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Soulful Sunday – An Expectant Heart

Do you remember the feeling of Christmas morning as a child? For most, that rush, sleepless nights on the Eve and urge to do a sneak peek at the set up noises you heard beyond your bedroom door was so beyond exciting! Talk about having something to look forward to gave our innocent lives indescribable meaning!

For me and during those times, I was the oldest of three and the only girl. I developed this “Need to Know” mentality very early and would often look for the hidden spots where my gifts were stored beforehand. Due to the small bode my family lived in, hiding places were limited and I often discovered before Christmas Day what I was getting.

It’s funny now, but when I think about it deeper I actually robbed myself and my parents of the joy of expectancy simply because I couldn’t wait!

Now that I’m all grown up I find that some of those “need-to-know” characteristics still linger within me. I’ve been excessively frustrated at my progression in life at times as a result. 

However, in this phase of life what I want access to early in knowledge or tangible grasp I’m just not going to find! What I long for is in my Heavenly Father and he can conceal things better than anyone until He decides otherwise! No matter how hard I seek to expose his blessings for me prematurely, they just won’t be discovered in my timing!

Lately, In order to ease my inquisitive mind and heart, I’ve decided to go back to my early child-like mentality just a little bit. I have been rising early to spend time with God every morning and present myself with gratitude first and foremost just for blessing me to see another dawning. Then my spirit becomes thrilled and great expectancy begins to flow from my heart. 

Sometimes it’s not about anything in particular. It’s just that I finally view Him as the God he truly is! I am His child; He is my Father. He is my Superman and can do all things! He owns the entire world and made everything in it. As a result, I have an inheritance in Him and today could be the day He decides to pour out so I proactively anticipate! 

Even by the close of the day if nothing of great significance occurs, I’ve been going to bed thankful most nights and mentally review even The smallest blessings that happened that day. I don’t want to take them for granted. I fall to sleep peacefully but still child-like anxious to see what He has for me the next day!

Having a grateful expectant heart is so much better for my soul and spirit than being ungrateful that I didn’t get what I thought I deserved. It’s the trust and child-like faith that brings sweet peace and much needed rest.

I know that the Word says that as adults we must put away childish things, but I think in this matter, God marvels in our innocent dependence and acceptance that He’s sure to bless us.
Until next time- Happy Sunday!

Hope Deferred

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I feel like I’ve been waiting for certain things I truly believe are to come to pass in my life for quite sometime now. I’ve seen them and God has shown me my appointed end. Matters relative to family, health, ministry, finances and beyond. Confirmation my spirit has experienced, but as days turn into weeks, weeks into months and months into years, my human heart sometimes grows absolutely sick! 

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This eager side of my anatomy can often times magnify those voices I have fought fervently to keep silent! I have a goal to be successful in the things of God but they have an agenda to the contrary. This alone assures me that as a Believer, Spiritual Warfare is very much alive and REAL!

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Proverbs 13:12 says “Hope deferred makes the heart sick but a promise fulfilled is a tree of life.”

This passage serves further confirmation that as humans we will feel a level of edginess in the waiting on the things of God. This is all because we live in flesh that constantly battles matters of the spirit. Just like in a game of tug-of-war, believers are faced with the challenge daily to remain as the encouraging overcomes that we truly are.

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This holds especially true when we feel we have done our part, everything humanly possible to get that dream in motion. We get side tracked by the lack of tangible resources, supporters, connections and the prolonged end result. This is when the enemy can get busy with his lies that our hope shall never be.

But the God we serve never ever fails! For the hasty heart, these reminders are relevant throughout our wait. It’s easy to say but sometimes challenging to do consistently. Our Savior is certainly hard at work in that spiritual realm not visible by our natural eye. The details are tight, specific and will make their presence in His appointed time. The total revelation WILL blow you away! Profection just can’t be rushed!

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So what should a faint impatient heart do in between time; in the meantime? Well we need to hold fastto our greatest hope which is in Christ Jesus! There is none other and no other way! Should we choose another route we could go completely insane staring out the window, looking at the clock and flipping through the calendar. 

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It’s coming!! Stay in Faith, be grateful and thankful that you are called for such a time as this.

If you are still struggling to remain hopeful, prayerfully this post made you smile and laugh. It did for me!😂

God you got this right? I’m chillin!