The Remnants of Rejection

They still linger wooing you back into the deepest pit of despair to have teetering intimacy that tortures and paralyzed your soul.

After revelation, acknowledgement, spirit searching and confessing deliverance, sometimes the emotion of rejection still lingers.

During times of great inconvenience

Feelings of inadequacy

Struggling to find common place in familiar spaces.

Emotional walls you use as shields to barricade your over sensitive mind and still fragile heart. All serve as an avoidance mechanism to prevent the excruciating pain of human dismissal.

You know that:

You matter!

You have something to say!

Great things to offer.

Were Put here for beneficial reasons.

Have a great deal to offer…

But yet the remnants of rejection haunts periodically from:

That boss who overlooks you constantly.

That spouse who once adored you is now taking your presence for granted.

That father who only donated to your existence but walked away from taking part in your development.

That mother who only carries the title but failed miserably to prepare you for life in action, deed and guidance.

That circle of people you’ve tried to fit in with but struggle to consistently feel a sense of acceptance.

That child that now discounts your sacrifices down to mere mediocre obligations.

That organization, network group or ministry that fails to recognize your value by not allowing fresh perspectives to advance the agenda.

It is all evident and really truly hurts.

You live on with deep suppression of it all. Some days not entertaining rejection works but other days it burst on the scene of your feelings like a tidal wave leaving you drowning in great emotional despair.

But God who has delivered often reminds you to stay focused and forge ahead not giving into to the temptations of the accusatory voice. For that is truly what rejection is. A self destructive tactic of the enemy to cease what must manifest in your life.

He (Satan), also knows your value and how powerful you would be if only you find the courage to shut him down completely and permanently!

The facts of how you came to be, who suffered a loss due to not accepting you as a blessing, or who felt it robbery to contribute to your maturity are all significant components directly tied to your life’s purpose.

Be not deceived that your current experience defines your end result. God, in Christ Jesus is more than willing to heal your heart from rejection and beyond. Trust the process by looking to Him and Him alone. Through the Savior, we are never thrown away, never discounted and never left alone.

5 thoughts on “The Remnants of Rejection”

  1. Amen! Yes indeed.
    You have been coming to my heart recently Chanel, so I had to look for your blog amongst my list of followers. I knew I would recognise your name once I saw it.
    I have often questioned why I take it so personally when fickle men do not celebrate, love or respect me. The more I have experienced rejection in my life, the more I have grown to appreciate the unconditional quality of God’s unfailing and steadfast love for me.
    I pray that whilst He takes you through your current season he will be your fortress, strength and shield and that His Holy Spirit will strengthen you in your inner being.
    Don’t let that old serpent mess with your mind!
    With lots of love and good wishes for your continued success.😃💖

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    1. Hi Ladycee! Long time indeed! Thanks for reaching out. This blog was actually inspired by my past experiences and nothing I am truly dealing with currently. I felt like if I have had this experience others may have as well. Just thought I’d share! I completely relate to your words about God’s unfailing love. It’s the only way those overwhelmed with rejection matters can survive if they so choose. We are both living testimonies to that one! Continued blessings, power and strength along your journey to Destiny my friend!💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Chanel, thank you for getting back to me and glad to hear all is well with you. Yes we are both living testimonies and what we have suffered enables us to encourage and comfort others. Thank you for your good wishes and I wish you continued success and fulfilment as you pursue God’s purpose.

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