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Soulful Sunday – The Cherry Picker

Like many, I simply love summer! Mostly because of the ripeness it provides in fruit! Bing cherries are my very favorite and I have a time at the local farmers market rummaging through baskets of them to assure I pick out nothing but the the best. 

Last summer I visited an orchard with my family. It was my first time and I felt so child-like while racing with my son down the isles of purposely planted trees. Eyeing the fruit of each and deciding which was worthy of selection and deposit into our wooden basket. I also could not help but to notice those that fell to the ground, were pushed off by the way-side as their bruises shimmered in the sunshine accenting signs of unworthiness.

Like a careful fruit selector, so are some believers when it comes to mounting issues in our lives. We give some to God and keep others discarded away in the crevices of our bruised and bleeding souls. We “Cherry Pick” and select which problems we feel and want God to handle while we retain, ignore, bury and discard others that our level of faith has not trusted our Savior to completely deliver us from. 

Maybe we’ve been in it so long that we gave up hope for change, or we just don’t believe that matters actually can. So we endure hidden and secret pains that have contaminated and rotted away at the core of our spirits.

Jesus Christ says Cast all your cares on him! This is the totality of Him sacrificing His life for ours. He died and paid the cost for EVERY matter that concerns us. He did not pick and choose! He wants it All!!

There is no statement more true than; “Nothing is too big for our God!”

What problems are you facing today that you have “Cherry Picked”?

Is it your finances?

Your relationships?

Your health?

The pain from your past?

Your concerns for the future?

Your deferred dream?

Whatever it may be, Consider how long it’s been in your possession. Has anything really changed?

Offer it up to your Lord and Savior and let him REALLY handle it!  It’s the reason why He came, lived, died and rose again! He’s more than able!

Have a blessed Sunday!

(He Wants It All – The Jonses)