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Soulful Sunday – In God We Trust

As we all know, our country has been faced with dramatic and unpredicted changes recently. It’s unfortunate and distressing when considering the alarming number of crushed hearts of at least half of all Americans. An intense level of betrayal, deceit and devastation concerning the reality of our government system is felt today by hundreds of thousands of people. 

Have our voices been silenced? Do we have a say? Have our concerns been diminished to trivial values amongst those who have never had to be concerned about economic provision, healthcare, workforce security and other means of survivor essentials? These and many more are the questions of the middle class and a percentage of others who feel disrespected by recent outcomes. 

In spite of it all; our perceptions, feelings and personal predictions, we really have no other choice but to make plans to move forward. There is no benefit of remaining stuck and planted in a dead place of division. 

I personally have tried desperately not to speak on this matter after seeing the incredible outpour on the news and on social media. I initially took the position that if I can’t say anything of worth then I must remain silent until wisdom prevails. 

So today I will address the matter indirectly and more so from my spirit. I will share that my greatest concern to date is that our international adversaries are watching, finding humor and pleasure in our partition. They are scrutinizing our conduct closely and have deemed our nation as less powerful than we use to be. In my opinion, if we don’t get a grip we are creating a man-made perfect storm for disaster that we have yet to experience. While our backs are turned pointing fingers, causing riots and hating one another, they plot to scheme and destroy.

My words do indeed mimic those of others who have encouraged our country to come together as a united front in this very hour. We need as many voices of reason as possible. The greatest of these is from The word of God who has not changed His mind or position concerning us, His children.

“In God We Trust” is a more powerful statement today for me personally as a believer. It should be for us all. It’s not just a cliche scribed on our monetary exchange or just something to say because other words are far and few. Our Nation was established on the saying and analyzing what it TRULY means is more critical now than ever before.

It means that if we do not, we will remain devastated, hopeless and face failure in countless areas of our lives. Emptiness will remain:

If your trust is in your job.

If your trust is in your money.

If your trust is in making your own way.

If your trust lies in one man in the Oval Office.
If your trust solely depends on your Pastor, teacher, mentor and others wrapped in human flesh that have been placed on a pedestal only meant for The Lord!

None of these have the ability to affect, change or redirect what was already predestined for your life! 

Developing and being rooted in Trusting a God that we cannot see can be difficult living in the natural. But when the odds are weighed we cannot afford to operate in this realm indefinitely. Focus on the spirit within you to quiet the noise, fuss and opinions you hear in order to elevate that assuring small voice who is sure to remind you, “I’ve got this, STILL!”

Until next time, Happy Sunday!

Soulful Sunday – Provision – A Word of Exhortation

The Spirit of the Lord whispered to my soul speaking specific, detailed and BOLD things about the subject of finances and provision.  Believe and Receive!


The Lord your God says that my children are putting me in a box during a critical season of complete overflow for them. 2016 is a year of Jubilee, a pouring out of abundant blessings! They are thinking, praying and asking too small when so much more is available. I’m so much bigger and greater than daily needs sayeth the Lord.  This REALLY is your time!

I can’t bless my babies beyond what they ask for or believe no matter how much I want to. Those who seek and step up to receive this abundance must do so in Faith and free from greed, unnecessary excess and complete selfishness.  For the blessings are not just for you alone but for the lost.

I want to entrust and spoil you with the finer things of this world knowing that you will handle MY business! That dream, that vision, that desire, that longing is yours, just as I have shown and told you.  But your Faith wavers way too frequently! I am that Big God and you must trust me through my Word.  Get back in line, agree with only me and those who seek me and also are in agreement.  Watch me be your Abba Father, spoil you beyond description, showing off for you immeasurably!  Again, not for you to keep it to yourself in testimony and in deed, but to operate in the more than enough blessings in order to be a blessing.


Over the past several months, I have been showing my children blessings that they have defined as incredible. But they are small matters in comparison to what I truly have.  How long will you operate in the same minute mindset?  How much more do you have to suffer unnecessarily when you have a Father who owns it all?  I’ve put the power in your hands to change your circumstances NOW and in this very hour.

