Soulful Sunday – In God We Trust

As we all know, our country has been faced with dramatic and unpredicted changes recently. It’s unfortunate and distressing when considering the alarming number of crushed hearts of at least half of all Americans. An intense level of betrayal, deceit and devastation concerning the reality of our government system is felt today by hundreds of thousands of people. 

Have our voices been silenced? Do we have a say? Have our concerns been diminished to trivial values amongst those who have never had to be concerned about economic provision, healthcare, workforce security and other means of survivor essentials? These and many more are the questions of the middle class and a percentage of others who feel disrespected by recent outcomes. 

In spite of it all; our perceptions, feelings and personal predictions, we really have no other choice but to make plans to move forward. There is no benefit of remaining stuck and planted in a dead place of division. 

I personally have tried desperately not to speak on this matter after seeing the incredible outpour on the news and on social media. I initially took the position that if I can’t say anything of worth then I must remain silent until wisdom prevails. 

So today I will address the matter indirectly and more so from my spirit. I will share that my greatest concern to date is that our international adversaries are watching, finding humor and pleasure in our partition. They are scrutinizing our conduct closely and have deemed our nation as less powerful than we use to be. In my opinion, if we don’t get a grip we are creating a man-made perfect storm for disaster that we have yet to experience. While our backs are turned pointing fingers, causing riots and hating one another, they plot to scheme and destroy.

My words do indeed mimic those of others who have encouraged our country to come together as a united front in this very hour. We need as many voices of reason as possible. The greatest of these is from The word of God who has not changed His mind or position concerning us, His children.

“In God We Trust” is a more powerful statement today for me personally as a believer. It should be for us all. It’s not just a cliche scribed on our monetary exchange or just something to say because other words are far and few. Our Nation was established on the saying and analyzing what it TRULY means is more critical now than ever before.

It means that if we do not, we will remain devastated, hopeless and face failure in countless areas of our lives. Emptiness will remain:

If your trust is in your job.

If your trust is in your money.

If your trust is in making your own way.

If your trust lies in one man in the Oval Office.
If your trust solely depends on your Pastor, teacher, mentor and others wrapped in human flesh that have been placed on a pedestal only meant for The Lord!

None of these have the ability to affect, change or redirect what was already predestined for your life! 

Developing and being rooted in Trusting a God that we cannot see can be difficult living in the natural. But when the odds are weighed we cannot afford to operate in this realm indefinitely. Focus on the spirit within you to quiet the noise, fuss and opinions you hear in order to elevate that assuring small voice who is sure to remind you, “I’ve got this, STILL!”

Until next time, Happy Sunday!

11 thoughts on “Soulful Sunday – In God We Trust”

  1. Good Word Chanel, I’m sure this blog will bring hope and peace to many of those hearts in turmoil and fear…..Just developing a true and genuine trust in the Lord can bring people up and out of the devils plots and plans for destruction in our lives. FREE PEOPLE IN THE LORD, CAN FREE OTHERS BY THE LORD!

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  2. I think as a nation we may be headed into deep darkness. But that doesn’t mean God has left us all. It will be the result of free choice by free people to hate each other. What I see are two extreme points of view clashing. There seems to now be an extreme Left and an extreme Right and never the twain shall meet or even compromise.

    California is talking about seceding the Union. I’ve read the same thing about Middle America. I think that is the way to peace, but I don’t think Trump will allow it.

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    1. Hi Belle, may be true all that you say but only God knows the details. I’m confident as a Believer that in the end, His Will shall be done. Any other thoughts I may conjure up in my mind will drive me insane! Been there, done that, ain’t goin back! Lol! Blessings to you my friend!😇

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  3. Great post! Unity with one another is the key. On my blog I ask us to communally pray for us to break down our personal barriers. Barriers that separate us and cause us to fear one another. Much does begin on the local level and “work” it’s way up so I ask we pray for all of our leaders. You are right about how we are viewed when we are so divided! I stand with you in believing “God’s got this”! He does and always has….we only need to look at scriptures for some very similar examples. Thank you for sharing your walk of faith!

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