Hope Remains – 2015 Year-End Blog


At the start of this year I developed this blog with great anticipation and enthusiasm.  Finally I was brave enough to act out on “The Gift”.  I have procrastinated long enough on what I am sure God has given me.


I envisioned at least 20 followers in the first month.  Mostly friends and family for sure.  Then of course would come multiple unique comments that would promote thought provoking conversation.  Of course thereafter I would be presented with an opportunity to be a guest blogger on bigger sites with more traffic. Finally I would finish my manuscript and get prepared for publishing.  But 29 articles later, what I really got was over 1600 website views; most never returned, 700 visitors; again most of them were non-returns as well; and just 18 followers of which only 3 or 4 are actual true readers.


These are my stats over the course of 359 days.  Not good or anywhere close to what I was expecting.  I received more “likes” on one of my Facebook posts over this past weekend than I received “Likes” on all of my blog articles combined.  How crushed is my ego!


Still the passion remains and I still hear the soft urging of God’s voice followed by inspiration to just write.  Its frustrating, but I will never be able to shake the desire to keep at it.  It’s ingrained in my soul and a permanent fabric of my being.  One day, perhaps in the coming year, a break through will occur.  I remain hopeful…..


What I do know for sure is the topics I write about are strong, serious and inspirationally centered. I have painfully become aware that our society wants information in a millisecond and rarely has time for a 10 minute read especially if its faith based.  Quick and fast is how most like it.  Confirmation has been received by way of feedback stating that my writings are too long. Others show actions of quick acknowledgement of my posts on social media followed by no evidence of reading its content.  What an insult; I would rather they not!  Or simply just pure silence from my connected audience. How do I develop and reach a consistent following without compromise?


I don’t know the answer right now but I refuse to use my talent to advance the work of the enemy.  Sex, lies, greed and destruction are all subject matters that are already being automatically promoted by more than enough people.  I can’t have those matters being part of my legacy or attached to my name.  So I press forward with renewed vision and extended hope.


I shall hold on to my faith that God will show me how to develop a reading audience in numbers and consistency. 2015 did not turn out the way I had hoped and visualized but I won’t abort the vision.  I must endure the the process which sometimes involves failure and setbacks.  Writing is way too intimate to my make up which will never be satisfied on anything else.


I walk into 2016 with my head held high and my ear focused on his voice.  My spirit is well endowed with expectancy.  No matter what it looks like in the natural.  The best is yet to come for he has reminded me so.  (Jeremiah 29:11)

Stay tuned…..





9 thoughts on “Hope Remains – 2015 Year-End Blog”

  1. Starting a blog is not easy at all. In my first year I think the blog was viewed a total of 300 times or something like that and the fact that you had 1600 views in your first year is really impressive. I would say don’t let the stats get to you, continue writing, be bold, be you, be authentic. It’s never really about the stats at the end of the day, it’s about bringing glory to God and sharing your gift with the world. I am glad I am following your blog and look forward to reading more. 🙂

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        1. Taking that advice like today! Lol!! Between other bloggers and my e-mail subscribers, I now have over 100 followers so I am so grateful to have such a modest reading audience. You all keep me encouraged to write yet another article. God has been faithful in such a short period of time!

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  2. Just because people don’t comment doesn’t mean they are not reading your amazing blog. I commented today because you made me aware that each individual results in a collective voice of followers. Keep doing the great job you are doing and more people will come when they come. You have inspired people and many more will read your words and let you know how valued you are. Thank you for your time and effort writing and video blogging.


  3. As I think of what to say to encourage you regarding this blog, I find that u do a great job of encouraging yourself. Walking in destiny causes success to find you. You are doing the work so allow your faith to activate the rest.


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    1. Thank you for blessing me with these words and not finding it robbery of your time to post. Hope is often times all we have as believers. Now is one of them and certainly is enough! Have a wonderful New Year!


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