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Soulful Sunday – The Tip vs The Tithe

The spiritual concept of tithings for many believers takes faith, trust and maturity. Our Heavenly Father wants His children to depend on Him for all things. Our money is no exemption.

The greatest formula for financial peace and success is clearly outlined in the Bible. God requires us to bring the first 10% of our income to Him. The rest belongs to us.

Yet and still quite a few make consistent decisions to offer God a tip instead of our tithe.

This habit could be due to fear, unbelief and trusting in our own human intellect versus the infinite wisdom of our Savior.

However, there are consequences to pay that we may not be aware of when we operate in our own understanding regarding money. There are blessings, opportunities, and deliverances that are held up simply because we don’t believe that God will take care of us.

I was speaking to a friend a couple of days ago who is facing some devastating financial troubles. As I listened to her problems which sounded heavy, I heard the Spirit of The Lord tell me to ask her if she Tithes.

Her response was “The Lord is going to have to wait. He knows what I’m facing and I’ll give to Him when I can. He’s still blessing me even when I don’t give.”

I remember just 4 years earlier having that very same mindset. I was overcome with debt while in between jobs. I became consumed with worry and it looked like I was about to lose it all. I sought the Lord and His response was not what I wanted to hear! He advised that if I wanted deliverance in my money that I had to give my way out in the same area.

Those instructions indeed sounded like an oxymoron to me! He ultimately said it to me three times before I decided that I needed to trust Him with this thing. For what I was doing clearly wasn’t working!

I wasn’t receiving consistent income at the time but was blessed with an unexpected deposit in my bank. I don’t know why I got it. It was just there! That amount was enough to get me through a two week period but God urged me to give it away. It was all I had! After His third whispering to me, I knew for sure that I had to give away the largest sum of money that I ever had in my Christian experience.

The very next week, I was overtaken by three financial blessings that more than tripled my giving sacrifice! I was also offered a job a couple of weeks thereafter. God was faithful when I was obedient!

We deceive ourselves into thinking we are getting God’s best when we offer Him financial tips. What we are receiving in return are simply trickles of “Just Enough”. We rob ourselves of His best which contradicts His Word.

God WILL supply all of our NEEDS when we tip or give nothing at all. That’s His promise to us. But the OVERFLOW and MORE THAN ENOUGH is directly connected to the sacrifice and tithe.

He can’t bless us beyond our acts of faith. As long as we continue to tip the kingdom we limit ourselves in the very same area.

After my financial breakthrough, I’ve never robbed God of neither my financial tithes or my offings. He continues to this very day to blow me away with bountiful blessing that truly are more than enough.

I’m not rich but I want for absolutely nothing which is something I could not say before falling in line with these giving principles.

Are you drowning in financial woes today?

If so, are you tight fisted and gripped with fear because you don’t have enough?

I encourage you to open you hands and give your way out! God WILL honor your sacrifice and show up for you!

The Lord is NOT after your money which He has given to you in the first place but rather He wants your faith to lie in Him and nothing else!

Aren’t you tired of doing things your way which probably isn’t working? Let me encourage you to increase your faith today regarding money and let God begin to truly show out for you!

Until Next Time, Happy Sunday!

Soulful Sunday – Provision – A Word of Exhortation

The Spirit of the Lord whispered to my soul speaking specific, detailed and BOLD things about the subject of finances and provision.  Believe and Receive!


The Lord your God says that my children are putting me in a box during a critical season of complete overflow for them. 2016 is a year of Jubilee, a pouring out of abundant blessings! They are thinking, praying and asking too small when so much more is available. I’m so much bigger and greater than daily needs sayeth the Lord.  This REALLY is your time!

I can’t bless my babies beyond what they ask for or believe no matter how much I want to. Those who seek and step up to receive this abundance must do so in Faith and free from greed, unnecessary excess and complete selfishness.  For the blessings are not just for you alone but for the lost.

I want to entrust and spoil you with the finer things of this world knowing that you will handle MY business! That dream, that vision, that desire, that longing is yours, just as I have shown and told you.  But your Faith wavers way too frequently! I am that Big God and you must trust me through my Word.  Get back in line, agree with only me and those who seek me and also are in agreement.  Watch me be your Abba Father, spoil you beyond description, showing off for you immeasurably!  Again, not for you to keep it to yourself in testimony and in deed, but to operate in the more than enough blessings in order to be a blessing.


Over the past several months, I have been showing my children blessings that they have defined as incredible. But they are small matters in comparison to what I truly have.  How long will you operate in the same minute mindset?  How much more do you have to suffer unnecessarily when you have a Father who owns it all?  I’ve put the power in your hands to change your circumstances NOW and in this very hour.

