, my life looked pretty much the same on that day. 

Nothing over-the-top, mind blowing, unexpected or larger than life blessing happened last year after I received the revelation of it being a Jubilee season. I was incredibly humbled to have ministered to others on the topic and I began looking and expecting this incredible “thing” to happen for me before the end of December 31, 2016. What I received instead was simply peace. It’s priceless and I don’t take it lightly. For that, I’m grateful..

Even though 2016 did not unfold the way I interpreted the spiritual utterances I have heard, I recognize that I have so much and I’m filled to capacity. On this day, this truly is enough and I thank my Heavenly Father for his grace, his mercy, his protection, his provision and his presence. I have no expectations although I remain in faith for “Greater” but this time free from anxiety. 

How are you feeling this New Year’s Day?
Are you disappointed about what didn’t happen last year?
If so it’s ok and perfectly human but don’t stay in that mindset because we still have a perfect God that is still very much for us.

Lord, I Love you and I trust you. Thank you for allowing me to see another year. I remain optimistic that the best for my life is still yet to come, just in your timing.

Until next time, Happy Sunday!

Soulful Sunday – The Pause Button

There is yet another viral epedemic flooding our country called “The Mannequin Challenge” Its all in the name of fun for it participants as they maintain a frozen position while someone is recording the play to some theme appropriate music. Those that I have seen on multiple social media platforms are really creative and have made me truly smile. I think this challenge is a breath of fresh air during such a time of change and uncertainty for our society.

I have been asked recently to participate in the challenge but I kindly turned down the offer. I feel I am already in one spiritually; as if the pause button to my life has been pressed and I’m stuck and going no where fast. I’ve experienced physical and soul realm fatigue after doing all that I can naturally. There are about six weeks remaining in this year and I have to make some life altering decisions in preparation for 2017. Do I remain on this path that magnifies my gift or do I return to the hustle and grind of the corporate life in order to survive. I won’t have the time to do both with consistency so one will have to be abandoned indefinitely…

Either way I’m on pause in a “mannequin” like position. Extremely frustrated because growth, results and moving forward produces drive, energy and a sense of accomplishment in me. I feel I am at my emotional best when I’m forging ahead.

This interruption of sorts contradicts what I’ve been speaking and sharing lately and I’m concerned for the outcome. God are you there? Have you heard my cries? Will you deactivate this motionless standstill in my life for I’m beginning to question my value and worth yet again. I thought I was past this part of simply existing, but here I am again.

Have you ever felt this way or are you here today with me? As believers we sometimes hit these life patches that appear like life is just standing still and we are frozen in a state that’s not our choice. If that’s you, let’s remain encouraged, someway and somehow that our Lord, our God is so completely busy in action on our behalf. He’s behind the sight of what we can see producing the fruit of our labor. He’s already said what He will do so no need for Him to repeat what was already spoken. 

Being anxious profits nothing.

Doubting is the contrary of Faith.

Forcing efforts that interrupt the work of His hands will cause further delays and confusion.

So we stand, on pause and patiently wait on the Lord.

Until next time, happy Sunday!

Soulful Sunday – The Cherry Picker

Like many, I simply love summer! Mostly because of the ripeness it provides in fruit! Bing cherries are my very favorite and I have a time at the local farmers market rummaging through baskets of them to assure I pick out nothing but the the best. 

Last summer I visited an orchard with my family. It was my first time and I felt so child-like while racing with my son down the isles of purposely planted trees. Eyeing the fruit of each and deciding which was worthy of selection and deposit into our wooden basket. I also could not help but to notice those that fell to the ground, were pushed off by the way-side as their bruises shimmered in the sunshine accenting signs of unworthiness.

Like a careful fruit selector, so are some believers when it comes to mounting issues in our lives. We give some to God and keep others discarded away in the crevices of our bruised and bleeding souls. We “Cherry Pick” and select which problems we feel and want God to handle while we retain, ignore, bury and discard others that our level of faith has not trusted our Savior to completely deliver us from. 

Maybe we’ve been in it so long that we gave up hope for change, or we just don’t believe that matters actually can. So we endure hidden and secret pains that have contaminated and rotted away at the core of our spirits.

Jesus Christ says Cast all your cares on him! This is the totality of Him sacrificing His life for ours. He died and paid the cost for EVERY matter that concerns us. He did not pick and choose! He wants it All!!

There is no statement more true than; “Nothing is too big for our God!”

What problems are you facing today that you have “Cherry Picked”?

Is it your finances?

Your relationships?

Your health?

The pain from your past?

Your concerns for the future?

Your deferred dream?

Whatever it may be, Consider how long it’s been in your possession. Has anything really changed?

Offer it up to your Lord and Savior and let him REALLY handle it!  It’s the reason why He came, lived, died and rose again! He’s more than able!

Have a blessed Sunday!

(He Wants It All – The Jonses)