September Count Down

RealBoldTruth has entered into the Month of September along with the rest of the world. As swimming pools close, children return to school, days begin to get shorter and leaves on trees turn radiant colors, the fact still remains that we have 4 more months left in 2016!

Have you slowed down?

Have you counted that thing you were once excited about as a wash?

Have you convinced yourself that you’ll start again next year?

Have you allowed the enemy to make you think God’s not going to do it for you?
I dare you to shut him down, reignite your Faith and believe until the very end!!

It’s not over and God is certainly not finished!

To be continued……

5 thoughts on “September Count Down”

  1. Great Word, a word to awaken those that might be drifting off, feel discouraged and or looking around instead of looking up to the Author and Finisher of their Faith!
    Thanks……keep God’s words and thoughts a coming, remember seeds are being planted and your Harvest is a coming.

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    1. I missed this comment somehow earlier! Forgive me! I share as God gives and minister to myself as well for certain! We all should look forward to The Greater our Heavenly Father has for us! Thanks for reading as always!😍


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