Soulful Sunday – The Pause Button

There is yet another viral epedemic flooding our country called “The Mannequin Challenge” Its all in the name of fun for it participants as they maintain a frozen position while someone is recording the play to some theme appropriate music. Those that I have seen on multiple social media platforms are really creative and have made me truly smile. I think this challenge is a breath of fresh air during such a time of change and uncertainty for our society.

I have been asked recently to participate in the challenge but I kindly turned down the offer. I feel I am already in one spiritually; as if the pause button to my life has been pressed and I’m stuck and going no where fast. I’ve experienced physical and soul realm fatigue after doing all that I can naturally. There are about six weeks remaining in this year and I have to make some life altering decisions in preparation for 2017. Do I remain on this path that magnifies my gift or do I return to the hustle and grind of the corporate life in order to survive. I won’t have the time to do both with consistency so one will have to be abandoned indefinitely…

Either way I’m on pause in a “mannequin” like position. Extremely frustrated because growth, results and moving forward produces drive, energy and a sense of accomplishment in me. I feel I am at my emotional best when I’m forging ahead.

This interruption of sorts contradicts what I’ve been speaking and sharing lately and I’m concerned for the outcome. God are you there? Have you heard my cries? Will you deactivate this motionless standstill in my life for I’m beginning to question my value and worth yet again. I thought I was past this part of simply existing, but here I am again.

Have you ever felt this way or are you here today with me? As believers we sometimes hit these life patches that appear like life is just standing still and we are frozen in a state that’s not our choice. If that’s you, let’s remain encouraged, someway and somehow that our Lord, our God is so completely busy in action on our behalf. He’s behind the sight of what we can see producing the fruit of our labor. He’s already said what He will do so no need for Him to repeat what was already spoken. 

Being anxious profits nothing.

Doubting is the contrary of Faith.

Forcing efforts that interrupt the work of His hands will cause further delays and confusion.

So we stand, on pause and patiently wait on the Lord.

Until next time, happy Sunday!

10 thoughts on “Soulful Sunday – The Pause Button”

  1. This really hit it up for me. Currently in a similar situation, coincidentally God gave me same scriptural reference.
    “Be anxious for nothing, but prayer and thanksgiving, make your request known unto God”.

    Thanks for the reminder that God is in charge even when it seems He is inactive.

    God continue to increase your wisdom. Amen

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    1. D some think I wrote this as a vent but it’s actually just Realboldtruth. Sometimes we as believers need to know that others who share our faith feel the same at times. The key is not to stay there!! I’m not an over zealous religious blogger. That can be found on other platforms. I keep it REAL between how believers feel while aiming to stay hopeful in the spirit. God will always get the Glory because His will be done regardless of how impatient my stinky flesh gets! Lol! Stay encouraged! What He said He will , shall come to pass!😇

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  2. In life, we are binded by the thought that whatever we do, ‘we have to keep moving’. However, I personally think, we need to learn to PAUSE, too.
    Pause – to thank HIM for where we are and what we become, pause – to evaluate if we’re still doing the right thing, pause – to endure the pain life’s giving, pause – to let the situation sink in and learn.

    It’s true that no matter how slow we go, we have to keep moving. But a short PAUSE to appreciate the beauty of life, I think is no harm. 🙂

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    1. Very true! Key statement you made “a SHORT Pause” most any human spirit with a level of maturity can endure. When that time goes beyond Short like into years, it’s very natural to question simply because we are human. Nevertheless, He has a purpose for the Pause regardless of how restless our souls become. Thanks for chiming in!

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  3. Well, Chanel, you know I’ve been there, done that and worn the tshirt several times! These David moments aren’t fun and the enemy uses these waiting times to whisper doubt. Doubting what we heard and doubting our value.

    Once you’ve shared the desires of your heart, if the door stays closed, it’s not time to go through it. Just continue to prepare and enjoy where you are. Impatience leads to discouragement which has been difficult to bounce back from. The Lord’s plans for us are good and He’ll launch them at the right time.

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  4. Take the risk even if it feels paralyzing, as long as you are assured that it is God’s perfect will …God will honor It. He can turn great trials and risks into wonderful rewards for you.

    With God there is no uncertainty……He has control over all things and He will never fail to accomplish His good purposes (Eph. 1:11) in your life

    Proverbs 3:5 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding”.

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