I have commanded you to Occupy Until I Return (Luke 19:13).  How can you do so empty handed, with a cast down spirit, riddled with worry, living beneath your means, robbing Peter to pay Paul, existing from pay-check to pay-check, losing sleep and grossly struggling?  If this is your case, you are under a curse and it does not line up with my promises. Rebuke the devour with My word through your lips, with commitment to paying your tithes and offerings and with your Faith.  These are the critical keys to overcoming lack.  NO NEGOTIATIONS! They all go together! There is no other way!


I said ask and you shall receive! – (Matthew 21:22)

I said seek and you shall find!  – (Matthew 7:7)

I said lend and not borrow!  – (Deuteronomy 15:6)

I said LIVE and not die! – (Psalm 118:17)

Let me be who I said I am that is no other than and none less than THE GREAT I AM!

(Exodus 3:14, John 4:26, 6:20, 8:24, 28 & 58, 13:19, & 18:5)

If you receive this word, I dare, challenge and provoke you to take your Faith relative to provision and finances to a greater level. There are 3 more months left in this season.  Its not too late to get what God has for you! I dare you to speak NOTHING but His promises from this day forward regardless of what it looks like in the natural! If you can’t speak life into your circumstances, then shut your mouth and say nothing at all! We’ve been negative long enough. Let’s do something different and REALLY believe God!

Believe Him like never before! Put the enemy under your feet!  Stop shouting and then turning around and worry, speaking and meditating on death, but remain consistent until blessings manifest from the spiritual into the natural!

For the next 7 days, (Sept 25, 2016-Oct 1, 2016) Speak nothing but life over your finances. Get scriptures on it and don’t be moved!  I don’t care if the bill collectors are at the door, they reposes your car, the tax man garnishes your wages, they cut off your gas and water, or you loose your job, Say what God says and watch what He does because you believed!


Soulful Sunday – An Expectant Heart

Do you remember the feeling of Christmas morning as a child? For most, that rush, sleepless nights on the Eve and urge to do a sneak peek at the set up noises you heard beyond your bedroom door was so beyond exciting! Talk about having something to look forward to gave our innocent lives indescribable meaning!

For me and during those times, I was the oldest of three and the only girl. I developed this “Need to Know” mentality very early and would often look for the hidden spots where my gifts were stored beforehand. Due to the small bode my family lived in, hiding places were limited and I often discovered before Christmas Day what I was getting.

It’s funny now, but when I think about it deeper I actually robbed myself and my parents of the joy of expectancy simply because I couldn’t wait!

Now that I’m all grown up I find that some of those “need-to-know” characteristics still linger within me. I’ve been excessively frustrated at my progression in life at times as a result. 

However, in this phase of life what I want access to early in knowledge or tangible grasp I’m just not going to find! What I long for is in my Heavenly Father and he can conceal things better than anyone until He decides otherwise! No matter how hard I seek to expose his blessings for me prematurely, they just won’t be discovered in my timing!

Lately, In order to ease my inquisitive mind and heart, I’ve decided to go back to my early child-like mentality just a little bit. I have been rising early to spend time with God every morning and present myself with gratitude first and foremost just for blessing me to see another dawning. Then my spirit becomes thrilled and great expectancy begins to flow from my heart. 

Sometimes it’s not about anything in particular. It’s just that I finally view Him as the God he truly is! I am His child; He is my Father. He is my Superman and can do all things! He owns the entire world and made everything in it. As a result, I have an inheritance in Him and today could be the day He decides to pour out so I proactively anticipate! 

Even by the close of the day if nothing of great significance occurs, I’ve been going to bed thankful most nights and mentally review even The smallest blessings that happened that day. I don’t want to take them for granted. I fall to sleep peacefully but still child-like anxious to see what He has for me the next day!

Having a grateful expectant heart is so much better for my soul and spirit than being ungrateful that I didn’t get what I thought I deserved. It’s the trust and child-like faith that brings sweet peace and much needed rest.

I know that the Word says that as adults we must put away childish things, but I think in this matter, God marvels in our innocent dependence and acceptance that He’s sure to bless us.
Until next time- Happy Sunday!