Soulful Sunday – True Redemption 

It still hurts when I consider it. In fact, I’m still not over it. It’s been easier said than done. No matter how much word, encouragement or affirmation I receive, there is still a sting that remains.

To this day and on occasion, I am haunted and offended by the way I was ill regarded. It’s been over a year since the initial offense and yet I find myself still questioning my abilities, intellect and competence. My ego was left mangled, scarred and completely crushed. I did nothing to deserve that….

The matter has left me looking at a future that feels so uncertain for I thought I was on my way. I’ve secretly been on a mission to redeem myself, someway and somehow. Trying to get up the courage to try at that level again. The need for redemption burns deep within. I want to prove it to myself for I believe I deserve it but have reservations…..

Has life ever dealt you a set of circumstances that you never saw coming and didn’t deserve at the very least? I am sure this happens to everyone, but often the thought of how common these offenses are provides very little comfort. This is even more true when a great deal of time has passed and you haven’t recovered or experienced change. I want to be redeemed.

My greatest truth in this matter is that I am truly weary with trying to conjure up my own way. Those efforts are not going to work. I’m mature enough in the Gospel to understand this as fact. I also had to check myself if whether I want things or approval of man more than I want The Lord. 

I want and need HIM above all else. His process of redemption is truth. 

He shall set my feet on high places. (Psalms 18:33)

He will prepare a plate before my enemies. (Psalms 23:5)

He is my true deliverer.  (Psalms 18:2)

My stolen years will eventually be restored. (Joel 2:25)

This day I repent publicly to my Heavenly Father for the enemy does not have the last say over that thing or any other thing!
My Lord, My Daddy, my Abba Father, my refuge, my strength, my everything shall redeem me as I desire more of Him first!

My priorities are in check now. I have no other choice but to wait on The Lord!

Until Next Time, Happy Sunday!

12 thoughts on “Soulful Sunday – True Redemption ”

  1. It might help to keep in mind how many people were unkind to Jesus and wanted to kill him. He did not deserve any of that. My husband has had people at his workplace try to get him fired and lied about him. We live in a world of fallen people who do terrible things.

    One thing I’ve noticed about forgiving people. It feels joyful. Ask God to help you find that joy in forgiving these people. This is your cross and everyone’s cross – forgiving people who hurt you.

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    1. You are right BelleUnruh! I have forgiven my offenders but dealing with the hurt afterwards is the matter with me. If I were in their presence today, none of them would know how I feel emotionally. It’s the aftermath part vs. forgiveness that I still struggle with. It’s getting better as I come to know that I don’t live to get back at them at all but to wait on my redeemer. Thanks for reading and chiming in! Pray you are well!😇

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  2. Great post 🙂 Interestingly enough and this is what I have noticed with myself and other people is that as our own lives progress, we discover what that the destiny God has in mind for each individual is not achieved right away. In other words, we achieve each aspect one by one. Sorry, If it sounds complicated, but it is something I have noticed. Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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    1. I believe I understand what you are saying John. The destiny process is slow fir I thought it would look a certain way but not! The one by one you mentioned represents to me all these individuals tests that are truly molding and shaping. They don’t feel good but I know they are necessary! Blessing to you sir and thanks for stopping by!🤗


  3. I think more people suffer with this problem than you might think. It has taken me years to “sometimes” believe that my Creator wants the best for me always, It’s difficult because there are times that I just can’t believe how other people can be so rude to me. I really get upset when I know I try my best to be kind to others. But what really brings me to tears is when I cannot and will not retaliate. Why do I have to be the diplomatic one? But I know I do not want to be the offender. You know I have to remember that all people have their own path given them by their Creator. And that’s none of my business. Being “truly weary of trying to conjure up your own way” is the perfect truth for you. I don’t think you are “stuck” because you have learned more about yourself over time. You really are growing in understanding. You are already at the “set” table. The Creator knows that as human beings we sometimes lean more toward other humans than we do to him. God’s got your back. As long as I continue to pursue what I believe is the Creator’s will for me, and not what my will is for me, my life will work out just fine.

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    1. Amen to all of this Elvagreen123! It’s all so very true. I know we all experience this level of insult at some time in our lives. As painful as it is, standing our Christ-Like Diplomatic grounds is truly the only response we should give. He will redeem and reward us openly at the appointed time! Bless you my Sister!🤗

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  4. You are a blessed child of God who loves you and will never leave you. Our self doubt is normal as we live our human existence but Christ died for us to be fully aware of how His Holy Spirir can engulf our hearts! There is a scripture about none of us not being able To alter even a minute of the past through worry ! I really have to hold on to that scripture some days! Thank you for shRing your walk of faith!

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  5. Awesome Word Chanel. I been offended but I was the offender. Now you talk about getting over Offense. When you was the one who hurt the person I feel often hurt because I hurt the person will they really forgive me. Do I constantly wear the shame everything I see them. That’s hard to believe that God can remove the stain. But one time he did it and Forever I’m forgiven. Thanks Sister I love you.

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    1. My sister, we’ve all been there. Hurting someone we didn’t mean to hurt. If you didn’t have a Godly conscious, this wouldn’t bother you. But since you do, working on forgiving yourself instead of reliving the details is necessary. Prayerfully the person who was hurt has forgiven and moved on in a healthy way. Christ has already forgiven. Even in my situation, I’ve forgiven my offenders but just hate what they did to me. My present seems to be stuck as a result of what happened. That’s where I’m struggling. But I know it’s still working together no matter how long I feel like it’s been. Gotta shut the enemy’s voice down who tells me my offenders got over taking away my increase but I have to know that’s a lie as I wait for God to set my table. Love you much!😍


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