I have commanded you to Occupy Until I Return (Luke 19:13).  How can you do so empty handed, with a cast down spirit, riddled with worry, living beneath your means, robbing Peter to pay Paul, existing from pay-check to pay-check, losing sleep and grossly struggling?  If this is your case, you are under a curse and it does not line up with my promises. Rebuke the devour with My word through your lips, with commitment to paying your tithes and offerings and with your Faith.  These are the critical keys to overcoming lack.  NO NEGOTIATIONS! They all go together! There is no other way!


I said ask and you shall receive! – (Matthew 21:22)

I said seek and you shall find!  – (Matthew 7:7)

I said lend and not borrow!  – (Deuteronomy 15:6)

I said LIVE and not die! – (Psalm 118:17)

Let me be who I said I am that is no other than and none less than THE GREAT I AM!

(Exodus 3:14, John 4:26, 6:20, 8:24, 28 & 58, 13:19, & 18:5)

If you receive this word, I dare, challenge and provoke you to take your Faith relative to provision and finances to a greater level. There are 3 more months left in this season.  Its not too late to get what God has for you! I dare you to speak NOTHING but His promises from this day forward regardless of what it looks like in the natural! If you can’t speak life into your circumstances, then shut your mouth and say nothing at all! We’ve been negative long enough. Let’s do something different and REALLY believe God!

Believe Him like never before! Put the enemy under your feet!  Stop shouting and then turning around and worry, speaking and meditating on death, but remain consistent until blessings manifest from the spiritual into the natural!

For the next 7 days, (Sept 25, 2016-Oct 1, 2016) Speak nothing but life over your finances. Get scriptures on it and don’t be moved!  I don’t care if the bill collectors are at the door, they reposes your car, the tax man garnishes your wages, they cut off your gas and water, or you loose your job, Say what God says and watch what He does because you believed!


Women of Wisdom – Pastor Barbara Blackston 

This word is for the body of Christ in particular. One day while I was in prayer I asked the Lord what else can we as believers do to help this world besides praying. Prayer is good and does have the power to change things, but I was asking specifics on what more is possible. I heard the Spirit of the Lord Say, “Occupy Until I come.”
After hearing this I began to search the Word of God and found Luke 19:11-13 which is a parable or story that Jesus told. It speaks of a nobleman who needed to leave his  servants for a time to establish a kingdom. Before leaving, this man called 10 of his servants, gave them ten minas (one for each of them equivalent to one hundred days of wages) and said “Do business or Occupy until I return.”

Photo Credit – cracked-pot.com

Although this portion of scripture relates to money and the Lord expecting his people to do business until he comes back, He showed me that the interpretation surpasses even that. God is reminding His people to take what I have given you and rule, dominate, and seize until I come again. 
Before the Lord left us, He supplied His people with 3 very specific tools for use by every believer in our obedience towards doing his business.
1) The Holy Spirit –
The Holy Spirit is to be used in witness and effective ministry amongst the body of Christ and towards those who don’t know Him. We use the Holy Spirit to edify, uplift and encourage others as well as to build up ourselves so that we ourselves can remain strong.

2) The Fruits of theSpirit – 
He left us with the fruits of the Spirit which are Love, Patience, Faithfulness, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Joy, Self-Control and Peace. We need to operate in them all to attend to the body of Christ and those who don’t yet belong. It’s our duty to continually show love and compassion because of  the evil and concerns of this world. We must remind and get others to see that God came that we may have an abundant life! (John 10:10).

3) The Anointing –
He gave us the anointing that is useful in breaking every yoke of bondage that people suffer from. We are called to tear down strongholds and things that the world feels that they can’t control or matters that are controlling them. The anointing is also effective in breaking these same matters that try to bind us as well.


In order to assure that we who believe remain focused on this instruction, we need to develop a consistent and purposed routine to get before the Lord. A daily fellowship with Him is necessary. Preferably early in the morning if possible. Start off by first giving him thanks for allowing us to see another day. Read daily devotions and speak aloud affirmations. This process is preparation for the day which sets the precedence for what lies ahead. 

Ask God To show you what to do and how you can be used to bless other people. Don’t go out  naked before the world and let the enemy wreak havoc over your life.
Represent the Savior, don’t be moved, overwhelmed, and don’t compromise. This is certainly how we must occupy until his return.

Pastor Barbara Blackston has been a Believer of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for nearly 40 years.
She attends Victory Christian Fellowship in New Castle Delaware and has been a member for the past 3 years.  
She serves as a Prayer Minister and Street Witnessing Evangalist.
She is also active in the Daughter’s of Esther Ministry under the leadership of Pastor Mary Cooper.

Finally she serves in the Women of Wisdom ministry though intercessory prayer.